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Mr. Bao made a surprise appearance in “Flowers” and it ended magnificently on the big screen of Shanghai Cinemas

Mr. Bao made a surprise appearance in “Flowers” and it ended magnificently on the big screen of Shanghai Cinemas


The 2024 new year hit “Flowers” will land in Shanghai Cinema SHO on January 9, ushering in a gorgeous ending on the big screen. The appearance of “Mr. Bao” was the biggest surprise of the day, and famous actors “Tao Tao”, “Little Jiangxi” and “Stamp Li” also gathered to chat with fans of the drama. The phenomenal Shanghai-style TV series “Flowers” was carefully polished by director Wong Kar-wai for 6 years. It is produced by CCTV, Tencent Video, Shanghai Film (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fanhuali, co-produced by Shanghai Film Production, and produced by Zedong Film. The series was filmed for three years at the Chedun Film and Television Base and the Haopu Film and Television Base under Shanghai Film Studio. Now, it is being held at the Shanghai Film Cinema with a fan feedback viewing party, a marquee red carpet show, and a “Flower Silhouette” prop check-in show. , witnessed the reappearance of “famous scenes”, and also announced the “wonderful continuation” of Shanghai-style film and television masterpieces.

Shanghai cultural landmark witnesses the finale of “Shanghai-style drama”

“Big boss and little guy” appeared in surprise, props flashed and “entered the scene in one second”

“Director Wong Kar-wai made one “Flowers”, which is equivalent to making 10 movies.” Since its broadcast, the film-level production level of “Flowers” has received numerous praises from netizens. Many viewers said, “The small TV screen will miss the details in “Flowers”, which is inevitable. I really want to see “Flowers” on the big screen.” In response to the audience’s expectations, this closing ceremony took the lead in unlocking the finale of “Shanghai-style drama” at the Shanghai City Cultural Landmark Shanghai Cinemas SHO, and screened episodes 29 to 30 of “Flowers” at the Shanghai Dolby Theater in “Hall 1” for an immersive experience. It restores the audio-visual experience with a full sense of ritual.


In pre-screening exchanges, several leading actors admitted that “Flower Fever” had brought some small changes to their lives. Hu Ge performed a speech about “chasing dramas” in Shanghainese: “It’s hard to go to Huanghe Road for dinner today. I have to watch at least two episodes of “Flowers” before going.” Chen Long said with a smile that now he is walking on the road, Everyone calls him “Taotao”. “Flowers” sparked an upsurge of discussion about “Shanghai-style culture”. Many viewers at the scene interacted enthusiastically with the Shanghai-based leading actors Hu Ge, Chen Long, Wang Yi and Chen Guanning in Shanghainese. Hu Ge even frankly admitted that he performed in Shanghainese. The story of Shanghai is a kind of pride: “Shanghai is my hometown. The smell of this city and the sound of rain falling on the leaves of the sycamore trees are unforgettable. I hope everyone can fall in love with the city of Shanghai through the drama “Flowers”. Become interested in the history and culture of Shanghai.”

In order to perfectly restore the classic scenes of Shanghai in the 1990s in the play, Shanghai Film Studio specially created a “flower silhouette” immersive prop check-in point for the closing ceremony. Dozens of props were brought to the movie theater from the Chedun base of the Shanghai Film and Television Park. Fans who came to watch the movie could have a glimpse of the turbulent era of Shanghai in the 1990s in the movie theater, and step on the “flowers” red carpet in person. Interact immersively with NPC characters dressed in 1990s costumes, watch the ups and downs of “Mr. Bao” on the screen, experience your own “flowering” moments off the screen, and feel the dual charm of film and theater.

Good drama is not easy, the good drama is not over yet

The cultural feast of Shanghai Film and Television continues its journey

“Flowers”, which took 6 years of preparation and 3 years of production, can be said to be a pure Shanghai original, shot in Shanghai, and produced in Shanghai. Looking back on this hard-earned “Shanghai Film Production”, Wang Jian’er, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Film Group, said emotionally, I remember that on December 27, the day “Flowers” was launched, director Wong Kar-wai sent me a WeChat message and wrote, “Three years of hard work, we work together and witness together.” Today “Flowers” comes to an end, and I also invited Director Wong Kar-Wai to celebrate together. He replied that he is still busy with the materials to be submitted tomorrow and strives to be on the last shift. Wang Jianer said that Director Wong Kar-wai worked hard for this series. On behalf of Shanghai Film, he sincerely thanked the director, all the main creators and behind-the-scenes workers, and thanked all the viewers who love “Flowers”. “It is everyone’s support that gives Shanghai Film the motivation to produce more films.” Shanghai-style boutique.”

In recent years, Shanghai Film has been deeply involved in the main business of film and television creation, and “Shanghai Film Production” has ushered in an “explosion period” of Shanghai-style masterpieces. At the beginning of 2022, the Shanghai-language film “The Myth of Love” produced by Shanghai Film Group became a hit and became a hot topic among Shanghai citizens. It became synonymous with Shanghai-style culture, Shanghai complex and Shanghai feelings. The lingering warmth has not yet dissipated. The animated series “Chinese Tales” produced by Shanghai Meiying, a subsidiary of Shanghai Film Group Corporation, premiered on Station B on New Year’s Day in 2023 and became a hit. The Douban score was as high as 9.9 points. Netizens exclaimed, “The Shanghai Film Festival in my memory” American Film is back!” Before the news lingered, “Flowers”, the first drama series directed by Wong Kar-wai produced by Shanghai Film Studio, was released on CCTV and became a phenomenon-level work.


It is reported that during the 2020 epidemic, Shanghai Film Group took decisive action to acquire the Haopu Film and Television Base with a construction area of ​​83,000 square meters for the filming of “Flowers”. This is also the only shooting base in Shanghai that Director Wong Kar-wai has chosen. Haopu Film and Television Base is adjacent to Chedun Film and Television Base (Shanghai Film and Television Park) under Shanghai Film Group Corporation. It has a number of high-standard studios and supporting facilities, including a large studio of more than 5,000 square meters, which provided sufficient space for the filming of “Flowers”. Top hardware foundation. In addition, in order to create real scenes in the drama such as “Yellow River Road” and “Jinxian Road”, Shanghai Film Studio restored the two roads in the 1990s using 50-year construction standards and 1:1. Currently, Shanghai Film is continuing to promote the “Shanghai Feast Plan” and launching a series of high-quality movies rooted in Shanghai culture such as “Love Myth 2” and “Table”. Shanghai Cinema SHO, Chedun Film and Television Base, Haopu Film and Television Base and other Shanghai cultural landmarks under Shanghai Film Group will also link up film and television with culture and tourism to create a new generation of Shanghai-style cultural tourism destinations.

Wang Jian’er said that after Shanghai Film produced “The Myth of Love” in 2022, “Flowers” will “bloom” today, and in the future there will be “flowers blooming” from Shanghai Film and Television. “As an iconic enterprise of Shanghai film industry, Shanghai Film Group will always adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts, closely adhere to the goals and tasks of building an international cultural metropolis emphasized by Secretary Chen Jining, and implement Minister Zhao Jiaming’s “grasp big works, produce big productions, and create big IPs” , create a “big influence” work requirement, take the inheritance and promotion of Shanghai-style culture as our own responsibility, and strive to contribute Shanghai Film’s strength to create a culturally confident and self-reliant Shanghai model.”

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