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Movie fans will invite you to watch the movie “Goodbye, Li Cola” for free

Movie fans will invite you to watch the movie “Goodbye, Li Cola” for free

  Directed by Wang Xiaolie and written by Liu Qian and Wu Ti, the heart-warming movie “Goodbye, Li Cola” starring Yan Ni, Tan Songyun, and Wu Jing, starring Jiang Long, Zhao Xiaotang, Feng Lei, and Li Hucheng, was released. As a tear-jerking film of the year, the director used sincerity to compose a perfect piece of music full of family affection, love, and friendship. With thoughts about life and growth, he presented the audience with a very good topic about “parting from loved ones”. It does not simply teach people to let go of life and death and face the ups and downs in life, but to give us a little more courage and calmness to face it.

  The movie “Goodbye, Li Cola” is another film by director Wang Xiaolie after “Shen Dog Xiaoqi”.Works in collaboration with “Animal Actors”,In the movie,Father Li Boyu (Wu Jing ) is accompanying her daughter Li Yan (Tan Songyun) ) encountered an accident while fulfilling her dream of going skiing before she was eighteen years old. After all-out efforts to rescue her, she died of a brain attack. Her mother Pan Yanqiu (played by Yan Ni) ) tearfully extubated her daughter without her consent. The estrangement and resentment between mother and daughter deepened due to self-blame and misunderstanding, and the family gradually lost its warmth.In this family storm without smoke, the cute dogThe intrusion of “Coke” gave the mother and daughter a chance to breathe, brought a bright light to the family, and became a bridge for them to reconcile with the past. With its company and help, the mother and daughter gradually repaired the rift. A real understanding was reached.

  The film uses the perspective of pets to focus on family growth and explore family relationships., showing the love that parents in Chinese-style families do not say verbally but show everywhere.Revealing the joys and sorrows faced by mother and daughter after losing the most important person, and exploringarriveThe hurt hidden beneath the character’s calm exterior.

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