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[New Journey, New Dream]Technology Finance | Financial Power + Financial Speed ​​Shanghai Bank’s innovative financial service model helps hard-core technology companies “accelerate their run”

[New Journey, New Dream]Technology Finance | Financial Power + Financial Speed ​​Shanghai Bank’s innovative financial service model helps hard-core technology companies “accelerate their run”

Science and technology is the primary productive force. As the strategy of strengthening the country through science and technology is advanced in depth, scientific and technological innovation has been raised to unprecedented heights. The Central Financial Work Conference even proposed five major articles such as science and technology finance. The Bank of Shanghai has always adhered to its original intention of serving the real economy. While adding financial momentum to the development of hard-core science and technology, it has also responded to the demands of enterprises at the speed of finance, becoming A partner for enterprises to move forward hand in hand.

  Business question: Innovative financial services beyond credit

“We hope that some banks can make innovative breakthroughs in terms of credit lines, credit periods and approval efficiency.” When the Bank of Shanghai first contacted the person in charge of Yingren Technology, the other party made their demands straight to the point.

At that time, the company planned to expand its solid-state drive business, and there was a funding gap for purchasing raw materials. Although there are already credit supports from many banks, companies hope that a bank can combine the company’s pain points, make innovative breakthroughs, and grow with the company.

Founded in 2017, Yingren Technology is a fabless semiconductor chip design manufacturer that focuses on the research and development of high-end solid-state drive controllers and enterprise-level solid-state drives. As a national-level specialized new small giant enterprise, its founding team brings together well-known companies from around the world. A member of a semiconductor company with strong R&D capabilities.

Although the company has not been established for a long time, it focuses on the business field of memory chips and modules. It currently has the ability to independently develop and produce main control chips, and its production level of main control chips has reached the world’s leading level. At the same time, Inren Technology is also in an industry-leading position in the field of domestic enterprise-level solid-state drives. Because of its strong professional advantages, it has gained a certain influence in the field of high-precision hard-core technology.

  Bank answers the question: The middle and back offices work together to provide efficient services

The demands of enterprises are clear. In order to quickly respond to the demands of enterprises, Bank of Shanghai has assembled a “small team” that includes external investment institutions, the bank’s full-time operation and approval team, and relevant front, middle and back-office departments. Through on-site communication and answering questions, the team has a clearer understanding of the development status of the industry in which the company is located and its position in the industry, development stages and risk judgments, which provides a basis for efficient subsequent review applications, credit amounts, and credit extensions. This laid the foundation for innovative breakthroughs in deadlines.

In the end, the Bank of Shanghai became the first bank to provide credit support for Yingren Technology with an amount of over 100 million yuan and a term of medium and long-term by adapting the “R&D Loan” product to the enterprise. It only took 20 working days to complete the entire application. The “two firsts” in loan granting process, credit limit and term have won praise from customers. Up to now, it has provided over 100 million yuan in credit support for corporate research and development. Among the many banks that cooperate with Yingren Technology, the Bank of Shanghai ranks at the forefront.

  Walking together: win-win cooperation between banks and enterprises

Not only that, relying on its own advantages in cross-border products, Bank of Shanghai actively matches the overseas business settlement of enterprises and has become one of the main domestic and overseas settlement banks of Yingren Technology. At the same time, it also provides retail business, personal pension and agency services for corporate employees, and provides enterprises with comprehensive financial service solutions.

Operate with customers as the center and provide services beyond finance – Bank of Shanghai not only meets the financial needs of enterprises, but also plays a huge role in industry and capital linkage, actively empowers enterprises, and assists Yingren Technology’s storage products and The solution has become an excellent domestic solution, achieving mass production of China’s first PCIe Gen5 controller in mid-2023, completing the latest round of financing, and maintaining rapid business development.


Currently, our country is in a critical period of high-quality development. Developing and strengthening science and technology finance is an inevitable requirement for promoting high-quality development. As a financial state-owned enterprise, the Bank of Shanghai will always keep the “biggest player in the country” in mind, directly address the pain points, difficulties, and congestion points in the field of science and technology finance, continue to increase its empowerment of new tracks, new industries, and new markets in the field of science and technology innovation, and serve the real economy. High quality development.

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