Minsheng Bank participated in the “Eleventh International Energy Storage Summit” and held a financial forum on “Energy Storage and Coexistence”

Minsheng Bank participated in the “Eleventh International Energy Storage Summit” and held a financial forum on “Energy Storage and Coexistence”

On April 7, the “Eleventh Energy Storage International Summit and Exhibition” opened in Beijing Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center. China Minsheng Bank, as the only representative of the cooperative financial institution of this summit, held the theme of “Energy Storage and Coexistence” financial forum. Nearly 100 outstanding energy storage companies and investment institutions gathered together to discuss green new development and create a new era of energy storage.

At the People’s Livelihood Finance Forum, Yu Zhenhua, vice chairman of the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance, the organizer of this summit, made an opening speech, and Liu Jian, an associate researcher at the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Jianhui, chairman of Beijing Haibo Strong Technology Co., Ltd., and Ant Lou Jianxun, General Manager of the Trusted Industry Product Department of the Group’s Digital Technology Business Group, gave lectures on “Green Finance Helps the Growth of New Energy Storage Industry”, “Green and High-quality Development of Emerging Energy Storage Industry” and “Constructing the Value of Trusted Energy Storage Industry Based on Distributed Equipment”. Collaboration Network” speech, gave a detailed introduction to the industrial structure, development trend, investment prospects and digital economy of the energy storage industry, and the wonderful sharing of experts and entrepreneur representatives resonated with hundreds of participants present.

During the meeting, Shi Jie, vice president of China Minsheng Bank, met with representatives of energy storage companies such as Canadian Solar Group Co., Ltd., Envision Energy Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yinghe Technology Co., Ltd., and briefly reviewed the bank’s The process of enterprise cooperation, and fully communicated and exchanged on the pain points, difficulties, blocking points and other issues faced by energy storage enterprises in the development process.

Then in the round table dialogue session, representatives from well-known experts and scholars, top energy storage companies, excellent investment institutions and financial institutions discussed the energy storage industry policy with the theme of “Finance helps the development of the energy storage industry and jointly practice the concept of green and low carbon”. , development trends, future opportunities, and Minsheng Bank’s low-carbon strategy and financial services. Li Wenshi, general manager of China Minsheng Bank’s strategic customer department, shared the advantages of Minsheng Bank’s strategic customer system, product system, and operating mechanism. With regard to the financial needs in the development of the energy storage industry that everyone is concerned about, Minsheng Bank’s support policies for the upstream resource end, midstream manufacturing end, and downstream application end of the energy storage industry were introduced. All business representatives also expressed their appreciation for the professional and efficient financial products and services of Minsheng Bank Thank you.

In the release of the financial service plan, Yang Kunpeng, general manager of the Investment Banking Department of China Minsheng Bank, introduced in detail the comprehensive financial service plan for the energy storage industry – “Minsheng Yiju”. The plan includes “strategy, project, innovation, ecology, capital, management “Enablement” in seven aspects including “financing + intelligence + business + technology” to help energy storage companies overcome pain points, remove difficulties, eliminate congestion points, and increase sweet spots in the process of green development and transformation . Finally, the representatives of the participating guests jointly issued a green manifesto with the theme of “Lighting up a beautiful future with harmonious coexistence”, which pushed the meeting to a climax, and the number of online participants exceeded 1 million.

In addition to holding the financial forum, Minsheng Bank also set up a special booth at the host site, displaying the development strategy and financial products of Minsheng Bank in an all-round way. In recent years, Minsheng Bank has actively promoted the development of green finance, continued to iterate the basic product system, vigorously promoted the “emission reduction loan” product, innovatively launched the “photovoltaic loan” product, innovatively released the “carbon e-loan” product, and launched the “Beautiful Northwest Tour” New energy business promotion activities, building an ecological aggregation platform for government, enterprises and banks, and formulating and releasing comprehensive service plans exclusive to carbon market members. At the same time, Minsheng Bank actively explores diversified and customized comprehensive financial services for investment banks, provides supporting financing support such as project loans and syndicated loans for wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage and other low-carbon energy projects, and actively participates in hydropower, biomass power generation and other green infrastructure and Securitization of green transportation assets such as hydrogen refueling stations and charging stations, strengthening support for mergers and acquisitions and integration of high-quality leading enterprises with high carbon emissions such as traditional thermal power, coal, steel, and chemical industries, and increasing the issuance of green bonds to deepen green assets Securitization underwriting business. As of the end of 2022, Minsheng Bank’s green credit balance was 179.912 billion yuan, an increase of 67.65% over the end of the previous year. The exhibition area attracted many enterprises, institutions, media and other people from all walks of life to participate in the exhibition, and fully communicated and exchanged with the staff of the exhibition area of ​​Minsheng Bank. All sectors of the society spoke highly of the service temperature and quality of Minsheng Bank.

Through this summit, Minsheng Bank and all parties in the society have further consolidated consensus, insisted on keeping pace with the times and at the same frequency as the country, actively implemented the national “dual carbon” strategy, and took practical actions to jointly protect China’s “blue sky, white clouds, green Water and Green Mountains”, and jointly make greater contributions to the high-quality development of China’s economy in the new era.

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