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New social networking, new scenes, new traffic Tianjin Plaza 66 uses “new posture” to break through the circle and attract new customers

New social networking, new scenes, new traffic Tianjin Plaza 66 uses “new posture” to break through the circle and attract new customers

In the past two years, whether by virtue of barbecueZibo, which “single-handedly” drives the prosperity of cultural tourism economy, still relies on scarcity toIP(World of Ice and Snow) and the “popularity” of Harbin, an old Internet celebrity city that blends delicious food, all provide tourists with an immersive experience in all aspects. Therefore, urban marketing has also begun to usher in an important upgrade, shifting from encouraging the “rejuvenation” of cities to focusing on the “personalization” and “human culture” construction of cities.2023In 2016, Tianjin also enjoyed a high degree of urban popularity. Among them, the renovation of Centennial Golden Street once again attracted everyone’s attention. “Architectures that had been dormant for centuries” were awakened by modern art, and summer concerts injected infinite vitality into the old business district. . Scene after scene of unforgettable moments revitalized the entire Golden Street business district.

At the same time, a series of surprising changes brought about by Tianjin Plaza 66 located here have also become the entrance to the Jinjie business district with the largest offline consumption volume.Tianjin Plaza 66 uses scenario-based and socialization to iterate commercial experience to break the circle, allowing communities to gather and become a new force, creatingWith a business core driven by “value-added entertainment experience”, it reinterprets traditional consumption propositions with a combination of diverse experiences and leads a new business landscape in Tianjin.

city ​​level events“Engine”, an innovative cooperation model for urban management and commercial operations

2023Year9moon30On that day, when the singer worked in Industrial Bank2When he sang “Singing the Motherland” on the rooftop of the building, it instantly triggered a chorus of crowds on Jin Street and Heping Road, and it immediately became a hot search topic in the city.10moon1On the same day, the super-large pop-up “Happy Motherland” on Jin Street and Heping Road was reprinted by Xinhua News Agency and many other media, attracting attention throughout Tianjin and successfully promoting the Jin Street business district to more foreign tourists.

This is a city-level event planned and promoted by Tianjin Plaza 66 and the Heping District Golden Street Management Committee, the Communist Youth League Peace Committee, the Heping District Education Bureau, the Propaganda Department of the Heping District Committee of the Communist Party of China, etc., in the hope that Golden Street will once again become a new generation of young people in Tianjin spiritual landmark.12moon31Today, Tianjin Plaza 66 once again deeply cooperated with the Golden Street Management Committee to plan a New Year’s Eve countdown event.This year, Tianjin Plaza 66 responded to the government’sThe overall business development strategy of “building Tianjin into an international consumer center city”.Help build peace zones aroundWith the overall goal of “a century-old business inheritance place, a place to lead international trends, a place to experience consumer innovation, and the first choice for shopping in Jincheng”, we have taken practical actions to support the cultivation and construction of international consumption center city landmark areas, and have also gained a large number of consumers. and highly praised by foreign tourists.

2023Year,As a companion and witness of the city, Tianjin Plaza 66 has been deeply involved in the development of the city.Tianjin Plaza 66 is reinventing itself, concentrating on creating a new urban life, catering to Millennials,ZGenerations of consumers prefer diversified lifestyles and satisfy their pursuit of individuality and spontaneity. We strive to create100Bichon’s spring party,KOORABBEECool Rabbit’s first exhibition in Tianjin, Love Echoes Chinese Valentine’s Day Concert,Disney100A variety of smile theme exhibitions and many other city-level influential activities.

From a century to a new life, the city’s most“Wall” sound activates business travel potential

2023In 2017, the “Centennial Wall” of Plaza 66 in Tianjin (formerly the side of Zhejiang Industrial Bank near Heping Road) repeatedly appeared on the city’s hot searches for its “beautiful new makeup”, with a cumulative exposure of over 100 million on the entire network. Help create the check-in attribute of Jinjie, increase the “emotional value” of the new generation of consumers, and become a new tourist check-in destination in Tianjin.

existZDriven by the consumption of the times, consumers’ demand for emotional value has become more prominent. In addition to good-looking and interesting products, soothing and comforting elements can arouse the resonance of young people and even become a rigid need. Tianjin Plaza 66 utilizes the historical feel of the century-old building of the former Zhejiang Industrial Bank and cleverly incorporates various fashion elements to create an urban confession wall.Cute and cool rabbits, silly snowmen, romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day, and a series of themed activities such as “Creative Rebirth” are included.IPElements such as exhibitions, music interpretations, pet social interactions, and art exhibitions have opened up the two channels of emotional value, building a bridge of deep links with consumers and attracting batches of loyal consumers.

