NetEase Cloud Music’s first comedy radio drama “Master and Me” has been played more than 10 million times and has a good reputation for quality and reputation.


Recently, NetEase Cloud’s music radio drama “The Master and Me” has been viewed more than 10 million times in total, becoming the first radio drama adapted from a national-level comedy IP to have more than 10 million views on the Internet. The play is jointly produced by NetEase Cloud Music, iQiyi Literature, and 729 Sound Factory. While recreating the “sincere” core of the story of “The Young Master and Me”, it creates an immersive listening experience for the audience.

“Young Master and Me” is a popular work of iQiyi’s original comedy competition variety show “Annual Comedy Competition 2”, starring Zhang Zhehua and Xin Zai. It tells the story of young master Liu Bo who hires the domineering housekeeper Long in order to get business from Boss Wang’s family. Aotian, thus triggering a series of funny stories. With its ancient gory character and anti-idol drama-style comedy setting, this work won the award for the most popular work of the year. It also topped the TOP1 hot events on Weibo in 2022 with 1.6 billion views and 170,000 discussions.

The NetEase Cloud music radio drama “Master and Me” is adapted from the IP of the same name. It exceeded 3 million views in the first week of its launch, and the total views exceeded 10 million in three months after it was launched. At the same time, the show also received more than 833,000 comments and comments, and the number of collectors exceeded 70,000. Many Yuncun users bluntly said in the comment area that the drama “must have some laughs and some late moments”. Some users even said that the radio drama “The Young Master and Me” “makes their expectations not in vain”. The thread comes up again and again, “I can’t stop at all!”.

The hot drama series of “The Master and Me” not only made the audience laugh, but also made the original songs in the show popular. Among them, the theme song “With Sincerity!” has been collected by thousands of people, and the original soundtracks “Red Lights and Drinking”, “Anshan, Snow Country, Home”, “You Touched My Back Scale”, “It’s Hard to Know Oneself”, etc., also use music to narrate this story. The old stories of Duan Anshan make users have endless aftertaste.

Data shows that users born after 2000 account for more than 50% of the listeners of the “Master and Me” radio drama, showing obvious youth characteristics. This is mutually confirmed with the data findings of the “Post-00s Long Audio Consumption Trend Report (2023)”. Compared with users of other age groups, those born after 2000 are more willing to pay for high-quality long audio content that they recognize, further highlighting the importance of high-quality IP.

As the leading online music platform in China, NetEase Cloud Music not only meets users’ needs for listening to music, but also continues to explore and explore more “listening” scenarios, focusing on the development of long-form audio services such as radio dramas, audiobooks, and podcasts. In addition to the popular national comedy IP “Young Master and Me” radio drama of the same name, NetEase Cloud Music has previously launched “Kaleidoscope of Death” and “The Mysterious Case of Sun Meiqi” and other IP-adapted radio dramas with both quality and reputation, all of which have received wide acclaim.

The radio drama “The Master and Me” is the first domestic comedy IP adaptation of a radio drama. The success of this drama means that the IP sources of radio dramas are further diversified. In the future, diverse content including film, television, games, animation, short videos, scripts, etc. are expected to be adapted into radio dramas, providing a steady stream of “sound food” for young users.


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