New China Insurance’s claims case was awarded “2022 Influential Claims”

New China Insurance’s claims case was awarded “2022 Influential Claims”

On March 14, the “2023 China Banking and Insurance Industry Service Innovation Summit” hosted by “China Banking Insurance News” was held in Beijing. The theme of the summit was “Innovating Financial Services to Build a Better Life”.The conference released the “2022 China Banking Insurance Industry Service Innovation Case”, among which, New China Insurance’s “Millions of medical aids for recovery, medical advances to solve difficult problems” claim settlement service was awardedAnnual Impact Claims.

New China Insurance takes “quick claim settlement and excellent service” as its brand characteristics, insists on starting from customer needs, continuously improves the level of claim settlement service, and creates a simple and convenient service experience for customers with a series of advanced technologies and service innovations.

For a long time, the high cost of medical treatment has been a major problem faced by many customers, especially for major operations or treatments. Hospitals generally require patients to pay a hospital deposit in advance.

As an internationally recognized and ideal cutting-edge tumor radiotherapy technology, proton heavy ion therapy technology has given many cancer patients hope for life. However, compared with conventional therapy, proton heavy ion therapy is expensive and cannot be covered by basic medical insurance, which discourages many patients. New China Insurance’s million-dollar medical products include proton and heavy ion therapy in the scope of protection, helping customers use advanced medical technology to resist diseases.

In order to implement the company’s “insurance + health” strategy, New China Insurance provides the value-added service of medical advance payment for customers of “Kangjian Huazun Medical Insurance (Adjustable Rate)”, which is provided by the company to a third-party service provider to qualified customers Deposit for hospitalization and advance payment for treatment expenses. After the customer formally submits a claim application and receives compensation, the advanced expenses will be repaid. This service solves the problem of delay in payment of claims caused by the traditional model where customers need to pay for treatment first and then apply for claims after the end of treatment, and relieves the economic pressure faced by customers in a short period of time due to sudden illness or accident. Let customers enjoy the best treatment plan at the first time, without being restricted by economic conditions.

In 2022, New China Insurance will accumulatively advance payments for 268 customers7.8949 million yuanFor medical expenses, the same customer can pay up to12 timesthe single maximum advance payment200,000 yuan.

The main functions of insurance are risk management and loss compensation, which are closely related to people’s sense of gain, security, and happiness. In the future, New China Insurance will continue to provide insurance services with heart, emotion, and strength, and continue to satisfy people’s yearning for a better life need.

  Case details:Millions of medical aid for rehabilitation Medical advances to solve problems

  Involved in insurance: “Kangjian Huazun Medical Insurance (Adjustable Rate)”, “Multiple Guaranteed Critical Illness Insurance for Teenagers”, “Healthy and Worry-Free Juvenile Critical Illness Insurance”, etc.

  Amount of compensation: Medical insurance: 1.524 million yuan; critical illness insurance: 1.1739 million yuan

  Payout time: December 2020 to December 2022

Children are the hope of parents and the future of the family. Ms. Liu from Beijing has insured her child Xiao Xi with various products of Xinhua Insurance since she was a child. The insurance liability covers critical illness insurance, cancer prevention insurance, and hospitalization medical insurance, and the health insurance configuration is adequate.

In December 2020, 16-year-old Xiao Xi felt pain in his lumbosacral area after exercising. After traveling to many hospitals, he was finally diagnosed with undifferentiated small round cell malignant tumor. At the end of 2021, Ms. Liu learned that Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Hospital can implement more advanced radiation therapy for children’s diseases. There are more than ten thousand yuan. Fortunately, Ms. Liu’s “Health Care Medical Insurance (Adjustable Rate)” is equipped with medical advance payment value-added services, which can advance a large amount of hospitalization deposit and treatment expenses for customers before the official claim settlement, so as to solve the urgent need of customers to raise hospitalization medical expenses . In the end, with the assistance of New China Insurance staff, Xiao Xi was successfully admitted to Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Hospital. After review, the materials submitted by Xiao Xi met the application conditions for medical advance payment. On the day of admission, the customer received an advance payment of 200,000 yuan. During the period, an additional 20,000 yuan was paid in advance according to the treatment needs. After Xiao Xi was discharged from the hospital, Xinhua Insurance immediately started the claim settlement process to implement the compensation.

As of December 2022, Xiao Xi has spent a total of 1.524 million yuan in medical expenses. After the basic medical insurance reimburses 291,100 yuan, the remaining medical expenses will be covered by the “Healthy Huazun Medical Insurance (Adjustable Rate)” and “Additional Hospitalization Safe Medical Insurance” (Adjustable rate)” undertake. At the same time, Xiao Xi was compensated 1.1739 million yuan in critical illness insurance, cancer diagnosis insurance, and caring insurance in the first 10 years, and 100,000 yuan in cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy insurance and cancer surgery insurance. At present, Xiao Xi’s condition is stable, and Xinhua Insurance will still provide payment guarantee for his follow-up treatment.

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