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“Mr. Mu, please read the novel” fantasy romantic comedy is scheduled to be released today

“Mr. Mu, please read the novel” fantasy romantic comedy is scheduled to be released today

Produced by Mango TV and Liehuo Pictures, Wu Qiang serves as the chief director, Jiao Lili and Man Chuangchuang serve as directors, Li Kaixin, Jin Ze, and Liu Xening lead the starring roles, Qian Yu and He Yichen star, Zhang Teng, Chen Yuwen, Jing Yanjun The urban fantasy romantic comedy “Mr. Mu, please read the novel” with a special appearance has been officially announced and will be broadcast on the dual platforms of Mango TV and Tencent Video on February 5. Along with the final release, the official released the first trailer and lineup poster, in which the paper-man “villain” CEO traveled to the real world and staged an anti-routine romantic comedy with an online writer.

  Paper Man “Villain” travels to the real world to stage a surreal encounter

In the latest group portrait poster of “Mr. Mu, Please Press the Novel” released by all members, the poster has a fresh style. The seven young protagonists stand on the keys of the keyboard. The picture combines the characters with keyboard elements, which seems to be Create a wonderful novel while other characters surround the protagonist and immerse themselves in the world of the story. The whole picture is full of imagination and sense of story. In the recently exposed production special, the various shooting details of “Mr. Mu, Please Press the Novel” from the start to completion are presented to the audience in all aspects, integrating humor elements into the rigor and showing It captures the youth and vitality of the story!

In the trailer for the cross-dimensional love version released at the same time, the plot is hilarious and high-energy. Mu Sichen (played by Kanazawa) written by the online author Su Meng (played by Li Kaixin) actually appears in Su Meng’s house alive! This begins a ridiculous “cohabitation life”. As the story develops, when Mu Sichen meets Xu Zhien (played by Liu Xening), who looks the same as the heroine of the novel, and pursues him, he discovers that his feelings have already changed. Changed and fell in love with Su Meng. The three of them experienced a journey of love, family, and friendship together in hilarious scenes of “Shura Field”.

  The strong forces gathered their ingenuity to create a “hilarious” cross-dimensional love story together.

“Mr. Mu, Please Follow the Novel”‘s casting that suits the characters and the smooth and natural acting skills of the leading actors have raised the audience’s high expectations. Actor Li Kaixin plays the role of Internet writer Su Meng, showing the public the world of code writers and their imagination. Actor Kanazawa plays Mu Sichen, the poisonous CEO of Paper Man. He uses his own strength to maintain balance with the world and help people around him. Liu Xening plays Xu Zhien, who relies on her talent and hard work to help the Mushi Group overcome difficulties. In addition, another major attraction of the play is its rich and detailed group portraits. The series focuses on young people from different backgrounds and depicts many different love trajectories. The in-depth portrayal and shaping of the mood changes of individual characters can also allow many viewers to find their own shadow in the play.

“Mr. Mu, Please Follow the Novel” is adapted from the Big Fish Culture novel “Hey, I’ll Give You My Little Heart” original work: Zi Feiyu. The production team strives to restore the scenes in the novel so that the audience can be better immersed in the plot. , when dreams and reality collide fiercely, love crosses dimensional barriers, and a hilarious and hilarious story is about to take place. From 18:00 on February 5th, see you on Mango TV and Tencent Video.

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