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[New Journey, New Dream]Do 5 great articles | Bank of Shanghai actively expands service extensions to create an iteratively upgraded pension finance “Shanghai Bank Plan”

[New Journey, New Dream]Do 5 great articles | Bank of Shanghai actively expands service extensions to create an iteratively upgraded pension finance “Shanghai Bank Plan”

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The order of years changes, and the chapter is renewed day by day. The year 2023, full of challenges and hard work, is in the past, and 2024, full of hope and continuous struggle, is about to open a new chapter. “Shanghai Bank Micro News” will launch a series of reports on “New Journey, New Dreams” from now on. Bank of Shanghai will be willing to do, dare to do, and do well, always adhere to the main line of high-quality development, and continue to climb the ladder in 2024!

The continued aging of the population has put forward new requirements for the pension financial services industry. The Central Financial Work Conference proposed five major articles including pension finance, which pointed out the direction for financial institutions to participate in actively responding to the strategy of population aging.

As a municipal financial state-owned enterprise, the Bank of Shanghai has been actively expanding the scope of pension financial services on the basis of continuously cultivating the elderly care customer base and improving the service system, exploring innovations in financial services related to the three pillars of elderly care and the elderly care industry, and improving the overall coverage of the pension financial field. service level, and create a continuously iterative pension finance “banking plan”.

  Develop omni-channel services for senior care

  Expand “multi-channels” to “multi-scenarios”

What is it like to go to a bank branch? “Powerful and practical, fulfilling and fashionable.” Aunt Fang, a citizen, started her day of retirement life at a Shanghai Bank branch after sending her grandson to kindergarten. After listening to the staff popularize financial knowledge on card safety, anti-fraud and anti-counterfeiting, she chatted with her financial partner “Bank Guide Volunteer” about how to use mobile banking and self-service machines more conveniently, and finally shared them with her old friends. Among Bank of Shanghai’s rights services, which merchant is more cost-effective? For her and her old friends, Bank of Shanghai can provide services in every aspect of life.

As one of the first pension issuance banks in Shanghai, Bank of Shanghai has been deeply involved in pension finance for more than 20 years. It serves more than one-third of the pension customer base in Shanghai. It has already built a professional team of pension finance and created a pension fund that provides exclusive services to the elderly. Omni-channel pension financial services include featured financial outlets, special edition mobile banking, and exclusive pension rights and interests.

  Special outlets, pension finance is more suitable for the elderly.The Bank of Shanghai has created a branch with special features for pension finance based on local conditions. Taking into account the needs of the elderly, it has optimized the environment and deployed facilities, such as configuring special lanes for wheelchairs and optimizing the door-to-door service process, so as to make finance more warm with aging-friendly upgrades.Customer Service Hotline,Pension finance is more comfortable.Taking into account the habits of some elderly customers, Bank of Shanghai’s 95594 customer service hotline has launched an “elderly service hotline” and Shanghai-language services, which provide one-click direct access to manual customer service, providing more convenient and personalized services to elderly customers.Special edition APP makes pension finance smarter.On the basis of creating a “good life” special version of mobile banking for senior citizens, Bank of Shanghai has comprehensively considered the usage scenarios and habits of the elderly, continuously upgraded the functional layout and process experience, and launched digital employee services, so that account checking, transfers, etc. can be completed through voice. Financial services allow elderly customers to enjoy smart finance. As of now, the special edition has more than 500,000 monthly active customers.Exclusive rights and interests, pension finance is more inclusive.Focusing on the elderly customers’ needs for medical care, food, housing, transportation and other elderly care needs, Bank of Shanghai has selected high-quality “silver-haired partners” to integrate and upgrade the “Beautiful+” rights and interests system to build a convenient service circle for the elderly. Professional team makes pension finance better. In order to increase the relevance and extension of financial services for the elderly, the Bank of Shanghai has expanded and established 100 “Better Life Studios”, and has carried out about 800 “Better Life at Your Side” public welfare activities for elderly residents every year. Provide more direct “doorstep” financial service convenience.

  Helping the whole industry ecology of elderly care

  Expand “customization” to “full chain”

On the basis of continuously cultivating the elderly care customer base and improving the service system for the elderly group, the Bank of Shanghai has actively extended the connotation of pension financial services, including enterprises in the entire elderly care industry chain as credit support customers, established a credit whitelist, granted preferential interest rates, and opened up green approval Channel, build a service solution covering the entire chain from products to industry, and contribute “Shanghai Wisdom” to the entire elderly care industry ecology.

Due to the nature of the industry, medical and elderly care institutions often have the characteristics of large initial investments, long return cycles, and low investment profits. How to help medical and elderly care institutions reduce costs and increase efficiency is a topic that Bank of Shanghai has been thinking about.

