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More scientific than natural, Evereden’s “Small Pancake” pure physical high-power sunscreen protects children’s skin safety! -Times Finance-Northern Network

More scientific than natural, Evereden’s “Small Pancake” pure physical high-power sunscreen protects children’s skin safety! -Times Finance-Northern Network

As children grow up, skin care is not only a matter of beauty, but also the key to protecting skin health. According to children’s physiological development characteristics and environmental needs, caring for children’s skin health requires more refined and scientific products and skin care solutions. Recently, Evereden’s new high-power pure physical waterproof sunscreen “Small Pancake”, specially developed by American dermatology mothers, has been launched. It uses the strict standards of Stanford and Harvard dermatology mothers to create safe sun protection for children. !

March is a beautiful spring day, it’s time for sports! Scientific research shows that exercise can promote children’s growth. Mothers at Evereden Dermatology recommend that children should be protected from the sun when exercising outdoors. Although the temperature is not too high in early spring, the sun’s altitude angle increases, the sunshine time increases, and the amount of ultraviolet exposure suddenly increases. At the same time, there are many sunny days in spring, the weather is dry, the clouds are thinner, and the penetration of ultraviolet rays becomes stronger. Children’s exposed skin is easily exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, which can easily cause sunburn.Therefore, sun protection is not just for summer, spring is about to begin.

According to the Fitzpatrick skin sun reactivity classification system, skin is divided into 6 types.Among them, most Chinese people have skin types III-IV, which are more prone to tanning and sunburn.

Compared with adults, the skin of infants and young children is more delicate and thinner, and the content of melanocytes is relatively low, which cannot effectively resist ultraviolet rays. In addition, the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human body is a cumulative effect.Children spend more time outdoors than adults and receive about three times the amount of ultraviolet radiation that adults receive each year.Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays will cause irreversible cumulative damage!

  Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Food and Drug Administration, and the American Cancer Society on sun protection for children:Some serious burns can increase your child’s risk of skin cancer later in life, so take the right steps to protect your child from too much direct sun exposure.

Therefore, Evereden brings safe physical sun protection solutions. Let your baby not be afraid of the sun and enjoy outdoor activities.

  Break through traditional physical sun protection and provide children with safe sun protection solutions

For mothers who pay attention to quality, how to choose safe children’s sunscreen products is a difficult thing. Daily sunscreen products will inevitably involve the combination of basic raw materials such as sunscreens, emulsifiers, and oils. Especially ingredients like sunscreen, which have some risks of skin irritation, are not suitable for babies with delicate skin.

From a safety perspective, it is recommended that baby sunscreen products give priority to sunscreen products with physical sunscreen agents. Physical sunscreens (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc.) can directly reflect and scatter ultraviolet rays. Chemical sunscreens are a type of organic compounds that have good absorption of ultraviolet rays. They absorb ultraviolet light energy and convert it into heat energy. These absorption and conversion processes are all completed on the skin, making them more likely to cause skin irritation and allergies. .

It can be seen that chemical sunscreen products are not suitable for infants and young children. Moreover, as a category of special cosmetics, sunscreen products must be registered with the State Council’s Food and Drug Administration before they can be produced and imported. Currently, some countries have banned some sunscreen dosages with poor ingredients, and the United States considers sunscreen to be an “over-the-counter drug” (OTC) and must be registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before it can be sold in the United States.

Therefore, physical sunscreen is the first choice for infant sunscreen products, because the two most effective ingredients known to be titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  However, physical sun protection ≠ safety

According to relevant research, nano-zinc oxide used in traditional physical sunscreen shows: “Zinc oxide nanoparticles ZnO-NPs may disrupt mitochondrial homeostasis, leading to abnormal autophagy flux, microglial inflammation and secondary neuronal damage in the fetus. ” (Journal of Hazardous Materials, a top environmental journal). Moreover, the “Technical Guiding Principles for Children’s Cosmetics” issued by the China Institute of Food and Drug Control in 2023 also clearly states that the use of raw materials prepared by new technologies such as genetic technology and nanotechnology is not allowed.

Evereden, an American family skin care brand developed by dermatologists from Harvard and Stanford, has made new breakthroughs in infant and young child sun protection. After research and development and actual testing by a team of dermatologists and ingredient experts, this 4-dimensional protection sunscreen formula is specially created for infants and children aged 6 months+——Evereden’s “Small Round Cake” pure physical high-power sunscreen milk interprets a new concept of sunscreen and skin care. With its all-round sunscreen and skin nourishing effects, it provides a better choice for mothers who pay attention to quality and safety.

  Reject unnecessary additions, natural ingredients are safer

“By not experimenting on children’s skin, we have new solutions to hidden dangers.” said DR. JOYCE, MD, PHD, chief scientific officer of Evereden and director of the Department of Pediatric Dermatology at Stanford School of Medicine.

Evereden’s first priority is the safety of its ingredients. In the selection of Evereden’s “Small Round Cake” pure physical high-power sunscreen ingredients, redundant additions are rejected, natural ingredients are sourced, China’s “Technical Guiding Principles for Children’s Cosmetics” is strictly followed, the use of nanotechnology formulas is eliminated, and 14% of non-native ingredients are used. Nanoscale zinc oxide, large molecular particles are not easily absorbed by the skin, and the ingredients are naturally safer and more suitable for children, pregnant women, and adults with sensitive skin.

The continuation brand always adheres to the concept of pure skin care and absolutely prohibits the addition of 2000+ risky ingredients that far exceed EU standards. The R&D team added French sunflower seed oil, European avocado oil, Philippine coconut oil, and British grape seed oil to Evereden’s “small round cakes”. These four natural vegetable oils effectively solve the problem of dry skin. In addition, the specially selected phoenix plant essence with natural soothing active essence can promptly relieve the baby’s post-sun redness problem.

  More scientific than natural, technological breakthrough takes into account both sun protection efficacy and skin feel

In addition, Evereden’s “small round cake” technology has been fully upgraded. It not only has a technical sun protection power of up to 40 minutes, but also maintains a high sun protection index of SPF50+ whether it is exposed to water or sweat. Whether it is the beach, military training, playing in the water or sweating, it can protect children from the harm caused by ultraviolet rays in all scenarios.

In addition to safety, comfort cannot be ignored. Through technological breakthroughs and innovations, this sunscreen breaks through the false whiteness, muddy texture, and heavy skin feel of traditional physical sunscreen. “Light and transparent” zinc oxide uniform particles create an extremely thin “airy feel” “The respiratory sunscreen, coupled with the water-like texture, can quickly form a film in 3 seconds. After the child puts it on, it feels light, thin and transparent. Even if it is applied in multiple layers, it seems as if it is nothing!

  A must-have sunscreen for a new generation of modern families, the “Hermès” in infant and child sunscreen

The portable lock clicks and goes! This newly launched cute “small round cake” is not only portable and worry-free, but also practical to the extreme. It is safe and nourishes the skin. It can be called the “Hermès” in the infant and child sunscreen industry.

As a modern family skin care brand, Evereden always follows the brand concept of being more scientific than natural and pursues the ultimate “ingredient safety”. It has more than 2,000 risk ingredients longer than those in the European Union, aiming to provide new-generation parents with Provide comprehensive, truly safe and effective maternal and infant skin care products and experiences, and provide scientific and effective care solutions for the new generation of modern families!

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