MOVIE passed the ISO26262:2018ASILD functional safety certification

MOVIE passed the ISO26262:2018ASILD functional safety certification

On February 9, 2023, Tier1 MOTOVIS, a new force in autonomous driving, officially announced that it has passed the “ISO26262:2018 ASIL-D” automotive functional safety management system certification, and has obtained the certification from the internationally authoritative safety certification organization TüV NORD (TüV North Germany) ) Certificate issued on-site.

The certification ceremony was held at the Shanghai headquarters of Movision Intelligent. Mr. Hu Yibo, CTO of Movision Intelligent, attended the certification ceremony on behalf of the company. The certificate was issued by Mr. Zheng Wei, Functional Safety Director of TüV NORD China. Representatives of both teams witnessed this important event. time.

Picture: The 2nd from the left is Mr. Zheng Wei, Functional Safety Director of TüV NORD China, and the 2nd from the right is Mr. Hu Yibo, CTO of Moshi Smart

The ISO 26262 functional safety standard is the current international automotive safety-related standard. The ASIL level determines the requirements for system safety. From A to D, the higher the ASIL level, the more stringent the system security, development process, and technical requirements.

This certification is led by Moshi Intelligent R&D Center. It took 8 months from 0 to 1, and finally passed the high-quality audit of TüV NORD’s German headquarters, and successfully obtained the highest level of ISO 26262 functional safety ASIL-D standard certification, which is rare in the industry. The scope of the certification is Part1~10, covering functional safety management, concept stage, system development, software and hardware development and other product life cycle functional safety R&D process certification, and this certification has been adopted in Moshi Intelligent’s self-developed TDA4-based mobile park integration Implemented on domain controller project.

Safety is the premise of the intelligent evolution of automobile products. Moshi always insists on safety as the basis and premise of all technologies, and continuously promotes the technological R&D and innovation of the intelligent automobile industry. Follow-up Moshi Intelligent R&D Center will continue to promote and consolidate Moshi Intelligent security standards in information security, SOTIF and other fields, and provide high-performance, safe and reliable products and solutions for the industry with strong technical advantages and reliable security performance. Create a smarter and safer travel experience for users.

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