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National Ecology Day | China Pacific Insurance: Adhere to ecology for the people and protect green water and green mountains

National Ecology Day | China Pacific Insurance: Adhere to ecology for the people and protect green water and green mountains

  August 15th is the first National Ecological Day.This pioneering and iconic anniversary reflects the important position of the construction of ecological civilization in the new era and the firm determination to comprehensively promote the construction of a beautiful China.

As a responsible insurance company, China Pacific Insurance has thoroughly implemented the idea of ​​ecological civilization with Chinese characteristics in the new era, firmly established and practiced the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, insisted on serving the people with ecology and insurance, and solidly promoted a beautiful China building.

Follow the principles of sustainable insurance and innovate green insurance

  China Pacific Insurance focuses on climate change, clean energy, pollution consumption, ecological protection, green transportation and other fields, innovates products and services, and provides green protectionMore than 8.2 trillion yuan.Innovatively integrated water pollution exclusive insurance into the comprehensive insurance protection plan for the Hangzhou Asian Gamesto ensure the water quality of the Asian Games wading events and the safety of athletes; successfully landed in Inner Mongolia, Xiamen, Ningbo, Hainan, Zhejiang and other placesEcological carbon sink insurancethe categories cover forests, grasslands, wetlands, tea trees and other varieties; the first order in the Yunnan industryEcological green environment salvage liability insuranceto provide an exclusive protection plan for the Green Peacock Habitat – Yunnan Chuxiong Dinosaur River State Nature Reserve; launched the “Anhuibao” catastrophe insurance solution, which is the first national county-level catastrophe index insurance product in the industry.

  In the first half of 2023, China Pacific Insurance providedClean Energy InsuranceThe cumulative insurance amount is about 990 billion yuan, providing protection for 2.25 million new energy vehicles exceeding 3 trillion yuan, and providing protection for about 2,000 companiesEnvironmental Pollution Liability InsuranceThe guarantee exceeds 4.5 billion yuan, and provides the society with catastrophe risk protection of about 570 billion yuan.

Follow the principles of responsible investment and implement green investment

  China Pacific Insurance directly participates in the investment and construction of green projects through debt investment plans, equity investment plans, asset support plans, industrial funds, etc. The fields cover clean transportation, clean energy, resource conservation, recycling and pollution prevention, ecological environment, and green infrastructure upgrading, green service industries, etc.Green investment exceeds 150 billion yuan. Among them, the Henan Lushan pumped storage power station project has obtained green certification. After the project is put into operation, it is expected to save 140,200 tons of standard coal consumption and 309,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.In February this year, China Pacific Insurance also signed an agreement with CICCGreater Bay Area Green Carbon Technology Fund Cooperation Agreement,The target size of the fund is 10 billionfocusing on green energy, green transportation, green city, green manufacturing and other directions, injecting impetus into regional green transformation.

China Pacific Insurance has developed an ESG rating analysis system to realize the implementation of the internal ESG investment rating system and ESG investment risk management, and supports the calculation of the carbon footprint of asset portfolios in flexible dimensions, so as to support the implementation of corporate responsible investment and green financial business.

Deeply plant the concept of ecological civilization development and protect the source of the three rivers

  China Pacific Insurance donated to build the Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest, providing a vivid practice for green ecological protection and the construction of a beautiful China.Over the past three years, a total of donationsMore than 33 million yuanAfforestation in Sanjiangyuan, Gonghe County, Hainan Prefecture, QinghaiMore than 2000 mutreesMore than 120,000 plants,Protect a river and clear water together, build a beautiful home together, and turn the desert into an oasis.

  China Pacific Insurance has created a new model for enterprises to protect the Sanjiangyuan through the construction of public welfare forests, and established a platform for everyone to participate in ecological protection, so as to retain the singing of birds and fragrance of flowers, green water and green mountains for the people.Today’s Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest has becomeForest of Ecological Development, Qinghai spruces are connected, Qilian junipers are vigorous, Hebei poplars, Taqing poplars are emerald, as well as mountain apricots, elm plums, and cloves are lush, gestating infinite vitality, and become the protective barrier of the “Chinese Water Tower”.Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest is gradually becomingEcological Business Card of the New Erain July this year, China Pacific Insurance in the location of the public welfare forestStart the construction of sports parkwill create a new high-quality fitness platform that integrates forests and gardens and serves the people, so that the people can enjoy the beauty of ecology and enjoy the new space for sports and leisure.

Build a new model of ecological brand to achieve a win-win situation

  China Pacific Insurance integrates ESG concepts and practices into communication with customers, employees, partners, society and other stakeholders to achieve co-creation and win-win results in promoting green ecological development and build a unique ecological brand of CPIC.Digitalization reduces carbon emissions.The online service capability of the whole process continues to expand and upgrade. More and more customers use paperless services such as electronic endorsements, electronic insurance policies, and electronic letters; The digital system of “going online” completes the daily office work, procurement approval and travel reimbursement processes.The circle of friends adds a green background.ChinaCPIC has increased its ecological links with strategic customers around national strategies such as serving people’s livelihood security, rural revitalization, and green development, and has built a green supply chain with suppliers, incorporating ESG indicators in access, evaluation, and use, and creating cooperation Win-win model benchmark.Branding enhances ecological influence.Create the green brand of “Green China Pacific Insurance You and I Together”, widely spread the green concept, green action and green achievements of China Pacific Insurance; introduce carbon inclusiveness into major exhibitions and activities, create new forms of national exhibitions such as zero-carbon import expo, green service trade, etc. And implement “carbon inclusive” incentives for individual customers.

China Pacific Insurance will always take “serving the great nation and protecting a better life” as its mission, firmly follow the path of sustainable development, strive to achieve high-quality development, and promote the construction of ecological civilization to continuously achieve new results.

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