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[New Journey, New Dream]Do five great articles | Find the right combination of finance and technology, Bank of Shanghai escorts technology companies to become bigger and stronger

[New Journey, New Dream]Do five great articles | Find the right combination of finance and technology, Bank of Shanghai escorts technology companies to become bigger and stronger

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The order of years changes, and the chapter is renewed day by day. The year 2023, full of challenges and hard work, is in the past, and 2024, full of hope and continuous struggle, is about to open a new chapter. “Shanghai Bank Micro News” will launch a series of reports on “New Journey, New Dreams” from now on. Bank of Shanghai will be willing to do, dare to do, and do well, always adhere to the main line of high-quality development, and continue to climb the ladder in 2024!

Technology is the primary productive force, and innovation is the primary driving force. The Central Financial Work Conference proposed that to promote high-quality financial development, five major articles including science and technology finance should be done well. Science and technology finance is listed in the first article, which demonstrates the important role of science and technology finance in empowering high-quality development of the real economy, and also gives financial services the mission of technology in the new era.

Focusing on innovative products and services, building optimization mechanisms, and building a better financial ecosystem, Bank of Shanghai has worked hard and long-term to attract financial vitality to technological enterprises and help them achieve fruitful results.

  innovative breakthrough

  Turn “intangible assets” into “real money”

When Tianshu Zhixin moved its headquarters to Shanghai in 2019, it faced a start-up state with no sales channels and no collateral, and its innovative research and development encountered considerable financial difficulties. The Science and Technology Innovation Finance Team of the Bank of Shanghai set up a special class for the integrated circuit industry to conduct an in-depth analysis of the scale of the integrated circuit business. Based on the prediction of national policies and industry prospects, it formulated a pure credit plan for Tianshu Zhixin with large amounts of credit and step-by-step withdrawals. Credit extension plan, becoming the first lender for enterprises.

As the first major event after the release of Shanghai’s Future Industry Action Plan, the 2023 Global “Future Industry Star” Competition is strategically supported by Bank of Shanghai as the only designated cooperative bank. It targets 5 major directions and 16 subdivided tracks of future industries. Shanghai The bank helps the participating projects develop and grow by formulating an overall service mechanism and setting up special financial products.

One of the participating companies, Bendao Gene, also faced pain points such as light assets and high risks when it was first established. From the perspective of the development potential of pharmaceutical technology companies, the Bank of Shanghai granted it a credit line of 30 million yuan and provided policy financing for small, medium and micro enterprises. The guaranteed loan provides a credit of 5 million yuan to support companies in putting research results into clinical trials as soon as possible. Today, the company has successfully developed the world’s first CRISPR antiviral gene editing drug.

In recent years, thanks to the efforts of all parties, the quality and efficiency of financial service technology companies have been continuously improved, but problems of imbalance and inadequacy still exist, such as “stuck” companies in key core technology fields, technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in the start-up and growth stages. enterprise. For this type of enterprises, Bank of Shanghai dares to innovate and make breakthroughs, helping enterprises turn their “intangible assets” into “real money” and injecting vitality into the development of enterprises with the power of finance.

  Build mechanism

  Change “help in times of need” to “long-term heating” 

There are many examples of companies that have been involved in services since the early stage and have accompanied the company in its growth. For example, a large number of hard technology companies related to future industries such as Yixiao Technology, Volant Aviation Technology, and Yimu Technology, which are rooted in the “Big Zero Bay” , Bank of Shanghai provided a total of over 100 million yuan in credit support, and customized innovative supporting financial services based on the characteristics of different industries.

Meeting the individual needs of enterprises is only the initial stage of financial services. Providing services that accompany the entire life cycle process for more enterprises requires the assistance of mechanisms.

Since the construction of “Big Zero Bay” started, the Bank of Shanghai has set up exclusive financial service products such as incubation loans, entrepreneurial loans, and achievement transformation loans, and launched investment and loan linkage cooperation for invested companies, actively implementing the “do it early” The scientific and technological innovation financial service concept of “being small” and “becoming hard technology”.

