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Minsheng Bank and Huamengxing Sports jointly create a “finance + sports” parent-child service system

Minsheng Bank and Huamengxing Sports jointly create a “finance + sports” parent-child service system

On September 16, China Minsheng Bank and Huamengxing Sports signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou. The two parties will focus on the core advantages of “finance + sports” to jointly build a “finance + sports” parent-child service system to meet the diversified needs of parent-child families.

  According to the strategic cooperation agreement, China Minsheng Bank and Huamengxing Sports will work on the principle of “mutual ecosystem and mutual customer” in terms of traffic interoperability, scene co-construction, event cooperation, financial and business education, and community parent-child services.Carry out in-depth cooperation in many aspects;While promoting the development of parent-child education, it also helps improve family wealth management capabilities and injects new vitality into parent-child services for both parties.At the signing site, 20 “little CEOs” and their “angel investors” witnessed this event.

It is reported that after the launch of this cooperation, both parties will leverage their respective channel advantages to jointly serve customers. During the National Children’s Basketball Carnival event organized by Huamengxing Sports, the bank will open branches to provide young players with services such as event package collection and expedition photo shooting. The Basketball Man bank card being launched will become points to record children’s growth and learning. Carrier; Minsheng Bank will also link up with its strategic customers to jointly form a Minsheng children’s basketball team to participate in national competitions so that more children can participate in basketball and love sports. At the same time, the two parties will jointly complete the research and development of the “Finance + Sports” starting course, so that more children can gain both wealth and health. In addition, the two parties will also cooperate in the fields of community sports services, comprehensive kindergarten services, and public welfare for special children.

  The signing between Minsheng Bank and Huamengxing Sports is an important attempt by financial institutions to achieve cross-border ecological cooperation based on segmented customer needs. future,Minsheng Bank will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of “serving the public and caring for people’s livelihood”, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, link up with partners, continue to provide children with high-quality financial, business, sports, charity and other services, and create a new cross-border parent-child service format.

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