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“National Treasure Glorious” officially launched iQiyi and Shaanxi Cultural Investment to create a benchmark drama with cultural protection themes

“National Treasure Glorious” officially launched iQiyi and Shaanxi Cultural Investment to create a benchmark drama with cultural protection themes


On October 17, the cultural relics protection-themed TV series “National Treasure Glorious” was officially launched in Hancheng City, Shaanxi Province. Wu Yongchao, director of the Provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau and deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Wang Jinqing, the second-level inspector of the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, and other leaders and the cast and crew jointly launched At the opening ceremony, leaders from the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau, Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, Weinan City, Hancheng City and other relevant departments attended the event. The play was produced by Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Cultural Industry Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. Co-produced, directed by Hui Kaidong, written by Zhang Chanjuan, Zhou Yu, Yang Hong, and Sun Xiaohan, and starring Bai Yufan, Xin Baiqing, Wang Herun, Fu Dalong, and You Yongzhi. The play is based on major domestic archaeological discoveries. It tells the story of front-line cultural relics protection workers such as archaeologists Fang Yu, Luo Qing, and Qi Dacang, the cultural relics inspection captain of the Public Security Bureau. With the strong support of the national cultural relics department, they effectively protected Bailu Yuan Yin. The village tomb and surrounding historic relics discovered the “sub-shaped” tomb, jointly advancing the story of major archaeological discoveries, and was rated as a major cultural boutique project in Shaanxi Province in 2023.

  Firmly establish cultural consciousness and pay tribute to the cause of cultural relics protection with genre dramas

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that “Cultural relics and cultural heritage carry the genes and blood of the Chinese nation and are non-renewable and irreplaceable resources of excellent Chinese civilization. It is necessary to bring more cultural relics and cultural heritage to life and create a strong social atmosphere for inheriting Chinese civilization. . It is necessary to actively promote the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage, explore the multiple values ​​​​of cultural relics and cultural heritage, and spread more value symbols and cultural products that carry Chinese culture and Chinese spirit.” At the press conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping on the protection of cultural relics The spirit of the instructions ran through the entire meeting. Leaders of all participating units repeatedly mentioned it in their speeches and urged the crew to study deeply and implement it accurately. Chief producer Guo Xianchun said that based on this, “With the strong support of the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and other units, Shaanxi Cultural Investment Group and iQiyi jointly created the first cultural relics protection-themed TV series ” “National Treasure Shines to the World”.

When talking about the mission of the project, Sui Jun, director of the Literary and Art Department of the Propaganda Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, said: “Tell vivid stories of cultural relics protection through literary and artistic works, strive to continue the Chinese cultural context, and promote the creative transformation and innovation of China’s excellent traditional culture Development.” As for the creative quality of “National Treasure Shines on the World”, Liu Shengsheng, deputy director of the Party Leadership Group of the Shaanxi Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, expressed hope: “(The entire crew) must adhere to the people-centered creative concept and create cultural relics protection in the new era. story, and provide audiences across the country with a masterpiece that combines ideological, artistic and ornamental qualities.” The crew of “National Treasure Shines on the World” established a temporary party branch to lead the party members to play a vanguard and exemplary role, and lead the crew and starring actors to adhere to correct politics direction, value orientation and cultural orientation, and strive to build “National Treasure of the World” into a masterpiece with “profound thinking, exquisite art and excellent production”.

In addition, Yang Bei, the chief producer and senior vice president of iQiyi, took the stage to share the original creative intentions and artistic responsibility of the creative team. She said: “I hope that through this drama, we can arouse more people in the whole society to pay attention to and value the protection of cultural relics.” .” Sun Changbo, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Cultural Investment Group, said: “”National Treasure” is China’s first TV series with front-line cultural relics protection workers as the core. It uses artistic techniques to show the major achievements of China’s cultural relics protection and inherit history and culture. Maintain the national spirit and enhance cultural confidence.” As for the filming work, Hancheng City, the main filming location, gave the crew great help and support. Wu Xiaowei, member of the Standing Committee of the Hancheng City Committee and Minister of Publicity who attended the press conference, said: “The TV series “National Treasure” “Glory of the World” chose Hancheng as the main filming location, which is of great significance and far-reaching influence. We will do our best to provide service guarantees, provide a good environment, and ensure that the filming work progresses safely, orderly and smoothly.”


  The powerful lineup guarantees professionalism and creates a benchmark drama for cultural preservation.

As a TV series about cultural relics protection that spans 20 years, the production of “National Treasure” faces the highly professionalization of archeology, the realistic creation of character portraits, the long-term layout of major case detection, the handling of emotional relationships of many characters, and the service There are many problems such as the overall restoration of the transformation path. However, in these aspects, iQiyi and Shaanxi Cultural Investment chose to focus on the creation of this project and concentrated their superior resources to make breakthroughs one by one. “National Treasure Glorious” gathered a group of outstanding and authoritative creative staff both in front of and behind the scenes. The press conference that day also ushered in the climax of excitement after the main creators came on stage. Director Hui Kaidong first expressed his position on behalf of the entire crew, saying: “We worked hard together to create a masterpiece, dedicated to cultural relics protection workers across the country.” Then several actors from Shaanxi spoke Shaanxi dialect, instantly shortening the distance between the stage and the audience, and the scene was even more humorous. After making people laugh several times, You Yongzhi said he was from Shaanxi and joked: “Without makeup, you are the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, but with makeup, you are Tang Sancai.” Later, Bai Yufan also revealed that he was from Shaanxi, saying: “Follow the director and act well and shoot well”; Fu Dalong Although he is not from Shaanxi, he expressed his position in Shaanxi dialect: “Guaranteed to complete the task.” The heroine Wang Herun even confessed to the drama on the spot, saying: “Because this is China’s first (TV drama) about the protection of cultural relics. As an actor, I am lucky to be able to play such a subject. I will work hard with the director.” At the same time, At the same time, the cast and crew launched a self-discipline convention, advocating “love for literary and artistic undertakings, adhering to artistic integrity” and consciously assuming the cultural mission of the cast and crew.

In terms of cultural relic protection, including archaeological knowledge and other professional content, Sun Changbo, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Cultural Investment Group, introduced in detail the learning situation of the creative team and concluded: “It can be said that this drama is a collaboration between cultural relic experts, front-line cultural protection personnel and film and television It is the crystallization of artists and literary artists working hard together.” Currently, after two years of careful creation and four months of preparation work, “National Treasure Shines to the World” has entered into intense and orderly filming. The show has a full lineup of creative actors and tells the story of tracking and protecting national treasures and cultural relics for twenty years in a realistic style, which is really exciting.

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