On this basis, combined with the industry characteristics and development cycles of technology-based enterprises, the Bank of Shanghai launched a “four-specialized” service mechanism: First, to build specialized institutions and teams, the head office established a science and technology innovation finance department, branches set up science and technology innovation classes, and established full-time The operation and approval team specializes in science and technology innovation financial business; the second is to build exclusive products and ecosystem services, strengthen support for new products such as intellectual property pledge financing, science and technology innovation investment joint loans, and enterprise loans, and focus on key parks with new industries and new tracks. Serving technology companies through investment and loan linkage; the third is to improve the exclusive evaluation system and accurately match the full life cycle needs of technology companies through optimizing risk ratings, optimizing approval models, optimizing post-loan management and other “three optimizations”; the fourth is to strengthen professional Incentives and constraints, around the target system, we will implement improved credit support incentives, appropriately increase the tolerance for non-performing loans to technology companies, so that more technology companies dare to lend, are willing to lend, and lend easily.

The Bank of Shanghai uses mechanisms to introduce fresh water to serve scientific and technological innovation and promote transformation, turning “helping in times of need” into “long-term heating”, from serving one enterprise to serving a first-class enterprise.

  Build an ecology together

  Change “two-way rush” to “symbiosis and mutual prosperity”

In the view of Bank of Shanghai, the two-way cooperation between technology companies and financial institutions is an important step in writing a major article on technology and finance. Based on this, financial institutions can provide services that go beyond finance.

First, the Bank of Shanghai integrates external resources such as industry, government, research, and academia to form a multi-party cooperation model, and deeply cooperates with Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Economic and Information Technology Commission and other committees and bureaus to better support the industrialization of R&D activities of scientific and technological innovation enterprises. The second is to organize and carry out park financial promotion work, and carry out special matchmaking meetings in subdivided areas focusing on the characteristics and industrial focus of key parks. The third is to build a cooperation mechanism with investment institutions, securities firms, PE/VC, etc., and build a mutually beneficial and win-win model of industry research, mutual customer recommendation, and complementary services.

In the past December, the “Big Zero Bay” was crowded with people. The Bank of Shanghai, in conjunction with external resources, held a number of special matchmaking meetings with the theme of science and technology, and set up special roadshows for investment and financing institutions for biopharmaceutical companies in the region, and prepared for future industry competitions. Participating companies provide exclusive financial services and assist companies interested in settling in the site selection… At the same time, Lianhe Haitong Securities provides regional companies with investment and financing matchmaking, listing guidance and other securities services.

In addition to constantly honing its capabilities to provide more comprehensive services, Bank of Shanghai uses its own resource endowments to build an optimal ecosystem based on the all-round needs of enterprises, turning “two-way travel” into “symbiosis and mutual prosperity.”

As of the end of November 2023, the balance of Shanghai Bank’s loans to technology enterprises exceeded 140 billion yuan, an increase of 36% from the beginning of the year. In the “2023 Shanghai Top 100 Hard-Core Technology Enterprises List”, service companies cover more than half.

  pool resources

  Do a good job in the “six focuses”

In the future, Bank of Shanghai will concentrate its resources on “six focuses”: first, focus on regions and parks to form new incremental points; second, focus on customer needs and conduct in-depth research and judgment of customer core needs; third, focus on product innovation, through product innovation Meet customer needs and create value; the fourth is to focus on basic supporting service functions, accelerate iteration according to market trends, and improve customer service responsiveness; the fifth is to focus on marketing organization and form a systematic business organization approach; the sixth is to focus on improving capabilities and integrating various types of market resources, build a technological financial ecosystem, and enhance the ability to serve customers.

The development of science and technology finance is a new mission given by the new era. For Bank of Shanghai, making technology and finance “go in both directions” is not only its mission, but also within its capabilities, and it is also needed for its own development. The Bank of Shanghai will actively implement the requirements of the Central Financial Work Conference and the Central Economic Work Conference, continue to improve service models, innovate financial products, and improve operating systems, and is committed to becoming a full life cycle partner of technology-based enterprises and providing high-quality finance to technology-based enterprises. Services add rich and colorful “silver pen and ink” to the great articles on science and technology and finance.

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