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National trend market, intangible cultural heritage art season…the “Taste of the New Year” competition in Tianjin’s commercial community

National trend market, intangible cultural heritage art season…the “Taste of the New Year” competition in Tianjin’s commercial community

  Tianjin Northern Network News:The Spring Festival is approaching, and it’s time for shopping malls to compete for the Lunar New Year games. Chinese red, national fashion markets, traditional folk performances… Shopping malls are committed to exploring the cultural value of the Spring Festival, seizing people’s emotional trends, and creating offline marketing with a more “New Year flavor”. This year, based on the main color of classic New Year red, as well as the creative presentation of elements of the Year of the Dragon, IP cross-border interactive activities are very popular.

  Tianhe City—Longteng Tianhe Welcomes Guests

On January 27, 2024, Tianjin Teemall took the opportunity of the New Year theme event of “Dragon Tianhe Welcomes Guests” to start the festive atmosphere of Ruilong Nafu in advance. In the Year of the Dragon, Tianhe City integrates traditional culture and trendy art to welcome visitors from all over the world with Tianjin’s local cultural innovation. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, Tianhe City continues the style of the Flower City and the healing characteristics, combines traditional culture with trendy New Year flavors, decodes the new national style, creates an immersive oriental beauty, and plays with the citizens in the New Year and spends the festival together, awakening the culture about the Spring Festival memory. The three themed interactive areas,[Lion Awakening and Presenting Auspicious Fortunes][Dragon Picture Exhibition]and[Dragon Lighting Field]integrate cultural traditions with the trends of the times, bringing you an extraordinary New Year fun experience. The lively and festive holiday decorations also make the atmosphere of stocking up before the year even more intense, and Teemall has also prepared a wealth of gift activities. It is reported that in addition to value-for-money group purchases during the Spring Festival and special events for the Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day, Teemall has also prepared a New Year lucky bag delivery event before the Spring Festival to help Tianjin citizens stock up for the New Year.

  Joy City—Guochuang IP Tianguan Blessing Animation outlines the end of the year and the New Year

Tianjin Joy City and Station B jointly create the leading nationally innovative theme exhibition – Tianguan Ci Blessing Animation – The Three Thousand Lantern Festival theme exhibition, with the long night of thousands of lanterns as the background, restoring the Xianle Palace and the Spiritual Array in the animation , Bliss Square, street market and other six classic animation scenes. Dan mosaics paint colors and thousands of lights paint shapes; the beautiful scenery and new scenery day and night break the silence of northern winter nights. The all-weather immersive experience attracts a large number of fans to join the priests in starting a journey to the divine world. Using pioneering fashion thinking to outline the trendy cultural experience ecosystem, Tianjin Joy City brings a steady stream of surprising experiences to consumers of different generations.

  SM Plaza 2024 New Year Oriental Culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Season

It captures the charm of all things and conveys the greatness of the past and present. As the Year of the Dragon approaches, SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza (hereinafter referred to as “SM Plaza”), Tianjin Museum, Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Daoming Bamboo Weaving and other four major national endorsement resources have joined forces to produce the giant “Boyun All Things – 2024″ New Year Oriental Culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Season”! The three major themes of culture, art and future run through the entire quarter, leading Tianjin citizens to appreciate the oriental charm of the museum! As the first time for Tianjin Business to join forces with the resources of Tianjin Museum, Tianbo provided 20 rare exhibits, allowing cultural relics to leave the museum and make a stunning debut in the shopping mall. These include “Flowers and Birds” by the Yuan Dynasty painter Qian Xuan, “Peach Blossoms and Wonderland” by the Ming Dynasty painter Qiu Ying, Tang Yin’s “Returning to the Shadow on the East Gate”, Dong Qichang’s “Fragrant Trees and Yao Feng”, as well as cursive calligraphy works by Liu Yong and Zheng Xie of copies. At the exhibition site, professional commentators from the Tianjin Museum explained the details of the exhibits and the historical stories behind them. The unique and creative Tianbo limited cultural and creative peripherals, popular online stamp collections and other interesting interactions have also received enthusiastic participation from consumers. While creating a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere, consumers can experience a unique experience while shopping. Take a cultural tour of the museum in the shopping mall to experience the unique charm of historical relics.

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