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New driving force for high-quality development of Xintian Steel: Strengthening the chain of advantageous industries, extending and replenishing the chain

New driving force for high-quality development of Xintian Steel: Strengthening the chain of advantageous industries, extending and replenishing the chain

  At this stage,Steel strandof order volumereturnis greater than the production volume. Every day I face the matter of coordinating the distribution of goods to various offices. I cannot give it to this office.otheroffice,It’s really a headache.Enterfourth quarter,“Fist” products are still in short supply, leaving Xintian Steel GroupHou Lishan, Director of Supply and Marketing Department of Zhongxing Shengda CompanyCarrying it every day“The Troubles of Happiness.”

  Xintian Steel GroupZhongxing Shengda Company is the birthplace of the first steel strand and the first steel wire rope in New China. It has good technical reserve capabilities.It is a leading enterprise in the domestic steel strand field. After the mixed-ownership reform, Xintian Steel Group has taken advantage of its institutional mechanisms to make overall plans and coordinated layout, based on its characteristics, cultivating excellence and nurturing new ones, promoting the strengthening and extension of advantageous industries, and creating a new highland for high-quality development.

  internal“Form a chain” and work together to expand demand

  82B wire rod is the steel strand raw material provided by Tiangang Company of New Tiangang Group to Zhongxing Shengda Company.Before the mixed-ownership reform, although Tiangang Company and Zhongxing Shengda Company both belonged to“Boshan Iron and Steel Group” enterprises, but were forced tothenBohai Iron and Steel DepartmentIn trouble, interrupted wire rod supply cooperation.After the mixed-ownership reform, Xintian Steel Group took the market as the guidance and adopted overall policies to,Integrate resources and coordinate the development of internal industrial chain,walked outTiangang Company and Zhongxing Shengda CompanyAccurate docking“Upstream and downstream”, a new path to open up the “internal circulation” of supply and demand.Starting from April 2021, the two companies have resumed and deepened their cooperation, triggering a “chain effect” within the group.

  Stable downstream demand drives TiangangThe sales volume of 82B wire rod continues to grow, and the market has expanded more than 30 times, from an annual output of more than 10,000 tons at the beginning of the mixed reform in 2019 to a current monthly output of 30,000 tons, of whichMore than halfSold to Zhongxing Shengda; at the same time, the synergy advantages within the group have also significantly reduced the raw material costs of Zhongxing Shengda steel strands, improving the market competitiveness of the products.,“So far, the cooperation has saved a total of 7.6 million yuan in costs. In September, the sales of steel strands exceeded more than 43,000 tons, setting the highest level in 2023.” Hou Lishan said.

  However, within the group“Building a chain” does not mean “accepting all products as ordered”. Behind the dazzling report card, it is inseparable from the strong scientific research support of New Tiangang Group.

  technology“Strong chain”, technology empowers brand building

  In the high-wire workshop of Tianjin Iron and Steel Company, the sound of the rolling mill is deafening, the fan blows waves of heat, and the fiery red wire rods roar out from the spinning machine.“Only by finding the correct process window can we ensure that the performance of the wire rod is qualified and stable.” Zhang Yong, an engineer at the Steel Rolling Process Research Office of the Technology Center of Tiangang Company, rushed to the site to compare the actual situation with the results just obtained from the laboratory.

  The performance of wire rod mainly refers to strength and toughness, which is affected by chemical composition and rolling process. Wang Peixin, director of the Steel Rolling Technology Research Office of the Technology Center of Tianjin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. explained,“As long as the tensile strength of the wire rod reaches 1140-1250 MPa and the shrinkage rate (toughness) of the thermal test section reaches 16%, it meets the market standards. However, as the “fist” product of Zhongxing Shengda Company, steel strand has no impact on the wire rod. There are higher requirements for strength and toughness.” The higher the strength, the worse the toughness. This is a natural law. How to satisfy downstream users? A technical problem faced Wang Peixin and Zhang Yong.

  Tiangang Company Technology Center gives full play to the platform advantages of the national technology center, stimulates the potential of professional and technical personnel, and fully organizesProcess formulation and production tracking of 82B wire rod. Before rolling, through thermal simulation tests in the laboratory, key temperature points are measured to provide theoretical support for process formulation; during rolling, process technicians continuously track the site to formulate reasonable air-cooled roller speeds and fan start-ups. method and other process parameters; innovatively develop a full-season process management model, and adjust the rolling process based on data statistics to ensure that the wire rod performance is qualified and stable. Finally, the wire rod tensile strength reached 1200MPaAbove, thermal inspection area shrinkageMore than 20%,Comply with Zhongxing Shengda useRequire.

