Multiple themed exhibitions “New” and music festivals are coming, these activities are not to be missed


Tianjin North News:As the weather is getting warmer, Tianjin has seen a bustling scene in the past few days. Major department stores and shopping centers have a climax of promotional activities, and various types of themed exhibitions are launched continuously. The market consumption enthusiasm continues to increase, and the commercial consumption market is rapidly heating up. .

It is reported that Tianjin Heping Joy City’s “Tiwat Paradise” Yuanshen Doll Theme Exhibition” and Tianjin Joy City’s “Hello! The first exhibition of “Great Artist” in North China was officially opened on the 15th, as well as the “British Library · World Pixels” in Pengxin Aqua City, “Virtual Roaming Digital Art Exhibition” in Tianjin K11 Select Shopping Art Center, Tianjin Vientiane City ” The “National Geographic Classic Image Exhibition” is still open.

Major business districts also hold various forms of music performances, fairs and night markets and other activities to create diversified and high-quality new scenes for consumers. A Outlets held the “Sounds of Friends, Singing the Future” God of Songs Grand Prix, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra held the “Sound of Spring-World Classic Waltz Symphony Concert”, and Yangliuqing Street Culture Collection, Tianjin Binhai Isetan’s Various cultural and creative and themed markets such as the Spring Festival Stall and Play Project, the life experience station of RT-Mart Dagu South Road Store – Book Replacement Market, etc., the consumption atmosphere in Jincheng is more intense.

According to the “Ten Activities” plan for this year’s cultural tourism released by the Yuxiang area of ​​Binhai New Area, Tianjin at the beginning of this year, the 2023 Yuxiang Lighting Festival will be held in February; the Chaoyin folk culture exhibition will be held in March; the TEDA Spring Life Festival will be held in April , around Yujiabao Riverside Park, Xiangluowan Ribbon Park, Taifeng Park, MSD 100-meter green belt, bringing markets, cultural performances, camping and other activities; holding the National Tide Music Festival in May; holding the Dragon Boat Festival in June ; From July to August, the TEDA Summer Art Season will be held; in August, the Tianjin Juilliard International Piano Festival will be held; City” New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show; TEDA Winter Lighting Festival will be held in the Spring Festival of 2024.

It is understood that from May 20th to 21st, the “Tianjin Carnival” music festival will be held in the Xiangluowan area of ​​Yujiapu, Binhai. !

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