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New consumption, new marketing, new journey, Kuaishou magnetic engine helps brands seize incremental opportunities

New consumption, new marketing, new journey, Kuaishou magnetic engine helps brands seize incremental opportunities

In the first half of the year, the consumer market recovered and gradually entered a new stage of consumption. Opportunities and challenges coexist. The more rational and prudent consumers are still the main theme of the market. Faced with many difficulties brought about by downgraded consumption, accelerated brand marketing competition, and sluggish brand growth, brands are constantly adjusting their vision and vision for examining the market and iterating their own capability model configuration. At the same time, they need to rebuild “confidence” with consumers and boldly innovate in the consumer market. Highlights are accompanied by severe moments, which is exactly the current situation that the consumer market is facing.

From July 19th to 21st, the 2023 G-Media Summit with the theme of “Trust and Confidence” was held. Marketers from brands and Internet advertising circles gathered to exchange ideas on core topics such as the most innovative digital advertising solutions and the latest digital advertising technology, and explore the new future of digital marketing.

Li Mingyang, head of the external circulation and marketing business of Kuaishou Magnetic Engine, was invited and gave a keynote speech on “Brand Marketing Accelerates Business”. Li Mingyang said that by digging deep into the commercial ecological value of Kuaishou, the magnetic engine upgrades product capabilities and services, continues to deepen brand marketing infrastructure, matrix construction, and scientific construction, and provides marketing solutions covering different industries and multiple scenarios. The integration of product, efficiency and marketing helps brand marketing achieve quality and efficiency.

  High-value commercial ecology drives new increase in brand marketing

In the first quarter of this year, the average daily active users of the Kuaishou app reached 374 million, and the monthly active users reached 654 million, reaching a new high. At the same time, 43.9% of the entire network is covered by women, 44.3% by new-line users, and 100 million+ high-spending buyers. Relying on the Kuaishou ecosystem, businesses closely related to users’ lives, such as automobiles, beauty and personal care, food and beverage, and e-commerce, are booming. As the hub of platform content and business, Kuaishou’s talent has increased by 700,000 compared with the same period last June. The expansion of good content and good talent has brought new opportunities for the brand’s marketing and operation in Kuaishou.

Li Mingyang emphasized that as a leading platform in the field of short video and live e-commerce, Kuaishou has accumulated a large number of high-value users, high-value content, and high-value creators, and has also created unique high-value links.

  Product-efficiency-sales integration, let marketing accelerate business

With the rapid development of Kuaishou’s e-commerce business, more and more brand merchants regard Kuaishou as their core business position. How to better facilitate the integration of brand marketing and operation through platform business empowerment is a proposition that Kuaishou has been thinking about and exploring in depth.

In terms of brand marketing infrastructure, Kuaishou has not only accumulated crowd assets, managed global crowd assets, and empowered long-term brand growth; it has also built a brand management position and carried out long-term cultivation to steadily increase the R3 crowd.

In terms of brand marketing matrix construction, let advertisements cover the whole field and full path of brand resources such as screen opening, information flow, live broadcast, short video, talent, and interaction, and multi-dimensional touchpoints are reached, accumulating accurate brand awareness groups; at the same time, Kuaishou goes deep into the needs of industry scenarios, and uses new home content to promote continuous operation and transformation through resource integration, exclusive customization, and flexible cooperation.

Taking the brand practice of the beauty industry as an example, Ou Shiman and Kuaishou connected the brand open days with creativity and science, and combined multiple resources to achieve both product and effect. During the water storage period, use eyemax opening screen, floating information card, light interactive personalized information flow, and many non-standard resources to seize the R1-R2 crowd, increase the exposure of “pearl whitening” content, and comprehensively explain the mystery of “pearl” and “whitening”; and focus on the R3 crowd with pyramid-style grass planting strategies and customized online interactive activities. Then, under the continuation of the search product specialization and private domain matrix, the comprehensive transformation in the brand field is realized through the magnetic golden bull delivery tool. Data shows that during the event, the total brand GMV reached 40 million+, brand self-broadcasting increased by 125% month-on-month, new customers increased by 360% month-on-month, and the overall crowd asset scale increased by 89.31%.

In terms of brand marketing scientific construction, through product construction, model construction, and system construction, it empowers brand evaluation and delivery in an all-round way, and escorts the improvement of brand power throughout the link.

In the era of rapid changes in consumer and business scenarios, facing an increasingly complex marketing market environment, brands pay more and more attention to deterministic and scientific launch and operation. As a result, Kuaishou’s continuously prosperous high-value business ecosystem and rapidly iterative commercial product and service capabilities will surely help more brands achieve long-term operations and marketing breakthroughs.


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