Ming Dynasty Wanda assisted in the successful holding of the “Cyber ​​Security Innovation and Development Summit Forum”


  Yesterday, the “Network Security Innovation and Development Summit Forum” sponsored by the “Information Security Research” magazine was held in Beijing. Beijing Mingchao Wanda Technology Co., Ltd. actively participated in supporting the forum. The forum also held the “Excellent Data Security Technology and Product Practice Cases in 2022” award ceremony, which was selected by the National Engineering Research Center for Big Data Collaborative Security Technology (BDS), and Ming Dynasty Wanda Chinasec (Anyuan) Data Leakage Prevention The platform is selected.

  Ming Dynasty Wanda Assistant President An Peng was invited to attend the sub-forum of “Digital Government and Security” and delivered a wonderful speech. Starting from the background of government data security governance, An Peng introduced the thinking and practice of Ming Dynasty Wanda on the construction of government data security governance system. He believes that data security governance needs to formulate data security management and control strategies based on the organization’s data status, risk tolerance, and industry norms around the data life cycle, select appropriate security product tools, and unify operation and maintenance management to reduce the flow and use of enterprise data assets. security risks in the process. In the process, UEBA empowers data security operations, discovers hidden/unknown external attacks and internal threats in the network, improves accuracy, uses unsupervised and semi-supervised learning, realizes automatic baseline construction, and reduces management costs.


  At the beginning of his speech, An Peng emphasized that at the moment when the construction of digital government is gradually advancing, government data is of high value and faces increasingly severe internal and external security risks and challenges. At present, on the premise of promoting the open sharing of government data and releasing the value of data, how to ensure data security has become an important task in the construction of digital government. Anpeng believes that in order to ensure the security of government data, issues that need to be resolved include the legality of data use, the division of data security responsibilities, the security management of data sharing, the technical guarantee of data security, and the security management of third-party supply chains. As a representative manufacturer of China’s new generation of information security technology companies, Ming Dynasty Wanda proposed a one-stop solution combining data security governance and sustainable operation based on in-depth research and exploration in the field of data security, combined with rich project practice.

  As a representative manufacturer of China’s new generation of information security technology companies, Ming Dynasty Wanda focuses on data security, public security, cloud security, big data security and encryption application technology solutions and other services. After more than ten years of accumulation and precipitation, customers have covered Many industries such as finance, government, public security, telecom operators, energy, design institutes, R&D and manufacturing. Based on the product concept of “dynamic data security, data lifecycle control”, Ming Dynasty Wanda has always taken protecting the value of user data as its own responsibility, and is committed to making security truly serve business development. Against the background of the application of new technologies such as big data and cloud computing, Ming Dynasty Wanda developed Chinasec (Anyuan) data security series products and solutions based on data security as the core and independent and controllable national secret algorithm application technology, covering Data generation, storage, exchange, use and other important links in the whole life cycle, realize the collaborative linkage management of data security under the full IT architecture of servers, databases, PC terminals, mobile terminals and network communications, and create an enterprise-level data security protection system.


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