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[New Journey, New Dream]Technology Finance | Bank of Shanghai Puxi Branch: “Golden Momentum” strives to cultivate the “new engine” of Shanghai’s scientific and technological innovation

[New Journey, New Dream]Technology Finance | Bank of Shanghai Puxi Branch: “Golden Momentum” strives to cultivate the “new engine” of Shanghai’s scientific and technological innovation

Science and technology are the foundation of national strength, and innovation is the soul of industrial progress. The Central Financial Work Conference proposed five major articles such as science and technology finance, which pointed out the direction for finance to better serve the real economy and industrial development. The Puxi Branch of the Bank of Shanghai keeps up with industrial development, aims at future industries, and uses “golden kinetic energy” to cultivate the “new engine” of Shanghai’s scientific and technological innovation.

  On the occasion of the “full moon”, boldly join hands

Industry is the backbone of high-quality development and the hard support for Shanghai’s core competitiveness. Shanghai has initially established a “3+6” new industrial system. Among them, the robot industry is hot and has broad prospects. It is one of the key future industries in Shanghai.

Shanghai Zhiyuan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhiyuan”) is such a technology start-up company focusing on the new humanoid robot track. As early as its establishment, under the “matchmaking” of the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, the Bank of Shanghai Puxi Branch established a cooperative relationship with Zhiyuan, opening a basic account for Zhiyuan and conducting daily settlements for the company. At the same time, it focused on customer robot development needs. It has customized diversified comprehensive financial services to empower enterprises to grow and develop.

The first is to sort out the list of Shanghai municipal industrial funds based on corporate equity financing needs and recommend investment institutions with state-owned assets background to customers; the second is to explore the matching customer resources based on the characteristics of corporate robot products and superimpose the commercialization scenarios of large public health venues, High-end intelligent manufacturing commercial scenario resources. The third is to provide customers with comprehensive service solutions such as R&D loans, factory loans, and ESOP shareholding financing, focusing on customer financing, payment and settlement needs, and accelerate the implementation of investment-loan linkage and other businesses.

“One year old” birthday, the fruits are beginning to appear

In terms of human comparison, Zhiyuan, which was founded in February 2023, is about to turn one year old. Thanks to the team’s R&D strength and business development, it continues to move forward on the road of “creating world-class leading embodied intelligent robot products and application ecology with the integration and innovation of AI + robots”.

With the continuous development of the enterprise, the cooperative relationship between Bank of Shanghai Puxi Branch and Zhiyuan continues to heat up. In October 2023, Zhiyuan completed the signing of the first batch of “Ten Thousand Enterprises and Hundreds of Billion” partner banks with the Bank of Shanghai, and will soon sign a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the Puxi Branch.

At present, it has been favored by leading investors and industrial funds such as Hillhouse, CDH, Jingwei, Baidu, Lingang, BYD, Lanchi, Zhongke Chuangxing, and Luxshare Precision. As a unicorn company in the industry and the youngest and only humanoid robot company, Zhiyuan ranks among the top 50 most innovative companies in Forbes China in 2023.

Always accompany you on the road of “growth”

In the future, Zhiyuan will target the core links of the industrial chain, occupy the high-end position of the value chain, achieve new breakthroughs in key core technologies, and realize the first small-scale commercial use of embodied humanoid robots for scenarios such as flexible intelligent manufacturing and interactive services. Play a leading role in building an application ecosystem to better drive the entire chain to optimize supply layout and create greater value.

Bank of Shanghai Puxi Branch will focus on investor matching, commercial scene matching, and overseas business, continue to follow up on the different needs of the entire life cycle of enterprise development, and deeply implement the “customer-centered” concept. In deepening customer service Polish the “intelligent sample” to form a model of financial support for science and technology innovation that is replicable and easy to promote, help accelerate the formation of a science and technology industry ecosystem with complete elements, shape new drivers of development and new advantages, and use financial power to support the development and growth of future industries.

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