New Era? New Atmosphere? New Progress | 2023 Meida Annual Meeting and New Product Launch Conference was successfully held!

New Era? New Atmosphere? New Progress | 2023 Meida Annual Meeting and New Product Launch Conference was successfully held!

On February 28th, the 2023 Meida Annual Conference and New Product Launch was grandly held in Kunming, China – Empark Grand Hotel! More than 1,000 elite representatives from the U.S. market at home and abroad; leaders of China Hardware Products Association, China Household Electrical Appliances Association and other associations, well-known media from all over the country and other guests participated in the event.

At the meeting, Mr. Xia Zhisheng, the founder of Meida, the inventor of the integrated stove, the founder of the industry, and the winner of the industry lifetime achievement award, attended the meeting and gave a keynote speech on “New Journey, New Ideas, New Development”. He expounded the general trend of the economy and the industry from a high-level view, which made us more confident in the development prospects and future of the integrated kitchen, and made us feel more responsible and responsible on our shoulders. From 2003 to 2023, Chairman Xia created and led the rapid development of the integrated kitchen industry. The healthy kitchen business he created for us is not only a business, but also a social responsibility and a contribution to human health. The delegates at the meeting expressed their gratitude to Mr. Xia with warm applause many times.

In 2003, the world’s first integrated stove was born in Meida, which ushered in the era of lower cooking fume. In 2021, Meida grandly launched the smart frequency conversion integrated stove technology, once again leading the industry into the frequency conversion era. In 2022, Meida New Realm will be an independent integrated stove for steaming and roasting, proficient in everything from steaming, roasting, frying, stewing and frying, breaking through the industry limit, with a large capacity of 90L, becoming a new benchmark of industry technology! Won six international awards including Bauhaus Design Award, New York Design Award, Successful Design Award, American Innovation Design Award, Italian International Design Award and Contemporary Good Design Award.

As an industry pioneer and leading brand, Meida has been leading the development of the industry through continuous technological innovation for more than 20 years. At the meeting, Meida launched a series of 2023 new products that shocked the industry! These new products bring consumers a smarter, higher-end and more beautiful experience! With Meida frequency conversion integrated stove as the core, Meida’s full range of kitchen products provide consumers with healthy and smart overall kitchen solutions, which have won praise from inside and outside the industry and the love of consumers. Meida represents the development direction of the future kitchen.

Meida has always adhered to the high-end brand development strategy. Through all-round layout and efforts in technology, products, quality, brand, channels, and teams, it will further expand, strengthen, and stabilize the enterprise, and strongly consolidate and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise and the industry. Leading brand status. The integrated stove and healthy kitchen business pioneered by Meida has unlimited prospects. All Meida dealers are full of confidence, and 2023 will surely achieve new brilliant results.

At the meeting, the outstanding distributors and individuals of Meida in 2022 were solemnly commended, and various awards that were expected and encouraged were successively produced. Integrating the general trend, Meida leads the future! Behind the success of Meida products, brands and markets, there is a visionary leader, a strong R&D and marketing team, and a distribution team all over China holding the banner of Meida. They are working hard at the forefront of the market, Dedicate Meida’s high-quality products and services to consumers and friends.

The meeting reviewed and summarized the 2022 market work, and deployed the 2023 market strategic goals, explained the general development trend of the industry and the company’s development strategy, described the grand blueprint and bright future of Meida’s strategic development, and made the dealers clear in 2023 and the future The direction of struggle has added to the confidence and infinite vision for the cause of the United States and University.

At the meeting, the marketing training of “The Way to Win Dealers” combined theory with practice, broadened the mind, and mastered the methods. Everyone benefited a lot. It is believed that under the leadership of Meida Company and the concerted efforts of all Meida market elites, a new upsurge of Meida marketing will surely be set off, and Meida brand and sales will surely take off at a higher starting point and at a faster speed.

From 2003 to 2023, the integrated stove industry has passed 20 years! We will embark on a new journey for the next 20 years of integrated kitchen. Standing at the new 20-year high starting point of 2023 and Integrated Stove, Meidaren is full of ambition, high-spirited and full of confidence. In the new 20 years in the future, new journey, new goals, new development, new measures, new breakthroughs, new achievements! We firmly believe that the lofty ambitions rising from the 2023 Meida Annual Meeting will definitely be transformed into more brilliant market performance. We firmly believe that with the cohesion and hard work of Meida people, Meida will be able to win 2023 and win the new 20 years! Meidaren has created the brilliance of the integrated kitchen for 20 years, and will surely win the success of the integrated kitchen in the next 20 and 40 years.

“The spring tide is surging, and it is time to forge ahead.” The 2023 Meida Distributor Thousands Conference is of great significance. Through this 2023 Meida Distributor Heroes Meeting, all Meida market elites have more passion and confidence in the Meida business. Plan 2023, forge ahead on a new journey, and set sail again. Standing at a new starting point, with fuller enthusiasm and higher fighting spirit, we will make progress hand in hand, work hard, be full of energy, new ideas, new breakthroughs, new developments, and stride forward towards newer and higher goals.


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