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New business formats and new scenarios, Jincheng’s consumer market continues to grow in popularity

New business formats and new scenarios, Jincheng’s consumer market continues to grow in popularity

  Tianjin Northern Network News:During the 2023 Tianjin Marathon, the city’s commercial and trade enterprises will carry out various forms of consumption promotion activities, strengthen effective connection and in-depth linkage with sports events and other activities, better meet the needs of contestants and foreign tourists visiting Tianjin for sightseeing and shopping, and ignite the new vitality of the golden autumn city. , new business formats and new scenarios have also made Jincheng’s consumer market continue to gain popularity.

During the period, major shopping malls along the marathon route launched more than 40 night markets, check-ins, exclusive discounts and other activities. For example, CapitaMall Tianjin Bay in Hexi District, where the full and half marathons pass, held the first exhibition of “Meet the Penguins” in Tianjin. , a wall of hundreds of penguin dolls and oversized penguin displays were set up on site, and a series of activities to support the marathon were held at the same time. Many catering merchants on the site were organized to launch preferential activities for participating team members; Hedong District Jinmaohui, as the focus of the half marathon, launched any consumption throughout the site Win surprise gifts, including Starbucks drink coupons, Holiland 50 yuan vouchers, Joyvio World packages, etc.; Huayuan Wisdom Mountain holds a Wild Friends Twin Cities Party, with nearly a hundred featured cultural and creative merchants on display, and there are many more on site Wonderful performance by the band.

In addition, Heping District Century City holds the “Shou Nong Good Life Market – Tianjin Station”, Vientiane City holds the Urban Culture Festival, Jinwan Plaza holds the Golden Autumn Happy Camp style market, and Jinnan Lvdong BOX Commercial Street holds fashion performances and singer performances. , light show, etc. The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) holds the Fun Pet Fair and the 2023 Tianjin International Pet Industry Expo, focusing on the pet economy. The SCA cat exhibition, pet grooming and care competition, photography competition, pet flea market and other exciting activities will be held on site.

Whether it is the National Day Double Festival “Golden Week” or the 2023 Marathon, Tianjin’s consumer market continues to be active and presents new characteristics, injecting vitality into Tianjin’s consumer market:

The opening of new stores set off a consumer boom. Shanshan Outlets grandly opened with nearly 50 Tianjin first outlets and flagship stores, and the National Outlet Shopping Festival was held simultaneously. During the period, the Midi Music Festival, Top 100 Electronic Music Festival, and Resonance Street Dance Competition were held for 9 consecutive days. The average passenger flow exceeds 10,000, and the average daily sales exceed 10 million. The Yifeng District held a Fashion Awards fashion show. Jay Chou’s original brand and well-known fashion brands such as MRJALL BEINGS and CHENGCONG made their debut in Tianjin. It was combined with the landmark Marco Polo Square to create an immersive interactive experience scene, igniting a new spark in the Tianjin consumer market.

The exhibition economy promotes bulk consumption. This year, Tianjin has more convention and exhibition activities than in previous years, which has effectively promoted the growth of bulk consumption. During the auto show, the leverage ratio of special government automobile consumption coupons always exceeded 1:70. The three-day exhibition period of China Home Expo has driven the sales of home furnishing stores such as Easy Home and Red Star Macalline to increase by 25% year-on-year. The Red Star Macalline Hedong store launched the “1000 yuan off 100 yuan” campaign for water heaters and water purifiers, driving the growth of related stores. 60% more than usual.

“Niche” consumption has become popular. Some young tourists are beginning to choose niche destinations and “micro-scenarios” with more obvious personalization and higher comfort, driving a group of “small but beautiful” consumption to become popular. Compared with popular restaurants, “roadside restaurants” and “alley delicacies” located in the streets have begun to be discovered by tourists. Detailed online reviews such as Xiaohongshu and Dianping have accelerated this trend.

The outlet format is very popular. The consumer psychology of “buying big brands at low prices” in premium discount stores is highly in line with the pursuit of a more comfortable and refined life among high-income young people, and has become a new highlight and hot spot in the holiday consumer market. The sales and customer traffic of the four monitored outlets increased by 1.9 times and 3 times respectively year-on-year, far exceeding the average of all formats. Florence Town Outlets collaborated with surrounding carriers to introduce Happy Twist’s first meal show themed comedy, held the “Thousand-year Dream Back to Chang’an” Mid-Autumn Garden Party, and launched limited edition Taotaoju co-branded mooncake gift boxes. Holiday sales and passenger traffic increased 1.2 times year-on-year respectively. and 1.8 times, an increase of more than 30% compared with 2019.

Curated commerce can effectively expand the customer base. Vientiane City has set up the first exhibition of French national treasure artist Mr. ROSE in Tianjin, linking with international brands such as LV and Hermès. Customer traffic increased by 1.4 times year-on-year, and mid-to-high-end consumption increased by 30.4% year-on-year. Hedong Aegean Sea creates national style parades and gatherings for national style enthusiasts. Jinnan Wuyue Plaza took advantage of the famous DJ host Wang Ye’s offline meet-and-greet concert, integrating COSPLAY and League of Legends e-sports music to achieve explosive traffic. The passenger flow exceeded 100,000 people that day, setting a new historical record. Ninghe Wuyue Plaza invited senior martial arts boxers to create a special Wulin Style Ninghe Boxing Championship, and the passenger traffic increased by 63%. Yanlord Isetan held the “Disney 100th Anniversary – Classic Animation Journey”.

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