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New definition of comfort, red bean home baby cotton silk bra new product debut in Suzhou Museum

On March 2, Hongdou Home, an “advocate of comfortable underwear”, released a national style show with the theme of “softness through the millennium”, which has oriental aesthetic connotations. It is reported that the big show was held in the Suzhou Museum. In the soft and beautiful artistic conception, the fusion of ancient and modern styles perfectly presents the 5,000-year silk culture and advanced weaving technology. The carrier of the two is the new baby cotton silk bra made by Hongdou Home, which unlocks the innovative application of silk through modern technology, brings Chinese women a wearing experience of “stylish on the outside, soft on the inside”, and provides a new choice of “pleasing yourself”.

Guofeng Daxiu Subo staged, new soft products debuted

The most eye-catching part of the scene was the national style show. The models wore soft and stylish silk bras, presenting a comfortable national style show with great visual impact. When the 5,000-year silk culture was interpreted in modern language, the audience immersed themselves in the comfortable and soft charm of the red bean home baby cotton silk bra.

As a close-fitting fabric, silk cannot be ignored in the East. Real silk known as “soft gold” is rich in natural silk protein and amino acids, soft to the touch, skin-friendly and breathable. Since 2020, Hongdou Home has selected silk as the raw material, and innovatively launched baby cotton silk bras, setting a new standard for the softness and comfort of soft bras. At this press conference, Hongdou Home launched two new baby cotton silk bras that have undergone three-year iterative upgrades-the small-breasted series and the large-breasted series.

Both skin-fitting linings are 100% silk, which solves the sensitive and stuffy problems of wearing bras for a long time. On this basis, two main products meet the needs of women with different breast shapes for bras: the small breast shape series adopts 3D three-dimensional molded cups, and cooperates with non-marking crescent trays to meet the dual needs of comfort and style, helping small breasts Women are more confident; big breasts look small series, designed with light and thin rabbit ear cups, double-layer soft support, help big breasts sisters soft support, side, armpit heightening, shrinking accessory breasts and small back meat, easy to solve various problems The problem of dressing for various occasions.

The two products have attracted the attention of many women. On the day of the live broadcast of the new product release, many fans watched and liked it online, looking forward to experiencing the softness and comfort of the new product for the first time. The enthusiasm of users confirms the current brand-new consumption trend – when “self-pleasure” and “self-consistency” become women’s consumption standards, bras are no longer a tool to discipline the body and self. Based on the needs of women, Hongdou Home has deeply analyzed the connotation of “pleasure yourself”, has been committed to the research and development and application of soft fabrics for a long time, innovatively integrates modern craftsmanship and silk culture, and uses the cultural confidence of oriental aesthetics to bloom the soft beauty of Chinese women.

The same model of the star ignited attention, and the user interaction swiped the screen across the entire network

Red Dou Home’s exploration and innovation in the field of soft bras not only make the new baby cotton silk bras shine, but also make the brand synonymous with “soft and comfortable”. Its quality has attracted the attention of celebrities. For example, actor Huang Shengyi is very fond of the new product of baby cotton silk bra, and has carried out “video planting” on his personal social account, making the new product popular all over the Internet before it is released.

Based on the celebrity’s recognition of the new product, Hongdou Home initiated user interaction and launched an online topic of “collection of ten thousand slogans” to solicit new product slogans from netizens. There are not only star effect blessings, but also user interaction. Once the event was launched, it aroused heated discussions across the Internet. Netizens started the brainstorming mode to participate in the collection. The “10,000-yuan Slogan Collection” activity of “Star + Interactive” not only successfully introduced the new baby cotton silk bra to netizens “Amway”, but also made the “comfortable and soft” cognition of the red bean home brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Marketing should be based on strong products, which is also the consistent practice of Hongdou Home. From 2020 to 2023, the soft and iterative baby cotton comfortable silk bra will refresh Chinese women’s wearing experience with softer, more comfortable and more stylish one after another. This is the future that Hongdou Home Furnishing, which is good at listening to women’s demands and focusing on the research and development of soft fabrics, is looking forward to. The new red bean home baby cotton silk bra that integrates silk culture and modern technology will surely become a new healthy and comfortable choice for contemporary women.

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