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New China Insurance actively carried out the 2023 “3?15” Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week, and worked with consumers to build an honest consumption environment and boost financial consumer confidence

New China Insurance actively carried out the 2023 “3?15” Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week, and worked with consumers to build an honest consumption environment and boost financial consumer confidence

During the “March 15” period in 2023, New China Insurance actively implemented the unified requirements and arrangements of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on launching the “March 15” consumer rights protection education and publicity activities in the banking and insurance industries in 2023, and carefully planned and launched a series of activities to communicate with consumers. Let’s work together to build an honest consumption environment and boost confidence in financial consumption.

The company has always anchored the development vision of “China’s best financial service group with a full range of life insurance business as its core”, accurately grasped the new development stage, deeply practiced the new development concept, actively integrated into the new development pattern, and coordinated the promotion of life insurance business as the core , wealth management and health care industry as the support, the overall layout of technological empowerment development, deepening the “return to the origin”, conscientiously fulfill corporate responsibility, give full play to the insurance protection function, optimize service supply, change the development model, promote the reform of the system and mechanism, and resolutely hold on The bottom line for the occurrence of major risks to achieve healthy, sustainable and high-quality development.

During the “3.15” period, Xinhua Insurance will take “Building an Honest Consumption Environment Together and Boosting Confidence in Financial Consumption” as the theme of the event. The object of the event will pay more attention to regions and groups to improve consumer satisfaction. The form of the event will be more innovative and more It has characteristics, increases the attractiveness of the activity, fully focuses on the content of the activity, is practical, highlights the pertinence, further enriches the educational publicity scene, continuously strengthens the promotion of the activity, and comprehensively completes the “3.15” Educational Publicity Week series of activities.

  The first is to pay attention to financial knowledge education, popularize consumer protection policy knowledge, enhance consumer confidence, and enhance the influence of activities.Carry out online and offline education and publicity activities, combine the service scenarios and high-frequency matters involved in consumers’ daily life, focus on financial knowledge education and publicity, promote and popularize the eight rights of financial consumers and consumer protection policy knowledge, and help consumers understand financial common sense and Consumer protection policy, unimpeded channels for consumer rights protection, and continuous improvement of complaint handling and dispute resolution protection mechanisms.

  The second is to pay attention to the appropriateness education of investors, and strive to reveal the nature of financial fraud,Focus on consumer risk reminders to enhance consumers’ sense of gain.Truthfully and fully disclose important information, carry out investor appropriate content education, pay attention to reminding financial consumption risks, strengthen consumption risk reminders, create a good atmosphere of public opinion and financial environment, guide consumers to establish rational investment and value investment concepts, and effectively improve consumer investment. sense of gain.

  The third is to solidly promote the construction of a culture of integrity in the insurance industry and promote a fair and orderly financial marketbuild an honest consumption environment, and spread positive financial energy.Actively create a strong atmosphere where trustworthiness is glorious and dishonesty is shameful, so that honesty and trustworthiness become the conscious behavior norms of Xinhua employees, adhere to the bottom line of integrity management, focus on honesty and trustworthiness, solemnly promise integrity, carry out integrity training, build Xinhua’s characteristic integrity culture, and help improve industry integrity awareness and credit level, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

  The fourth is to focus on financial education in key areas and special groups to improve financial service satisfaction,Expand coverage of activities.Actively apply digital technology to strengthen financial services, and enhance the breadth and depth of financial education and publicity. Strengthen the radiation and coverage of financial education in key areas such as rural areas, remote areas, and ethnic minority areas, and provide consumers with more convenient and diverse financial knowledge and service choices. Focus on the improvement of financial services for special groups such as the elderly, young people, “new citizens” and the disabled, so that financial consumers can enjoy smart and convenient new services anytime, anywhere.

New China Insurance will focus on consumers, implement the political and people-oriented nature of financial work with practical actions, focus on the new financial business model, polish the background of financial services for the people, pay attention to the actual financial needs of consumers, continue to popularize financial knowledge, and increase risks Awareness of prevention, highlighting Xinhua’s corporate responsibility, and making greater contributions to building a harmonious financial ecological environment.

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