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Multi-dimensional Sunshine Guardian provides “friendly” insurance services for the elderly

Multi-dimensional Sunshine Guardian provides “friendly” insurance services for the elderly

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to implement the national strategy of actively responding to population aging, develop pension services and industries, optimize services for widowed and lonely elderly, and promote the realization of basic pension services for all elderly people. At the same time, in the government work report of the National “Two Sessions” in 2023, “strengthening the guarantee of elderly care services” is also listed as one of the key tasks in 2023. Improving the quality of financial services for the elderly and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly has become a “must-answer question” for all industries.

As an insurance company that takes social responsibility as its own responsibility, Sunshine Insurance strives to do well in this “required question” with practical actions. By optimizing the basic configuration, innovating products and service experience, and building an elderly-friendly insurance service system, it will make positive contributions to improving the happiness of the elderly and strengthening the security of elderly care services.

Adapt to the old and change, serve the heart and health to the home

“Hello, I am Xiao Wang from Sunshine Life Insurance. I will come to your door to handle insurance claim procedures for you according to your needs.” Recently, an elderly customer from Chongqing was injured in an accident and fell into a coma. To handle business, after contacting Sunshine Life Insurance Chongqing Branch, I learned that door-to-door service can be provided, so I made an appointment. On February 13, the staff of the branch went to the customer’s home with a portable service terminal to handle the business and expressed condolences to her. The customer was very excited and thanked the company for providing such time-saving and labor-saving caring door-to-door services for the elderly.

Where the needs of the elderly are, Sunshine’s services will follow. Starting from meeting the needs of the elderly, Sunshine Insurance relies on the cloud customer service center and counter services to carry out “aging-friendly” upgrades in terms of service content, service specifications, and facility renovation. Familiar traditional service methods enhance their sense of social integration. Set up green channels for elderly service at counters, set up preferential treatment signs, arrange special personnel to serve elderly customers, and reduce their waiting time; all outlets across the country have set up “respect for the elderly” areas, equipped with standardized services such as loving seats, reading glasses, wheelchairs, and first-aid medicines The facilities are also equipped with business process guidance and operation manuals, so that elderly customers can understand the business process at a glance; the national unified customer service and rights protection telephone 95510 has set up a green channel for the elderly to directly connect to manual customer service with one key, so as to accurately identify the needs of elderly users and provide timely assistance for them. Difficult elderly users provide assistance. At the same time, an exclusive logo for elderly customers has been added in the background of the business system to improve service efficiency and make precise services more considerate.

Helping the elderly is the foundation, stick to the original intention of Sunshine Entrepreneurship

“Sister, can I come and measure my blood pressure often?” “Of course, you are welcome to come often.” At the event site of Sunshine Life’s “Sunshine Warm Sun Day”, the cleaning lady who was invited to participate in the physical examination had just measured her blood pressure. asked the staff of Sunshine.

Building an elderly “friendly” insurance service is not only about building a hardware environment, but also paying attention to and caring for the thinking of the elderly group. Sunshine Life has designated the 19th of each month as the “Sunshine Warm Sun Day”. Branches at all levels use the customer service centers under their jurisdiction as the carrier to carry out activities in conjunction with important traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival and the Double Ninth Festival to convey to the elderly the benefits of sunshine. blessings and love. On the twenty-ninth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, on the day of “Aojiu Festival”, a unique traditional folk festival in Fuzhou, Sunshine Life Insurance Fujian Branch entered the community, delivered steaming Aojiu porridge to the elderly, and visited the elderly with limited mobility , to send them festival blessing bags and blessings of red eggs, noodles, and stubborn rice porridge.

In 2022, Sunshine Life and its affiliated institutions will carry out thousands of public welfare activities of respecting and loving the elderly to enrich the cultural and spiritual life of the elderly, meet the growing needs of the elderly for a better life, and let them enjoy their old age happily.

  Go to the old and innovate products based on the main business

“Personal pension insurance products can achieve long-term value preservation and appreciation of funds, stable income, and can enjoy individual tax discounts. I believe that my future retirement life will be more colorful.” Ms. Huang, the first customer of Sunshine Life’s first personal pension product, said . In January this year, Sunshine Life’s first personal pension product “Sunshine Life Pension Annuity Insurance” was officially approved for listing. The insured can receive pension annuities according to the insurance contract until the insured dies, effectively solving the longevity risk of the insured. The receiving income of this product is determined, and the receiving cycle is as long as the life, which can perfectly match the whole life cycle of the elderly care and provide financial support for the elderly care life.

In terms of insurance product innovation for the elderly, Sunshine Insurance has always been based on the main insurance business, accelerated the ecological layout and resource integration, and continued to explore the full life cycle needs of customers around medical, health, elderly care, education and other scenarios to provide customers with better products and services. Services, so that the elderly can feel more sunshine-like care.

  Care for the elderly and teach to protect the “pocket” of the elderly population

Based on thousands of service outlets across the country, Sunshine Insurance actively expands its service space, expands the scope of financial knowledge popularization and insurance consumer education, and moves “consumer protection classrooms”, “anti-fraud prevention classrooms” and “smart classrooms” into communities, Plazas, towns, and nursing homes introduce insurance knowledge, anti-fraud prevention skills, and digital skills to the elderly in multiple dimensions, improve the awareness of fraud prevention among the elderly, and protect the “pocket” of the elderly.

Institutions of Sunshine Life Insurance combine current hot spots, risk warnings, practical cases, etc. to produce easy-to-read and easy-to-understand simple manuals, original videos, original animations, etc. for the elderly, and do a good job online through media, WeChat public accounts, video accounts and other channels. publicity. In 2022, around the themes of “Forge ahead with a new journey of insurance to protect stable happiness” and “Promote consumption fairness and share digital finance” and other themes, online and offline joint promotion will cover more than 20 million person-times.

In addition, the Sunshine Insurance Love Foundation provides online assistance courses for the elderly through the live broadcast platform, teaching the elderly to use smartphones to proficiently operate various functions of the WeChat APP, master Jingyitong online registration, Keep online fitness, national K The daily use of platforms such as Song, Douyin, and Bilibili. At the same time, Sunshine Insurance has strengthened the publicity of the elderly’s knowledge of preventing Internet fraud and electronic communication fraud, helping the elderly to master the knowledge and skills of preventing fraud, and using public welfare forces to enable the elderly to enjoy a smart life.

In the next stage, Sunshine Life will continue to pay attention to the insurance needs, service experience and consumer protection rights of the elderly group, continuously innovate working methods, improve daily service guarantees, deepen publicity and education, improve quality and expand coverage, and deliver the blessings and care from Sunshine to the elderly group. Building an age-friendly society helps to make the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the elderly more substantial, more secure, and more sustainable.

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