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New Media Group joins hands with Huanyu Film and Television to explore the Chinese market and start a new journey together

New Media Group joins hands with Huanyu Film and Television to explore the Chinese market and start a new journey together


In September, New Arts Agency, an artist management company under the Singapore New Media Group, and China Huanyu Film and Television officially announced their cooperation to provide their artists with opportunities to expand overseas markets and develop a series of new global developments. Mediacorp will help Huanyu Film and Television artists Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan develop in Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore and Malaysia, while Xinyi Brokerage artists Huang Xuanting, Sun Zheng, and Hong Ling will explore new opportunities and move towards the Chinese market through Huanyu Film and Television’s strong promotion. A bigger and more diverse stage.

Huang Xuanting, Sun Zheng, and Hong Ling, as representatives of Singapore’s new generation of actors, have attracted much attention in the country in recent years and have broken the rules in all aspects. This cooperation with Huanyu Film and Television to enter the Chinese market will also be a great opportunity for the three artists. A new challenge and an excellent opportunity to improve yourself.

  Huang Xuanting lights up a new field, a lucky golden opportunity

The TV series “The Bride Crossing the River” starring Huang Xuanting was aired in China and attracted the attention of netizens. The cute and optimistic grass in the TV series made many Chinese viewers remember this actor from Singapore. Huang Xuanting also has fans in China, “Guojiang Bride” “Bride Jiang” currently maintains a high sweet drama score of 8.3 on Douban. “The Bride Crossing the River” also won the 2021 ratings championship in Singapore. With this drama, Huang Xuanting was nominated for the “Red Star Awards 2022” and “New York Television and Film Festival 2022″[Best Actress]for the first time, and her acting skills are highly recognized. In addition, she also successfully won the “Top Ten Most Popular Female Artists” award in the 2022 and 2023 “Red Star Awards”.

Huang Xuanting, who grew up on the set, can be said to be a born actor. She has successfully created different types of characters and taken every step steadily. She is a Singaporean star with great potential.

The selection of Huang Xuanting in the cooperation between New Media Group and Huanyu Film and Television shows that the company is quite optimistic about her future development. Huang Xuanting feels very lucky to have the opportunity to enter the Chinese market this time, “because Huanyu Film and Television is very reputable in China.” I also like their film and television works and artists very much. I look forward to different attempts and strive to do my best to see where these opportunities can take me.” Huang Xuanting said with a smile that she hopes to have the opportunity to cooperate with Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan. “I have not participated in any overseas production, so this is a golden opportunity for me. The world is big, and I want to see how foreign countries operate. I must be there.” A place where you can learn”. Talking about her goals, Huang Xuanting said, “As an artist, I have been growing. If I can cooperate with Huanyu Film and their artists this time, I hope to have more exchanges and understand Chinese culture. After the broadcast of “The Bride Crossing the River”, I have been Some fans asked me if I would go to China to develop, so if I have the chance, I would like to thank them in person for their support and encouragement.”

  Sun Zheng expands the boundless boundaries and embarks on a passionate journey, a new beginning, a colorful new journey

Sun Zheng, who graduated from Duke University in the United States, was a member of the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra before his debut. He is good at playing the erhu. He often shares videos of himself playing the erhu on his personal social account. Sun Zheng has always been very interested in acting. His high-quality appearance has become a prerequisite for him to enter the entertainment industry. But Sun Zheng not only has appearance, but his acting skills that have grown rapidly since his debut have gradually made him the most popular new generation in Singapore. One of the artists, his representative works include “Parasite”, “The Golden Tower”, “The Secret House”, “Seven Days”, etc. In 2023, Sun Zheng won three awards in the “Red Star Awards”:[Most Popular Potential Star][Charming Award]and[Brother Zeng My Tour Guide Red Star Award]and was also shortlisted for[Best Actor].

Mediacorp has cooperated with Huanyu Film and Television to develop the Chinese market. Sun Zheng is looking forward to having the opportunity to film in China and to cooperate with Chinese actors.” I am very grateful to have such an opportunity. This can be regarded as a new beginning. I hope it will be a colorful one. A colorful journey”. Regarding whether Sun Zheng has set a goal for himself in this cooperation, he said, “Work hard to film every film and be ready to go. If there is an opportunity to film in China, I hope that I will be in the best condition and be fully prepared.” . Sun Zheng wants to try different roles, “China’s film and television genres are very diversified. I especially like to watch spy dramas, sports dramas and costume dramas. If I have the opportunity, I will definitely try my best to do it well.”

  Hong Ling’s gorgeous opening and wonderful update, the beginning of a new experience dream

In 2013, Hong Ling made her official debut in the talent show “Campus Beauty Demon” on Channel U in Singapore. In 2017, Hong Ling played the heroine for the first time in the TV series “Going Home”. In 2020, she starred in the TV series “One-Winged Angel” with her sister Zheng Huiyu and ?Qin starred in the third female lead and won the “Top Ten Most Popular Female Artists” in the “Red Star Awards” for two consecutive years. In 2023, Hong Ling was nominated for the “Red Star Awards”[Best Actress]for the first time with “Your World We Understand” Protagonist]and[Best Actress]at the New York Television and Film Festival. She is a leader among the new generation of actresses in Singapore.

MediaCorp opens up the international market for artists and cooperates with China’s Huanyu Film and Television. As one of the three artists, Hong Ling said that this is the beginning of a dream, “I have always felt that it is rare to have such an opportunity after being in the industry for so many years. I have never I have thought about being able to sign a contract with a Chinese company, and it is also Huanyu Film and Television. I have watched their productions “Strategy of Yanxi Palace” and “The Secret of Beauty”, and now I am the junior sister of Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan, so I am really looking forward to it.” As for the role he wants to challenge, Hong Ling said, “There are relatively few costume dramas in Singapore. If I have the opportunity, I would like to try it. I have never played a villain, so I think it will be a challenge.”

The cooperation between New Media Group and Huanyu Film and Television will provide artists from both parties with more overseas resources, lay a solid foundation for exploring the global market, and work together to explore more business opportunities and develop together.

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