In order to create its own characteristics and occupy a differentiated market, Tianjin Plaza 66 accurately grasped the location advantages of Jinjie Business District, adopted a dislocated management approach and attracted the main customer groups.Aiming at the pan-entertainment youth customer group, highlighting the youthful tone and strengthening the“Interesting” and “social”, with unique curatorial content and special space, it widens the distance from other surrounding projects, creates a new memory highlight of Tianjin’s urban business, and grasps the dominance of the market.

Tianjin Plaza 66 has been continuously exploring more possibilities for offline activities, delving into the various vertical preferences of consumers, and while achieving a grand scale, it has continued to launch at a high frequency.These efforts have not only brought considerable passenger traffic to Tianjin 66 Plaza, but also expanded the shopping mall’s multi-dimensional consumption scenarios and connected brands.consumerThe symbiotic relationship between shopping malls, enhancing the consumption level of business districts, and recreating the “fireworks” of citizens’ lives also have a profound and measurable positive impact on urban commerce.

From new brands to new tastes, new business formats and iterative consumption upgrades

2023In 2016, Tianjin Plaza 66 introduced a total of77Home new brands, strengthen shopping mall content in various aspects from catering, entertainment, experience, retail and other formats, including16The first brand to enter Tianjin. Through the multi-dimensional customer gathering power of each first store brand, a new business character is created.such as city level“Internet celebrityKTV“purekhigh-quality popular coffeeMannerrelying on creative collaboration to conquer the worldM-standand upcoming2024Year6Super popular Internet celebrity coffee brand opened in September%Arabica.Also introducedThe first store of Sichuan and Chongqing Maodu in Tianjin brings you back to Sichuan and Chongqing in Bashu in one second. The addition of the popular internet celebrity brand Momo Yoghurt has enriched the beverage matrix of Tianjin Plaza 66.With the influx and conversion of new traffic and the hot discussions on new topics on social media, Hang Lung Club is even more relevant.CBDJointly recruit new players to jointly achieve all-round “new” breakthroughs in operations.

Tianjin Plaza 66’s strong positioning on the overall fashion trend and its continuous cultivation of young customers have become theThe root cause of “breaking the circle”. The active iteration has greatly enhanced the brand richness in the venue and renovated the business matrix. The strong combination of projects and brands has also become a powerful tool to activate consumer power. It has not only consolidated Tianjin 66 Plaza’s position in urban commerce, but also led the way. As a result, the city’s consumption level has achieved both a quantitative and qualitative improvement.

Tianjin Plaza 66 has always been highly in line with the needs of young people with more cutting-edge commercial content.Emphasis on slow pace and spontaneityCitywalkThe lifestyle attracts young consumers. The life scenes and consumption patterns presented by Tianjin Plaza 66 are becoming a new choice for the leisure life of Tianjin locals.

From catering to understanding, from“Interesting social interaction” to “Interest consumption”

The importance of social interaction to today’s young people is self-evident. Therefore, the new youth group has a strong need for social circles and a desire for expression.In this market environment, Tianjin Plaza 66 has always insisted on personalized consumption, diversified needs, and experiential consumption scenarios, and Nuggets“Emotional value” has become a new curve that drives business party social,CBDCoffee socials, summer concert socials, Cool Rabbit artist fan meeting socials, etc., targeting urban white-collar workers, pet lovers,zGenerations and other customer groups reopen various “bureaus” with new social methods, taking interests as the core and socializing as the purpose to createZA new covenant center for generations.

Secondly, through attempts and explorations in community operations, the interaction between shopping malls and customers can bePGCiterate intoUGC, allowing more traffic and opinion leaders to find their own vertical community. Tianjin Plaza 66 understands well that “you cannot cater superficially for the sake of short-term consumption conversion. You must talk to them, play with them, and create content they like, in order to establish a long-term and effective emotional link.”


In the ten years since its opening, Tianjin Plaza 66 has grown into a highly representative and influential commercial project. From a city living room to a place where good things happen, Tianjin Plaza 66 has been continuously upgraded and iterated, keeping pace with the times and symbiotically with the city, striving to drive the business district. Contributed to prosperity and enhanced regional value. The cutting-edge brand portfolio, rich offline activities, and meticulous service experience, etc., continuously deliver strong consumer cohesion and vitality to Tianjin Jinjie Business District, creating an urban business atmosphere unique to Hang Lung.

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