Mousse teamed up with Zhang Chaoyang to hold a “sleep class” to interpret AI sleep technology using physical principles


“1/3 of life, for me 1/4, is spent in sleep. People are dynamic when sleeping. AI can take good care of you and quickly monitor various health problems that occur during sleep. If there is a heart abnormality, many lives can be saved in a timely manner.”

Zhang Chaoyang said this at the Musi Tide Technology new product launch conference held on March 20. As the founder, chairman and CEO of Sohu, and a Ph.D. in physics, Zhang Chaoyang has made his debut in recent years with “Zhang Chaoyang’s Physics Class”, which has inspired the public’s interest in physics knowledge with his unique charm. At this Muse press conference, he attended as the experience officer of Muse Tide Technology. Through in-depth and simple analysis, he revealed how AI technology can reshape the smart sleep ecosystem.

Using AI to support health intelligence is the direction that Mousse Group has been exploring and practicing for many years. As a leading brand in the field of healthy sleep, Muse relies on its keen perception and prediction of the direction of industry development to make early arrangements, accelerate the penetration and application of big data and AI in the healthy sleep industry, and continue to lead the sleep industry in the “artificial intelligence +” era. forward development.

Define “bed adapts to people” and start the next level of AI sleep technology

At the press conference, Mousse released a new product – Mousse AI Mattress T11PRO. The new product is equipped with its independently developed “Tide Technology” + sleep algorithm adjustment model, exploring the use of AI series bedding hardware combined with sleep data to upgrade personalized health. Effective path to sleep. Zhang Chaoyang, experience officer of De Mousse Tide Technology, explained T11PRO’s smart sleep technology from a physical perspective, revealing to the public how De Mousse uses AI technology to achieve “bed adaptation to people” and provide each user with a customized healthy sleep experience.

In recent years, “Zhang Chaoyang’s Physics Class” has gained great popularity with its high-density knowledge output and science popularization style that simplifies the complex. It has been called “a clean stream in the era of knowledge IP” and “a clean stream in the era of knowledge IP” by netizens who are thirsty for knowledge. The best version of the brain-burning online course.” At the press conference, Zhang Chaoyang continued his usual physics class explanation style and gradually dismantled the relatively abstract automatic monitoring function principle of the Mousse AI mattress T11PRO: “Arteries, veins, heart rate, and every tiny vibration of the body can be detected through The piezoelectric ceramic sensor is sensitively converted into electrical signals, and then converted into AI language for simulated regression calculations. With this technology, all vital signs of people’s sleep state can be seen at a glance.”

In the explanation of the automatic monitoring function, the piezoelectric ceramic sensor is the technical support frequently mentioned by Zhang Chaoyang. Equipped with Muse’s self-developed piezoelectric ceramic sensor, T11PRO can help users continuously obtain heart and lung level data during sleep, and the accuracy of the data is almost comparable to medical-grade monitoring equipment such as blood oxygen clamps and monitors. In addition, Zhang Chaoyang also interpreted Muse’s newly released AutoFit intelligent adaptation technology from a physical perspective. He said that the 18 “air bags” contained in the Mousse AI mattress T11PRO can fit and calculate the obtained state index and feedback, ensuring that each air bag is inflated to a different density and produces different pressures, thus achieving The most natural and perfect support state.

Mousse leads the way and uses AI to share healthy sleep with the world

At the press conference, Chen Wenze, vice president of Muse Group, and Zhang Chaoyang also discussed the topic of “AI’s change and promotion of sleep in the future.” Zhang Chaoyang said that AI will become a “sleep assistant” that understands you better, giving better results based on data accumulation and fitting calculation feedback on sleeping postures; at the same time, AI can also become a “caregiver” for human health. It can promptly monitor your health status while sleeping and provide timely treatment in emergencies such as heart attacks.

AI’s promotion of changes in sleep in the future is also a direction that Mousse has continued to explore and practice for a long time. It is reported that the “Tide Technology” unveiled at this conference is the sleep research of Oriental people conducted by Mousse through the accumulation of 1-8 generations of TS healthy sleep system data in the past two decades, and in-depth cooperation with the Chinese Sleep Association and the China Sleep Big Data Center. Combining the scientific and technological achievements of “Ergonomic Data Model”, “AI Tidal Algorithm”, “AI Tidal Intelligent Core” and “Sleep Scenario Intelligent Research”, this achievement is not only a breakthrough upgrade of Mousse itself, but also profoundly affects smart sleep. industry direction.

AI technology has pushed human development to a historic turning point of human-machine symbiosis. Standing at this node, De Mousse has built a new idea of ​​healthy sleep solutions from technological empowerment, innovative products, and sleep aid ecology. At this press conference, Mousse also invited an expert in the sleep field of the MIT laboratory to share the cutting-edge scientific research trends of the smart sleep industry. He said that the research of human sleep and happiness is an important research direction of the MIT laboratory, and We look forward to working with Muse in the future to promote joint progress in new material research and development, slow brain wave sleep aids, mood adjustment sleep aids, sleep monitoring and AI technology applications, and continue to write a new chapter for high-quality sleep in the smart era.

As the AI ​​wave sweeps across various industry verticals, the technical interpretation by Zhang Chaoyang, the experience officer of Mousse Tide Technology, highlights the intelligence and functionality of Mousse AI mattresses, allowing the public to further witness the technological strength and functionality of Mousse in the AI ​​era. The brand adheres to the brand; the outlook of experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a technology co-research partner, has opened up new imaginations for the future of the smart sleep industry in terms of AI technology application, material innovation and scenario expansion.

Following the development trend of the smart sleep industry, Muse Group will continue to be guided by AI intelligent layout, promote the integration and innovation of AI technology and health, bring smarter and more effective comprehensive healthy sleep solutions to the world, and promote human health The sleep industry has reached a new level.


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