New Productivity | Bank of Shanghai moves toward “newness” to help new quality productivity “accelerate”


As a core element in the development of new productive forces, technological innovation is inseparable from the efficient empowerment of financial water. Bank of Shanghai focuses on finance to support technological innovation, focusing on the full life cycle financial needs of technology-based enterprises from “small and beautiful” to “big and strong”, and continues to improve multi-dimensional, in-depth and all-round financial products and services to help new quality Productivity is accelerating.

  Every bit of hard work helps to move from “following” to “leading”

G Consumer Electronics Company focuses on the R&D and production of terminal products such as smart headphones and smart speakers. Its smart headphone brands have become the leader in smart audio and innovative technologies with their comfortable wearing experience, excellent sound quality and interactive performance.

The company not only launched a smart voice assistant service, but also used high-precision sensors built into the headphones to allow users to intelligently control phone calls and music playback through somatosensory movements such as nodding and shaking their heads, achieving greater interactivity. The company’s continuous pursuit of technological innovation has enabled the company to transform from “following” to “leading” in product competition.

Behind the growth of customers is Bank of Shanghai’s company. In the company’s start-up period, Bank of Shanghai Shenzhen Branch provided support through relevant financial products; during the key product research and development period and market development period, it also provided upgraded financial products that fit the needs of the company, solving the pain points of the company’s research and development and operations, and accompanying the company smoothly. A critical period for technological updates and iterations.

Accompanied by financial institutions such as the Bank of Shanghai, the consumer electronics company has grown smoothly, and has successively undertaken research on a number of scientific research projects such as the national mobile Internet and 4G special projects, Shenzhen’s major industrial technology research, and will be rated as a national high-tech in 2023. technology companies.

  Precise drip irrigation turns “pain points” into “fulcrums”

The development and growth of technology-based enterprises is inseparable from the precise “drip irrigation” of financial water. Integrated circuits have high-precision industry characteristics, which make it easy for people to “see clearly, understand, and trust”. In addition, companies are difficult to research and develop, invest heavily in capital, and have long commercialization cycles. Banks generally “be reluctant to lend and be cautious about lending.”

Shenzhen M Technology Company was established in 2018 and focuses on providing high-quality integrated circuit post-process foundry services, including semiconductor packaging, testing, etc. Due to the large number of machines and equipment that require frequent upgrades and updates, it often faces financial needs. In 2023, as the semiconductor inventory cycle gradually comes to an end, companies are in urgent need of funds to purchase production equipment to expand production scale.

Focusing on the “pain points” of insufficient financing and insufficient credit for high-growth technology companies, Bank of Shanghai has specially launched medium- and long-term financial products to provide a “fulcrum” for efficient manufacturing and production of enterprises.

This product is a credit product with a higher amount and a longer period specially launched by the Shenzhen Branch of the Bank of Shanghai under the guidance of the Shenzhen Branch of the People’s Bank of China. It relieves technology-based enterprises from worries about financial support. At the same time, it can also share development results through This method mitigates bank credit risks and fully meets the credit needs of M Technology Company during its high growth period.

  Taking multiple measures to achieve both “realization” and “excellence”

At present, technological innovation is changing with each passing day, and new business forms, new enterprises and new opportunities are emerging one after another. Bank of Shanghai continues to implement and improve the first major article of “Technology Finance” and seeks its own high-quality development while serving technological innovation.

  In terms of institutional mechanisms,The Bank of Shanghai has established a science and technology innovation finance department at the head office level to coordinate planning, and promotes the construction of a professional science and technology innovation finance team at the branch level. At the branch level, it has carried out pilot trials through the Pudong Science and Technology Sub-branch, carried out innovative exploration, promoted the construction of a specialized system, and comprehensively covered the comprehensive coverage of science and technology enterprises. need.

  In terms of channel and ecosystem construction,Bank of Shanghai continues to strengthen docking and linkage with the government and platform associations, integrate external resources such as industry, government, research, and academia, and form a multi-party cooperation model. Among them, as the only partner bank in the first Future Industry Competition led by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the Bank of Shanghai released a special financial support plan for future industries, implemented special docking for the five key directions of future industries, and customized financial service plans to meet the needs of science and technology industries. Diversified financial service needs of enterprises.

  In terms of products and services,Bank of Shanghai optimizes the investment-loan linkage business process to provide equity-debt integration support for more high-growth technology companies; deepens cooperation with the Shanghai Small, Medium and Micro Guarantee Fund, focusing on supporting the development of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises; vigorously promotes intellectual property pledge financing and other “enterprise solutions” “Urgent” business, introduced technical factors to optimize the evaluation system of technology enterprises, carried out intellectual property financing business, pioneered the patent licensing income rights financing model, and ranked among the top in the market in terms of business scale.


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