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Minsheng Finance | Shanghai Medical Insurance Financial Services Exchange Conference was held at the Bank of Shanghai

Minsheng Finance | Shanghai Medical Insurance Financial Services Exchange Conference was held at the Bank of Shanghai

Recently, the 2023 Medical Insurance Financial Services Exchange Conference and the signing ceremony of the “Integrity Service Commitment” were held at the Bank of Shanghai. Wang Shuren, director of the Shanghai Medical Insurance Management Center, deputy director Ke Lin, heads of relevant departments and principals of the medical insurance centers in each district, as well as relevant departments and operating agencies of the Bank of Shanghai were invited to attend.

The meeting reviewed the cooperation history between banks and medical institutions. For more than 20 years, the Bank of Shanghai has been working hand in hand with medical insurance agencies at the municipal and district levels to innovate and promote the digital management model of medical insurance funds, establish and improve the medical insurance financial people’s livelihood service guarantee mechanism, strictly implement the reform of the medical security system, and improve medical insurance services in keeping with the times. system, continuously innovate “medical care to benefit the people” service measures, collaboratively promote changes in government services and management efficiency, actively respond to Shanghai’s “one-stop service” government service brand building, and jointly create a clean, efficient, warm and integrated medical insurance financial service ecosystem in this city.

The meeting arranged a number of key tasks to promote the high-quality development of medical insurance handling services in 2024. The main persons in charge of the medical insurance business centers in each district and the persons in charge of the corresponding branches jointly signed the “Integrity Service Commitment”.

  Practice “people’s livelihood first” to create a full ecological medical insurance financial service system

The Bank of Shanghai not only attaches great importance to the cooperation and innovation of financial services in urban medical insurance centers and community affairs acceptance centers at all levels, but also actively empowers the city’s medical service institutions to improve medical, elderly care and other service levels, and also strives to improve the medical security and livelihood service experience of the insured population. , comprehensively build a full ecological medical insurance financial service system of “medical insurance agency + medical service agency + insured person”.

As a special account service bank for medical insurance fund disbursement in Shanghai, Bank of Shanghai has always adhered to the principle of serving the society and ensuring people’s livelihood, and fully cooperated with government authorities to effectively ensure the security of medical insurance fund settlement, promote the implementation of reform and innovation of the medical security system, and empower cities and districts. Medical insurance management centers at all levels carry out fund management innovations and service model optimization for various insurance types such as medical insurance for urban residents and employees, maternity insurance, long-term care insurance, poverty relief subsidies, civil servant subsidies, etc., and are responsible for the city’s medical insurance fund and all the city’s more than 3,000 people Domestic medical insurance designated institutions, medical insurance fund settlement for more than 20 million insured persons, etc.

  Adhere to the “four modernizations” services

  Empowering “medical-bank cooperation” to benefit the masses

In the future, Bank of Shanghai will continue to adhere to the “four modernizations” service principles, that is, incorruptible service principles, institutionalized product management, integrated system support, and normalized service standards, and do four key tasks to contribute to Shanghai’s medical insurance services. strength.First, optimize and improve system function iterationfocusing on optimizing and ensuring the batch payment of the “unified model” of taxation, improving the “transfer and continuation” payment function in conjunction with the reform of the national medical insurance system, and continuing to optimize the functionality of the bank-medicine direct connection system.The second is to expand the coverage of “one-stop service” people’s livelihood servicesexplore the feasibility and implementation of innovative electronic medical record printing, medical bill printing and other medical insurance and people’s livelihood services in government service terminals.The third is to continue to strengthen the construction of clean government servicescontinue to strengthen the learning and education of service personnel, thoroughly implement the spirit of the central government’s “Eight Provisions”, and strictly implement the government-bank cooperation mechanism of integrity and self-discipline.The fourth is to strengthen the empowerment of integrated medical insurance services in the Yangtze River Deltacombined with the key work arrangements for medical insurance, making full use of the resource endowment of the Yangtze River Delta region, collaboratively promoting the convenient sharing of medical insurance public services, and implementing the pilot program for shared reimbursement of financial electronic invoices and direct settlement of medicines purchased in other places.

As a financial state-owned enterprise rooted in the local area, Bank of Shanghai will always adhere to finance for the people, do practical things for the people with heart and soul, provide more warm financial services to facilitate more people, and make the “medical insurance + finance” service more considerate and warm. Heart.

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