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Mintegral helps mid-to-hardcore game developers: analysis of in-app advertising monetization strategies

Mintegral helps mid-to-hardcore game developers: analysis of in-app advertising monetization strategies

In-app advertising, as one of the key monetization models, has attracted the attention and application of mid-to-several game developers in recent years. It is inseparable from its growth potential and the increasing acceptance of in-app advertising by mid-to-severe gamers. Mintegral, a programmatic advertising platform, believes that in the process of implementing advertising monetization, reasonable layout, scientific control, the strategy of “equal emphasis on people and land” and a high-quality advertising cooperation platform are all indispensable on the road to advertising monetization for medium and heavy game developers. Key Takeaways.

Reasonable layout + scientific control

Developers can combine the game journey to deploy advertisements in high-exposure links and reasonably control the number of advertisements to increase advertisement exposure and interaction rates while ensuring user experience. Based on the relevant data report content of Meta, it can be seen that “game level gaps”, “application startup interface”, and “daily tasks or emails” are key advertising spaces that cover a large number of players in a single day and are concentrated in medium-to-severe games. Developers may consider choosing Insert in-app advertisements at the above locations.

Pay equal attention to “adapting measures to people’s conditions” and “adapting measures to local conditions”

From the perspective of “adapting measures to individual conditions”, developers can use user payment as a standard, divide players into “unpaid users” and “paid users”, and implement advertising monetization in a targeted manner. From the perspective of “adapting measures to local conditions”, the advertising monetization strategy can bring better revenue-increasing effects in some countries and regional markets.

Choose the right advertising platform to cooperate with

Mintegral can effectively help developers achieve efficient monetization on the road of advertising monetization for mid-to-several game developers. Mintegral’s in-app bidding technology can help developers maximize the value of each advertising space and help achieve transparent, efficient, and stable revenue growth. Mintegral has more than 100,000 cooperative applications and 10,000 cooperative developers worldwide. Developers can easily access global high-quality advertising resources through the Mintegral platform to help realize efficient monetization.

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