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Mitsubishi Electric 2024RUN FOR ECO “runs well for green” and practices environmental protection every step of the way

Mitsubishi Electric 2024RUN FOR ECO “runs well for green” and practices environmental protection every step of the way

From March 18 to March 23, 2024, Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mitsubishi Electric”) once again joined hands with the China Environmental Protection Foundation to launch the RUN FOR ECO “Run Outstanding for Green” public welfare environmental running event . This activity is one of Mitsubishi Electric’s series of public welfare activities to implement the concept of sustainability since 2015, aiming to provide a platform for social contribution for people from all walks of life who care about environmental issues. This year it will be held both offline and online. Offline, Mitsubishi Electric members voluntarily organized a team of amateur runners to run around to spread green concepts; online, Mitsubishi Electric has set up a special event page on the WeChat official account, and all walks of life can help by checking in and donating. Green.

“Excellent running for green” Enjoy running around and practice environmental protection

As a century-old enterprise, Mitsubishi Electric has been enthusiastic about green public welfare for many years and has fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities with practical actions. Mitsubishi Electric has always believed that green is not just a color, but an attitude towards life. Mitsubishi Electric cleverly integrates running, a sustainable lifestyle, with environmental protection. While conveying the concept of green health to the public, it also gathers the strength of all parties to contribute to green environmental protection.

Recently, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation China Deputy Representative, Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman and Assistant General Manager Mr. Koyanagi Tsuhiro, Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. Director and Deputy General Manager, Mr. Tamai Takeshi, Director of Strategic Business Office, and Mr. Satoshi Nagano, Director and Deputy General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. and China Personnel and Labor Office, and the members spontaneously recruited and organized a team of amateur runners, and under the guidance of professional coaches, they conducted environmental training in Shanghai. running activities, calling on all sectors of society to participate in the ring running activities. After the event, the runner team was also invited to Mitsubishi Electric’s Intelligent Manufacturing Science and Technology Center in Shanghai to visit Mitsubishi Electric’s green and low-carbon technologies and products in the manufacturing field. They gained a deeper understanding of the brand’s green business philosophy and also gained a deeper understanding of the brand’s green business philosophy. This was a successful conclusion to this green and environmentally friendly trip.

Gathering forces from all parties to support green donation

In order to allow more people from all walks of life who care about environmental protection and are enthusiastic about public welfare to participate in this ring running event, Mitsubishi Electric China’s official WeChat public account has specially set up the RUN FOR ECO “Run for Green Excellence” online mini program, which only requires authorization And turn on the WeChat exercise step count to participate in step donations while exercising daily, and contribute to green environmental protection. If 50 million steps are collected during the event, the donation target will be reached, and Mitsubishi Electric will donate corresponding funds.

During the event, participants can get a “green certificate” issued by Mitsubishi Electric by opening the mini program and checking in. By checking in every day and inviting friends, they can call on more people to check in to donate and help environmental protection, and can also earn different points. As a reward, accumulated points can be used to light up the LOGO puzzle. The top 300 participants in the puzzle list and the top 50 in the daily step list will receive a customized gift prepared by Mitsubishi Electric. No matter men, women or children, you can participate in social contribution as long as you open your legs. This public welfare activity that combines entertainment and significance has received widespread attention and enthusiastic participation from everyone since the first day it was launched.

During the event, a total of 24,099 people participated, 57.66 million steps and donations were collected, and the final amount raised was 150,000 yuan. The funds are jointly used by Mitsubishi Electric and the China Environmental Protection Foundation for green environmental protection in Xiongan New Area, China.

Since Mitsubishi Electric first held the RUN FOR ECO event in 2015, it has attracted many enthusiastic people who care about environmental protection through a novel and interesting model that combines offline and online activities. The cumulative amount raised has reached 757,674 yuan, and all of it has been donated to China Environmental Protection Foundation, used for environmental protection in China. Mitsubishi Electric has always been committed to creating a sustainable future with heart and technology. We hope that through the RUN FOR ECO event, we can convey Mitsubishi Electric’s green environmental protection concept to more people. We also look forward to more running enthusiasts participating in environmental protection. As the brand manifesto “Gathering Light and Shining Expectations” says, gather the strength of all parties to help build green ecology and create a bright and shining future.

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