“Metaverse + Convention and Exhibition” brings new gameplay to the convention and exhibition industry, and the Vichuang Cloud venue provides a one-stop metaverse exhibition solution


In the past two years, metaverse wind has rapidly set off a new wave in the world. “Metaverse+” has become a popular development direction in various industries, and various industries are trying to find new development breakthroughs through the Metaverse, and the exhibition industry is no exception.

According to the “2021 China Exhibition Statistical Data Report”, there will be 714 online exhibitions nationwide in 2021, a net increase of 86 or 13.69% compared to 2020. According to the second edition of the “Industry Partner Benchmark Survey Report” released by the International Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), 66% of the respondents have a high demand for the application of virtual reality in future exhibition activities. It can be seen that “metaverse + exhibition” will become more and more popular in the online exhibition industry.

Yuan Zaiqing, president of the China Exhibition Economy Research Association, said that at present, the digital economy, including Metaverse, is developing at a fast speed, with a wide range of radiation, and with an unprecedented degree of influence. “Metaverse + Convention and Exhibition” is a new topic.

In fact, the reason why “Metaverse + Convention and Exhibition” has attracted great attention from the industry is that “Metaverse + Convention and Exhibition” has broken the physical and geographical space restrictions on the one hand, and users can immediately enter the virtual booth/exhibition hall of the enterprise no matter where they are Participate in the company’s online exhibition and display activities; on the other hand, compared with the traditional online display method, “Metaverse + Exhibition” integrates the application of various virtual technologies to create a social experience infinitely close to offline meeting and communication, which can Fully mobilize the audience’s sense of participation, enhance the interactive display effect of online exhibitions, and achieve business goals on the basis of a more immersive, technological, and futuristic sense.

For example, in the field of automobiles, some large automobile companies such as Geometry Motors have begun to use the metaverse showroom to display cars in a 720° all-round three-dimensional interaction. Provide 3D immersive interactive viewing experience. Consumers can experience opening and closing the car door at will online, zoom in and out to view the details of the car body, such as appearance, interior, tires, engine, etc., and also virtual test drive in VR. The Auto Universe showroom can be centered on consumers, focus on consumer experience, and finally achieve the effect of integrating product and sales.

(Geometry car intelligence, personalized car solutions)

Recently, the domestic full-stack 3D digital solution provider Shichuangyunzhan, a domestic full-stack 3D digital solution provider, launched a one-stop Metaverse event management platform——Visioncloud Venue, which provides metaverse events for major businesses and event organizers. The exhibition hall/exhibition hall construction solution helps major business enterprises and event organizers to easily build their own Metaverse display platform.

Seechuang Cloud Venue is a one-stop Metaverse event management platform that has added functions such as virtual characters, audio and video calls, and barrage chats on the basis of upgrading its cloud exhibition 3D exhibition hall. Through a more technological sense The way of presentation provides enterprises with a more immersive experience and online marketing means.

  1. trueThree-dimensional space without dead endsroaming,coolLight and shadow materialmove-in,Real-time rendering of the scene terminal

Different from the general 3D exhibition halls on the cloud in the market, the metaverse exhibition hall created by the Vision Cloud venue uses a pure three-dimensional space roaming and interactive engine. The metaverse exhibition hall adopts true three-dimensional space display. In terms of light, shadow and material effects, the exhibition hall adopts standard PBR materials and global light lighting system to simulate real lighting and real-time light and shadow reflection effects. The global dynamic and realistic material display in the exhibition hall creates 4K photos. Level real-time rendering effect. The true three-dimensional exhibition hall finally presents a strong sense of coolness, technology and future, which is very attractive and shocking visually.

(Metaverse exhibition hall in true three-dimensional space)

At the same time, the Metaverse exhibition hall adopts a pure three-dimensional space roaming experience. Visitors can rotate at any angle when entering the exhibition hall, visit and browse at any viewing angle and height, and can reach any location in the exhibition hall space. The scene terminal renders in real time, and walks smoothly Not stuck.

  2. Cool scene special effects, flexible models, space displacement animation, the special effects of the exhibition hall scene are full of cool feeling

In terms of scene special effects and model animation creation in the exhibition hall, Vichuangyun venue provides water wave materials, flickering materials, transparent materials and other materials UV animations, etc., which can realize cool and color-changing dynamic light strips, marquee special effects, and dynamic sci-fi in the exhibition hall. A variety of 3D dynamic scene special effects such as transparent curtain walls can meet the individual needs of various business enterprises or event organizers.

