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Minsheng Credit Card Tips: Do the “four don’ts” and build a strong personal information “safety embankment”

Minsheng Credit Card Tips: Do the “four don’ts” and build a strong personal information “safety embankment”


“I just topped up my phone bill, and the money in my bank card was swiped away.” Uncle Li, a citizen, said excitedly on the phone.

Uncle Li reported to the police that when he got up from his lunch break, he received a text message offering 100 yuan for free by recharging 100 yuan for phone calls. He clicked on the URL link and the page displayed a mobile phone recharge website. He chose to recharge 100 yuan and entered his mobile phone number, ID number, and phone number as required. Bank card number and other information. After a few seconds, he received the verification code from the bank and entered the verification code on the recharge website. What he didn’t expect was that he received a deduction notice from the bank, showing that 5,000 yuan had been deducted from his bank card.

It was obvious that Uncle Li had encountered telecommunications fraud. The police have received reports of many such cases. Criminals use technical means to mass-send fraudulent messages with links to phishing websites. As soon as you log in to the website and enter your bank card and other personal information as required by the other party, the criminals will take the opportunity to steal your money. Bank card money.

For this reason, Minsheng Credit Card reminds financial consumers to protect their personal information.

Do the following “four don’ts”:

1. Don’t easily trust phone calls, text messages and emails from unknown sources, and be wary of calls and emails that ask for your personal financial information and property status.

2. Do not scan QR codes of unknown origin, click on unknown links, do not easily click to participate in voting, bargaining, questionnaires, etc., and beware of phishing websites.

3. Do not lend your identity documents or bank cards to others easily, and do not entrust an intermediary or unfamiliar person to handle business on your behalf.

4. Do not throw away credit card purchase orders, withdrawal receipts, credit card statements, etc. Miswritten or invalid financial business documents should be shredded and destroyed in a timely manner to prevent criminals from picking up personal financial information.

The protection of personal information is related to the interests of the people and the security of social information. Minsheng Credit Card Center will continue to popularize financial knowledge, strive to enhance the public’s awareness and ability to protect personal information security, and contribute to people’s livelihood in maintaining a safe and stable financial environment!

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