Always remember, there will be reverberations. In 2023, the Bank of Shanghai and the Shanghai Small, Medium and Micro Guarantee Fund exclusively launched an innovative product called “Settlement Loan for Medical Elderly Care Institutions”. Based on the daily settlement flow of elderly care institutions, it provides convenient credit support that does not require mortgage guarantees and can be borrowed and repaid at any time to support elderly care institutions. day-to-day operations and long-term development. Up to now, Bank of Shanghai has provided long-term services to more than 100 elderly care institutions. With years of accumulation in digital transformation, Bank of Shanghai also innovates services based on scenarios and tailors the exclusive online financing product “Medical Insurance e-Financing” based on the daily settlement flow of institutional medical insurance, providing online application and on-demand financing for elderly care, nursing, medical and other institutions. Convenient borrowing and repaying financing services.

In addition, the Bank of Shanghai has also integrated its service resources accumulated in the fields of medical care, elderly care and other fields, increased cooperation with the civil affairs bureaus of various districts, assisted many pilot elderly care institutions in various districts to carry out intelligent transformation, and provided “nursing homes + Internet hospitals” for the elderly in the hospital. A smart elderly care experience. In order to enhance the respect and recognition of elderly care services in the whole society, Bank of Shanghai actively creates an exclusive recognition card for elderly care workers – the “Care and Care Card”, which provides comprehensive supporting services such as transportation and catering consumption for caregivers, and guides the creation of a good elderly care society. Atmosphere. The Bank of Shanghai and the Changning District Civil Affairs Bureau jointly initiated the establishment of the city’s first district-level special fund for elderly people with cognitive impairment – the “Longevity and Kangning” special fund. Within 3 years, 3 million yuan has been donated to build a dementia-friendly community. Currently, it has Achieve full coverage of streets and towns in Changning District and help build an age-friendly community.

  Escorting the entire life cycle of elderly care

  Protecting “money bag” becomes “ballast stone”

From a life cycle perspective, population aging is an inter-temporal capital allocation issue, that is, how to effectively achieve a reasonable allocation of personal income and expenditure between the working age stage and the retirement stage. Therefore, in the construction of the three-pillar pension system, the inter-temporal asset allocation function of finance is particularly important. Bank of Shanghai actively serves residents’ full life cycle pension planning needs, improves products and services, and guides residents to make long-term investments, turning “money bags” into “ballast” for pensions.

  Awaken the awareness of elderly care and reserve a “good life” in advance.In 2022, as one of the first commercial banks in the country to obtain the qualification to start personal pension business, Bank of Shanghai immediately started to create a convenient and fast business process, and launched a full range of product lines covering personal pension funds, insurance, wealth management, savings deposits and other categories. And with system management as a guarantee, we can realize the supply of financial services from accounts to products to services, meet the diversified and differentiated pension needs of different groups, and actively serve the construction of the three pillars of the national pension system.

  Be a good “ballast stone” to protect the entire life cycle.Based on the different life cycles of residents, the Bank of Shanghai has worked with high-quality institutions across the market to refine the elderly care service scenario and establish a one-stop service that integrates wealth management, elderly care planning, and medical care through “a pot of gold”, “one table” and “one account”. Comprehensive pension financial service ecosystem. Focus on wealth management, adopt low-volatility and prudent strategies as the main strategy, enrich and diversify product lines, improve the asset allocation system for young customers, and help accumulate a “pot of gold” for retirement; focus on retirement planning, strengthen publicity and education to awaken the awareness of retirement among middle-aged customers, and guide Arrange pension insurance to help establish multi-pillar pensions and build a healthy “balance sheet”; focus on medical and health care, select high-quality resources, and provide supporting elderly care service scenarios to help the elderly group calculate “one account” and help them enjoy their old age. .

  Intensive farming

  Upgrading and creating the “four specialties” features of pension finance

In the next step, Bank of Shanghai’s pension finance work will enrich the service content and upgrade to create “four specialties” service features. Focusing on the service characteristics of elderly customers, we will start with details and use technology applications to promote the deepening of “exclusive channel facilities” to be pro-aging; expand cooperation with high-quality institutions, build “exclusive product” shelves, and continue to create flagship products to meet the core needs of elderly customers; Adhere to tradition and innovation, upgrade “exclusive services”, focus on improving in-store services and mobile banking for aging experience, build “cloud outlets” and senior hotline remote comprehensive financial service center capabilities; strengthen the construction of “professional teams” and focus on key positions , key scenarios and key links, continuously improve the service awareness and professional level of service windows, deepen the service expertise in the pension finance field, and promote high-quality development. On this basis, we will do a good job in connecting with government departments at all levels such as municipalities, districts, and towns, as well as with peers, enterprises, and other institutions, proactively integrate into the overall service situation, carry out mutually beneficial cooperation, and strive to build multi-border elderly care comprehensive financial services and multi-border life. Service ecosystem.

As a “citizen bank” rooted in Shanghai, the Bank of Shanghai will continue to actively embrace the pension industry with a high sense of responsibility and mission, “specialize” in the core competitiveness of the pension business, develop a “deep” full life cycle financial service system, and ” Through “penetration financial service ecology of the whole industry chain”, it will contribute more “Shanghai Bank Power” to achieve the goal of “the elderly have care, dependence, happiness and security”.

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