Netease Games actively explores the face recognition function to strengthen the network protection network for minors

Netease Games actively explores the face recognition function to strengthen the network protection network for minors

The issue of anti-addiction of minors has always been one of the hot topics in society and has received widespread attention. As the game industry gradually develops and grows, NetEase Games, one of the major Internet companies, continues to deepen corporate responsibility and promote relevant measures to create a clear and safe cyberspace for minors.

Recently, based on its accumulation in the field of cutting-edge technology, Netease Games has actively explored the function of face recognition. Under the operation of the underage identification model and the AI ​​pre-intervention mechanism, NetEase Games can judge whether the user is a suspected minor through the specific behavior of the account. Once confirmed, measures including but not limited to secondary face recognition will be taken. At present, face recognition technology has been applied to most of NetEase Games’ products to ensure the resolute implementation of minors’ anti-addiction and game time limit regulations.

With the improvement of the anti-addiction system for minors’ games and related black and gray industries, Netease Games has further strengthened the supervision of minors’ gaming behavior. Including resisting bad information, strictly preventing underage black hands, cracking down on game black production, etc., NetEase Games eliminates various cancers that exist in the game environment with a zero-tolerance attitude, and protects the social ecology of minors. Focusing on the sale of real-name information and real-name accounts by illegal production studios to minors, Netease Games has strengthened the crackdown on behaviors such as renting and selling accounts, sharing accounts, and giving accounts through monitoring information inside and outside the game, and resolutely resists minors’ fraudulent activities. The act of playing games as someone else.

In order to further ensure the effective implementation of the anti-addiction policy for minors, Netease Games launched a parental care platform to achieve the purpose of joint supervision by enterprises and parents. The platform has also been iteratively upgraded, allowing parents to achieve more convenient and direct supervision through practical functions such as scanning code binding, customizing game duration, and consumption restrictions.

Not only that, Netease Games also launched a special campaign to protect minors during the winter vacation, strictly controlling the game behavior of minors, and purifying the game environment in multiple dimensions. During the special winter vacation campaign, NetEase Games gradually established algorithm models and related technical guarantees for multi-scenario applications, and further consolidated the implementation and execution of anti-addiction measures at the technical level to escort healthy games for minors.

Indulgence of minors is a social phenomenon that needs to be solved jointly by all parties. In the future, I believe that more Internet companies will join the ranks of minors protection, treat minors’ addiction prevention issues rationally and prudently, build a protective barrier for minors, and build a healthy, green and clear Internet space for minors .

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