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New China Insurance: Comprehensive cleanup of “sleep insurance policies” to effectively safeguard consumer rights

Since the State Administration of Financial Supervision issued the “Notice on Carrying out the Special Work on Cleaning Up “Sleep Policies” in Personal Insurance, New China Insurance has attached great importance to implementing the people’s and political nature of financial work and improving the level of financial services, and comprehensively launched the “Sleep Policy” “Insurance policy” cleaning special work. So far, New China Insurance has paid a total of 460 million yuan in maturity payments, refunded the cash value of failed policies of 280 million yuan, supported the reinstatement of 12,000 failed policies, and accumulated a total insured amount of 5 billion in reinstated policies.

According to Xinhua Insurance, the company immediately established a special work leading group headed by the main person in charge, formulated a special work plan, and organized training and promotion for all internal and external staff of 35 branches throughout the system to unify their thinking and fully understand how to do a good job The importance and richness of this cleanup.

In terms of specific work deployment, Xinhua Insurance mainly coordinates work from three aspects: publicity and promotion, customer notification, and policy service support.

In terms of publicity and promotion, New China Insurance extensively informs and reminds customers through various channels. On the one hand, we actively promote the unified one-stop inquiry service platform “Jinshitong APP” for the insurance industry launched by the State Administration of Financial Supervision and China Banking and Insurance Corporation, and at the same time, we use the power of local radio stations, live broadcast rooms, and mainstream online media and paper media to expand the scope of publicity. , let customers know that the insurance industry is carrying out sleep policy cleanup work; on the other hand, it actively organizes the company’s internal platform to publish “sleep policy” promotional soft articles and customer announcements frequently, and places promotional posters and foldouts in the company’s customer service center to provide effective reminders Consumers are concerned about their own protection and legitimate rights and interests.

In terms of proactive customer notification services, New China Insurance uses centralized SMS notifications to quickly and accurately reach more than 1 million sleep policy customers. At the same time, various activities are organized to effectively activate customer participation, such as the “27th Anniversary Care and Feedback Special Event–Enjoy Service and Enjoy the Maturity Survival Bonus Collection” and “Looking for Sleep Policy Owners” and many other special theme activities. For customers who really cannot be contacted, New China Insurance relies on external forces such as local governments, public security household registration centers, and village committees to further search and obtain customer contact information until contact is made and notification is in place.

In terms of policy service support, New China Insurance provides “sleep policy” customers with convenient business processing methods, preferential policy support and proactive follow-up service support from the perspective of convenience, benefit and benefit to the people. On the one hand, the company’s mobile Xinhua APP is used to provide online collection, online reinstatement, and online surrender services; on the other hand, it launches a service policy of interest-free reinstatement within 2 years and reinstatement within 5 years. In addition, the company’s policy service personnel provide customers with follow-up service support. On the basis of providing collection services for customers, they simultaneously conduct a second review of policy protection for customers and activate their insurance protection.

So far, New China Insurance has paid a total of 460 million yuan in maturity payments, refunded the cash value of failed policies of 280 million yuan, supported the reinstatement of 12,000 failed policies, and accumulated a total insured amount of 5 billion in reinstated policies.

Over the years, New China Insurance has been adhering to the purpose of providing good customer service and established a complete policy notification service system. At each key node of the policy service (such as entering the payment period/coming to the end of the payment period, the policy entering the maturity payment period, etc.), high-frequency notifications and prompts to customers to pay attention to the status of the policy are made through text messages, phone calls or manual services to avoid The emergence of “sleep insurance policies.”

For inquiries and collection issues that customers are concerned about, New China Insurance provides a variety of inquiry and collection methods. Customers can query relevant information through the “Jinshitong APP-Sleep Policy Module”; they can call the New China Insurance National Unified Service Hotline 95567 for consultation and confirmation; or they can consult with counter service staff at New China Insurance’s customer service centers across the country. After receiving the “Sleep Policy” collection notice, customers can log in to the Xinhua Mobile APP to handle maturity payment or reinstatement services by themselves. They can also choose to contact the company’s policy service staff or call the service hotline 95567 for assistance.

New China Insurance stated that it will take this special cleanup of “sleep policies” as an opportunity to further establish and improve long-term mechanisms, strengthen full-process policy management, improve financial service levels, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the insurance industry .

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