(Multiple animation effects in the metaverse exhibition hall)

At the same time, the Vision Cloud venue also supports the integration, display, and trigger configuration of animation models in the Metaverse exhibition hall. For example, automatic patrol robots can be placed in the exhibition hall, and various model animations and spatial displacement animation effects that can automatically open doors and windows when approaching the exhibition hall can be set to make the exhibition hall full of technology.

  3. Virtual characterbuild,Exchange business cards,Truly restore the social interaction experience of offline exhibitions

In the true three-dimensional space, the Vision Cloud venue created virtual characters for the Metaverse Pavilion. On the one hand, the Chuangyun venue creates a virtual digital human customer service for the Metaverse Exhibition Hall. The virtual digital human customer service can automatically guide the visitors in the exhibition hall, promote the activities of the exhibition hall, interact with Q&A and guide the dynamic route, etc., 24 hours a day Online, save the time cost of manual explanation, and greatly improve the display efficiency.

(The virtual customer service will automatically introduce the situation in the exhibition hall)

(Audience greets each other)

(Visitors can pass business cards to each other)

On the other hand, the Vichuang Cloud venue creates a virtual character image that enters the exhibition hall. Users only need to set up their exclusive image and social business card according to their preferences before entering the exhibition hall, and then they can use the virtual character image to roam around the exhibition hall and interact freely with other people in the exhibition hall. For example, “digital clones” greeted, applauded, exchanged business cards, etc. in the exhibition hall, truly restoring the social interaction experience of offline exhibitions.

  4.Audio and video interaction,privatechatand many other interactive functions,Facilitate “cloud negotiation” and “cloud transaction”

In addition to creating virtual characters, in terms of social interaction, the metaverse exhibition hall/exhibition hall created by Vision Cloud also provides text chat, audio and video interaction functions. In the exhibition hall, users can experience functions such as barrage chat, audio and video call, text chat, and private chat interaction, so as to achieve accurate and efficient connection, and truly realize “cloud negotiation” and “cloud transaction”.

(audio and video interaction)

  5. Showroommap,Guided tour,Real-time “traversal”,roamingvisit

In terms of exhibition hall navigation, the Vision Cloud venue is equipped with exhibition hall maps and guide navigation functions in the Metaverse Exhibition Hall. Through the map of the exhibition hall, visitors can view the overall plan of the exhibition, the exhibition hall and the current location, plan the visiting route, and “travel” to the destination in real time by locating the destination.

(Through the map of the exhibition hall, the audience can “travel” to any place they want to go)

Through the navigation function, the audience can view and enter the organizer’s other online themed exhibition areas or the site of the event forum.

  6. The one-stop backstage management system of the Metaverse exhibition hall, the metaverse exhibition hall arrangement, sharing and dissemination are convenient and fast

So, how can an enterprise build its own Metaverse platform through the Vichuang Cloud venue? The Vision Cloud venue provides enterprises with a fully functional one-stop background management system. Enterprises only need to open templates or customize event scenes and images according to the display needs of brand marketing, and “build building blocks” to arrange the metaverse exhibition hall. . By one-click sharing the link of the Metaverse exhibition hall, customers can be invited to visit the exhibition.

(One-stop metaverse background management system)

The exhibition organizer can embed the link of the Metaverse exhibition hall in the company’s official website, WeChat official account, small program, etc., as a normalized Metaverse experience entrance for the enterprise/organizer, and check the user access data and user information in the hall at any time to understand the user experience. Provide a basis for marketing decisions.

According to expert analysis, future exhibition activities will be more virtualized and anonymous. In addition to anonymization, people’s online communication time will also be greatly extended. The offline meeting in the past three days can be changed to a long-term online “meeting”. Exhibition activities can be dynamic, long-term, and comprehensively displayed. The various communication methods derived from the “Metaverse” technology will bring more possibilities for the development of the online exhibition industry. Building blocks and easy-to-build Vision Cloud venues provide a one-stop “metaverse + exhibition” solution to help the industry’s metaverse marketing.



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