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Minsheng Bank’s special new product “Yichuang E-Loan” was officially released

Minsheng Bank’s special new product “Yichuang E-Loan” was officially released

On September 18, Minsheng Bank’s “Yichuang E-Loan” product was grandly released in Beijing and officially launched nationwide. At the event site, nearly 50 representatives of specialized and new enterprises completed online signings with Minsheng Bank.

Minsheng Bank’s “Yichuang E-Loan” is an online credit loan product specially created for specialized and new enterprises. The maximum credit amount is 10 million yuan and the maximum term is 2 years. It has the advantages of high credit limit, fast speed, and pure credit. At the same time, the product has the following significant features compared with traditional products on the market:

“Simple” means adopting streamlined process design. From product application, verification, to contract signing and withdrawal, all operations are realized online, eliminating cumbersome offline procedures, and the approval and withdrawal process is shortened to one day or even one hour.

“Sincerity” means achieving true pure credit loan support. The product exempts the asset mortgage and pledge conditions of traditional loans, and does not require controllers or shareholders to provide personal guarantees. It does not check non-public information such as family assets and spouses and other family members. It does not look at “bricks” but “patents”, giving real meaning to the company. Pure credit loan support.

“Inclusive” means wide range of uses and flexible use. The product can not only meet the capital needs of enterprises in various scenarios such as raw material procurement, rent, water and electricity, and R&D expenditures in daily operations, but within the validity period of the credit limit, no reservation is required for withdrawals and repayments, and it is easy and convenient to borrow and repay at any time, which can greatly Improve the efficiency of corporate capital use and reduce financing costs.

“Long-term sentiment” means that product solutions will continue to be iteratively optimized. By introducing data information such as intellectual property rights, product technology, and talent teams, the product independently builds an enterprise innovation evaluation model, thereby arriving at more forward-looking and intelligent product solutions. In the future, Minsheng Bank will introduce more data-based innovation tools and To further enhance the product experience and provide more attentive and affectionate services, we support enterprises to overcome obstacles and forge ahead in the market competition.

The relevant person in charge of Minsheng Bank said that in the future, the bank will continue to implement the national innovation-driven development strategy, keep pace with the times, care about scientific and technological innovation enterprises, iterate service plans, and empower the growth of small and medium-sized scientific and technological innovation enterprises with more convenient and efficient financial services. , support China’s self-reliance and self-reliance in science and technology with practical actions, and continuously contribute financial strength to the realization of high-quality development of China’s economy.

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