  With the diversification of Zhongxing Shengda’s needs, Tiangang has also carried out a series of technical research to enrich82B wire rod specification, on the basis of achieving stable production of Ф12.5mm wire rod, we have successfully developed Ф13mm and Ф14mm large-size wire rods. “Although the diameter of the wire rod is only 0.5mm different, the technical requirements are higher, which poses challenges to the existing billet size and process equipment.”Tiangang nowThe wire breakage rate of 82B wire rod during drawing can be reduced to less than 0.48%, which can be said to have reached the advanced level in the industry.Wang Peixinsaid.

  2022,The research and development application of 82B wire rod was obtainedGot itThird Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Award.The golden medal reflects the advancement of the technology center.Since the mixed-ownership reform, the technology center has helped Tiangang Company win many honors in terms of technology brand building, product structure optimization and quality improvement, and won the provincial and ministerial level Science and Technology Progress Award.7 awards, including 5 Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Awards, 1 second-class Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, and 1 third-class Metallurgical Science and Technology Award; obtained 120 authorized patents, including 17 invention patents; participated in the formulation of national standards and industry standards Revised 8 items, including 5 national standards; won 8 “Golden Cup Quality Products” for the physical quality of metallurgical products from the China Iron and Steel Association, and 47 outstanding quality achievements in Tianjin City, providing strong technical support for the company’s high-quality development.“Technology is the primary productive force. Only by adhering to self-reliance and self-reliance in science and technology can we ensure that the steel industry seizes the opportunity to develop on the road of transformation and upgrading.” Director of the Technology Center of Tiangang CompanyLiu Guihua said.

  Serve“Replenishing the chain” and expanding the market with sincerity and sincerity

  early morningAt 6 o’clock, in the mist, in the prestressed workshop of Xintian Steel Zhongxing Shengda, Xu Xueyang, the salesperson in charge of foreign trade, was packaging steel strands with industrial plastic wrap with the packaging master. Industrial cling film is not a conventional packaging material for steel strands. When asked why, she said, “Compared to woven bags, industrial cling film packaging is more in line with the environmental protection standards of some foreign countries. We will do our best to meet the reasonable needs of our customers. need”.

  Not only to satisfy customers, but also to maximize economic benefits,throughAfter repeated attempts, we found this cling film that has the right axis length (industrial cling film) and hole diameter (steel strand roll), and is the most energy-saving, labor-saving and time-saving cling film to use.Because I am worried about the cling film being scratched, I will put a layer of felt cloth on top, and the first batch96 tons of steel strand with a total of 32 rolls was packed by only two people, which made all the muscles work. “Xu XueyangsmilingRecalling the initial use of plastic wrap packaging,“After taking the photos and sending them to the customer, the customer was very moved. Before the first batch of orders arrived, he placed a second batch of 168-ton orders.”

  While meeting customer needs, Xu Xueyang also teamed up with the logistics and purchasing department to find cling film tubes and barrels that can be used in existing packaging machines, changing the power of cling film packaging from human power to mechanical power, greatly improving packaging efficiency.

  Xu Xueyangexplain,“Before the mixed-ownership reform, many foreign customers terminated their cooperation agreements with us because Zhongxing Shengda could not provide stable supplies, and some even blacklisted us. Now we hope to go all out by improving the service quality on the marketing side. to restore the cooperative relationship.”January to October 2023Zhongxing Shengda Company’s foreign trade salesnearly38,000 tonsa year-on-year increase91%.

  Excellent quality and sincere service make Zhongxing Shengda“Fist” products are used in more and more high value-added fields.2In 2022, Zhongxing Shengda, as the supplier of steel strands for the Baihetan Hydropower Station project, successfully promoted the commissioning of all units of the world’s most technically difficult hydropower station, the largest single unit capacity, and the second largest installed capacity, in order to implement the national major project of “West-to-East Power Transmission” Provided strong support.While its products are well-known domestically,It is also exported continuously to the country.Countries along the “Belt and Road” sow the seeds of win-win cooperation,Integrate into domestic and internationalThe new development pattern of “dual circulation”.2022as“Hualong One” third-generation nuclear power steel strand supplier has successfully completed the task of supplying nuclear power steel strands to Pakistan’s largest nuclear power plant – Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Units 2 and 3, helping China’s first fully independent nuclear power technology – “Hualong One” polishes the country’s business card.

  Today, the steel strand produced by Zhongxing Shengda Company has a market share of100%, 70% in the wind power field, 50% in the hydropower field, 50% in the LNG gas storage tank field, and 40% in the coal mine field. Export orders are stable at around 10,000 tons per month, and are sold to Canada, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. , Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Georgia, Nigeria and other countries have demonstrated with impressive results that New Tiangang’s high-quality development is solid and powerful.

  In the future, Xintian Steel Group will insist onTaking intelligence, greenness and integration as the development direction,deepenImplement innovation-driven development strategy,Dig deep into advantageous industries, lay out high-quality tracks, do enough to develop supporting facilities, form chains and clusters, and serve the coordinated development of regional economies, so as to promote TianjinThe “Ten Actions” have been implemented and have achieved results.Create new momentum for high-quality developmentnew advantages.

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