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Naierbao Jinmaohui Store opened on July 16th! A surprise presentation of the new landmark of Tianjin Walking Baby!

Naierbao Jinmaohui Store opened on July 16th! A surprise presentation of the new landmark of Tianjin Walking Baby!

One-stop shopping for eating, drinking and playing, the ceiling in the parent-child paradise, a happy planet for adults and children, the first store of Nairbao Tianjin officially opened on July 16! When cultural preservation buildings meet parent-child paradise, the country’s first power generation castle, Jinxi presents!

  Exclusive customization to create a new landmark of Tianjin Walking Baby

Detonate a new wave of urban family travel. The leading parent-child landmark in domestic cities is known as the “Hermes” in the parent-child park. The indoor “Disney” where star families go to check in. When the Internet celebrity parent-child park and cultural heritage buildings meet Tianjin Jinmaohui X Nairbao 8000? Super large dream space 40+ classic items are gathered in this exclusive customized store, which redefines the indoor parent-child paradise. The must-play list of fancy items debuts. The national premiere, popular items, classic sections…Nairbao Tianjin’s first store will bring What kind of surprise? Please keep this must-play list.

  The first heart attack in the country

Sit on the comfortable seat with the jetpack, fasten the seat belt, and wait for the flight seat to slide out of the track and set off! Start a unique flight journey? Climb the watchtower and climb the winding stairs to the mysterious world to explore the “hidden gameplay” of the whole field from the huge viewing window? Bamboo Dragonfly’s childhood classic game is recreated and upgraded with a sense of technology and unlimited creativity.

  Popular must-play not to be missed

Space-time base AR immersive interactive game experience Super ancient giants come together to collect light energy to defeat monsters? The SWITCH game area is large, and children cooperate to experience various interesting games. It’s that simple. Baisha area integrates sand playing, sand transportation, and collaboration Multiple ways to play are comparable to the seaside beach with a baby to unlock unlimited happiness.

  Classic Plate Sims

Starry Sky Sim City 01 Princess Room The little princess’s fantasy princess room PLUS, let the fairy tale come into reality Create your own Barbie dream 04 MINI kitchen/supermarket mini supermarket with thousands of products on the shelves! Transform into a little chef in the mini kitchen and show off your skills. 05 Pet Hospital In the pet hospital, turn into a powerful doctor to see and treat small animals together? The physical flying city, the flying city, the physical flying city, the physical flying city with various interesting slides, and more This exciting climbing frame is so fun that adults can’t resist it.

Educating and entertaining to explore the world, drama world, etc. The luxurious theater stage allows the theater’s weird spirits to have a fully displayed stage. The book area creates a quiet reading space in the bustling city for babies and parents. Comfortable little world? Climbing area specially designed for babies aged 0 to 2? The all-soft bag activity area inspires the baby’s five senses during play and exploration.

The parent-child restaurant enjoys a quiet meal. The exclusive restaurant of Yinelbao has Michelin-level standard exquisite tableware and an elegant space to make children and parents eat happily. Star-rated restaurants and star-rated chefs import ingredients so that children can grow up with every bite delicious and at ease ?Theme party 6000+N field party countermeasures and experience become the planner who knows the baby best, so that the party that the baby wants can be easily realized here.

 Mother-level service, walking the baby can also make the years quiet

Lying down and walking with baby is not Monel Bao’s exclusive research and development Parent-child bracelet built-in chip 8000 One-to-one matching The subtleties can be seen in the real chapter. The whole soft bag project is anti-collision and protects the children every step of ultraviolet sterilization, disinfection and wiping. The ultimate sanitation and cleaning provide babies and parents with a more assured play experience.

In the hot summer, “New” will be opened in the summer vacation. Tianjin Jinmao Hui Naierbao, an old factory building and a new paradise, let’s unlock the lying flat baby walk together!

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