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National style, national trend, national charm? Poetry, music and dance show “The World Returns to the Heart” inherits the Chinese “teaching of poetry and music”

National style, national trend, national charm? Poetry, music and dance show “The World Returns to the Heart” inherits the Chinese “teaching of poetry and music”

  Tianjin Northern Network News:Inherit the teachings of poetry and music,Watch “The World Returns to the Heart” together.On September 16, 2023, Shanxi Yanmenwang Liquor Co., Ltd. and Beijing Riguang Tongming Culture Media Company held a Chinese original poetry and music show in Beijing.dancePress conference for the big show “The World Comes to Heart”.Famous director Lang Kun,Feng Shuangbai, famous playwright and chairman of the Chinese Dancers AssociationWaiting for the creative team to attend the scene.

“The World Returns to the Heart” Press Conference

  Xinzhou CityleadWang Linyu expressed her warm congratulations on the smooth progress of the large-scale poetry, music and dance “The World Returns to the Heart” and its upcoming official performance! I would like to express my high respect to the entrepreneurs who are full of feelings for their family and country and care about the development of their hometown, as well as the top domestic artist team who are full of passion and dedication and unremitting pursuit of excellence! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the artists, entrepreneurs, and media friends from all walks of life who have always cared for, supported, and assisted the high-quality development of Xinzhou! He said that history and reality reflect each other, and culture and development blend. The large-scale poetry, music and dance “The World Returns to the Heart” inherits the roots and spirit of the Chinese nation, demonstrates the charm and confidence of Chinese culture, embodies the dreams and strength of the Chinese people, and shows the prospects and glory of the land of China. This play will be staged shockingly at Yanmen Pass and Yunzhong River. We believe that this film is rooted in historical soil, full of cultural heritage, reflects the national spirit, An exquisite work that represents the style of the times, it will surely become a work that moves the people, shocks the soul, promotes tradition, and assists development. We are full of expectations and full of confidence in this.

“The World Returns to the Heart” Press Conference

  Chinese original poetry and musicdanceThe big show “The World Returns to the Heart” is China’s first to inherit the Chinese“Teaching of Poetry and Music” as a means, a head project to empower local cultural tourism,Characterize the national style, national trend and national charm.According to the producer, the creative team of “The World Returns” has brought together a group of first-class domestic artists and creators, including the famous director Lang Kun, Chairman of the Chinese Dancers Association Feng Shuangbai, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association He Muyang, famous producer Huang Chengjian, FamousDirectorCai Weiman et al.  

  The play as a whole closely follows the aesthetic characteristics of traditional Chinese art. The six chapters are all embellished with verses, paving the way for an emotional climax. The long river of the theme background stretches forward like history, symbolizing the sustainability of the spiritual heritage of the Chinese nation. It combines artistry and appreciation , literary nature, it is a rare cultural feast.

  This performance has a strong cast, bringing together Chinese danceThere are many artists of “Lotus Award” and “Peach and Plum Award”, they are: national first-class actor Sun Qiuyue; young dancer Luo Wenbo; outstanding dancer Hu Shi; young dancer Zhao Lei; young dancer Zheng Nan; Huang Chen Di and Song Yingnan et al.

Famous director Lang Kun

  The chief director of the show——The famous director Lang Kun, who has directed many CCTV Spring Festival Galas, said: “As a director who has directed dance dramas, dramas and other artistic categories, I shouldIt is our mission and responsibility to contribute to the dissemination of national culture and art.We launched the poetry, music and dance show “The World Returns to Heart”, which allows every Chinese to feel stronger cultural confidence in the collision between Chinese cultural tradition and the future, and create aWorks that ‘represent the style of an era and lead the ethos of an era’.”

  Zhang Futian, chairman of Shanxi Yanmenwang Liquor Co., Ltd., the producer of “The World Returns” said:“Looking forward to the poetry, music and dance show “The World Returns”the story is based on the Yanmenguan to the audienceThe unique charm of “Daizhou Yellow Wine” culture. I believe that in the work “The World Returns to the Heart”, “Daizhou Yellow Wine” will be endowed with more profound cultural connotations and unique artistic charm. Through this work, more people will understand and fall in love with “Daizhou Yellow Wine” “. “

Feng Shuangbai, Chairman of Chinese Dancers Association

  of this dramaFeng Shuangbai, chairman of the China Dancers Association, expressed his views on the creation of the large-scale poetry, music and dance show “The World Comes to Heart”:“The plot of “The World Returns” will revolve around the historical story of the Han Dynasty and the Xiongnu from war to peace to intermarriage. In this work, we try to use artistic techniques to show the concept of “the world is one family”, It expresses the beautiful vision of win-win cooperation. We hope that through this work, the audience can think more deeply about history, culture, and national spirit.   

  We hope that through this work, we can arouse people’s enthusiasm and belief in peace, cooperation, and national unity.“Huang Chengjian, the artistic director of the play, expressed his views on how the play can be both marketable and artistic: “First of all, from a market perspective, ““The World Returns to the Heart” has huge potential market value. The artistic image and storyline carefully created by the excellent creative team will definitely arouse resonance and heated discussion among the audience. At the same time, the premiere of “The World Returns” in Xinzhou, Shanxi also means that it has the uniqueness of regional culture, which will attract audiences across the country to watch. From the perspective of cultural influence, “The World Returns” will undoubtedly have a profound impact. This work not only shows the charm of Daizhou rice wine culture, but also incorporates rich traditional Chinese cultural elements. 


  He Muyang, the music director of the show and vice chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association and a famous musician, is full of creative passion for the music of this show:“From a musical perspective, I try to integrate the spirit of the Han Dynasty into music. In this poetry, music and dance show, I hope to convey the spirit of the Han Dynasty through music.The mellow and high-spirited spirit of the Han Dynasty, as well as the unique style of a great country it represents. I will use musical instruments, rhythms and timbres with local characteristics to depict the charm of the vigorous spirit of the Han Dynasty. In addition, I will combine a variety of music elements, including ethnic music, pop music and classical music, to create a unique music style to add artistic charm to the poetry, music and dance show “The World Returns”.   Well-known director Cai Weiman elaborated on her understanding of “The World Returns” from a creative perspective:“”The World Returns to the Heart” is a comprehensive art work that integrates poetry, music, and dance. This unique art form allows unlimited possibilities for creation and allows us to use richer audio-visual effects to present this theme. The combination of poetry, music and dance can give the audience great sensory enjoyment and at the same time deeply touch their souls.   

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