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Mengjin linkage, the little dolphins meet at the Qingshui River and transform into a little boy who loves magic

Mengjin linkage, the little dolphins meet at the Qingshui River and transform into a little boy who loves magic

  All magic is born of love

  Reading is a journey full of wonderful fantasies. Unknowingly, I entered Karana’s world and took a look at Batu and Mangal and the dolphin island.…The wizarding world is a world where we would rather believe that we are Muggles than believe that they do not exist. On September 19, the little dolphin came to Honghe Town Primary School, Qingshuihe County, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, and took the children into the magical world using books as magic wands.

  “The students took the stage one by one to perform readings. After the reading, they shouted out the magic spells: ‘Little Dolphin, Big Dream, Bobi Bobi, Transformation~~‘The magic castle behind you will give you a mysterious gift…’ The magician Dumbledore is introducing the rules of the “Magic Reading House on the Clouds” to the students. Some of the primary school students shared Chinese and foreign classics, and some started reading Fairy tales and some recited classical poems in a melodious tone. The library of Honghe Town Primary School was filled with laughter and laughter, and everyone enjoyed reading.

  this timeThe “Magic Reading House with Books on the Clouds” activity takes reading as an opportunity to create a novel reading atmosphere for students and cultivate their interest in reading. In fact, the gifts that the students received after triggering the magic were all wishes made last year and were purchased by volunteers from China News Service in Inner Mongolia, completing the wish repayment ceremony in a special way.

  See the world in the cloud Moving towards the future

  At 10:30 on September 19, the 2023 Little Dolphin Project Donation Ceremony of Fude Life Insurance Inner Mongolia Branch & Tianjin Branch was held grandly on the playground of Honghe Town Primary School. Inner Mongolia Branch General Manager Guo Zhongtao, Tianjin Branch General Manager Hu Shengkai, Honghe Town Primary School Principal Ma Junping, Inner Mongolia TV staff, 20 outstanding field volunteers from Inner Mongolia and Tianjin, and all teachers and students of Honghe Town Primary School witnessed the ceremony this moment.

  During the donation ceremony, Mr. Guo Zhongtao introduced the main content of this donation and put forward ardent expectations for the students of Honghe Town Primary School: I hope that students will cherish the learning opportunities in their youth, establish lofty ideals, develop good moral character, and cultivate excellent academic performance. Strengthen your skills, practice your physical and mental health, and use your actions to prove that this era is brilliant because of you, and your hometown will be proud of you!

  Young self-improvement is the pillar of the country, young self-discipline is the hope of the nation. President Hu Shengkai gave the calligraphy “Youth Become Strong” to Honghe Town Primary School. This calligraphy work is full of President Hu’s ardent hope for students to be independent and self-reliant. Principal Ma Junping also gave a watercolor painting “Live and Work in Peace and Contentment” to President Hu in return. He also expressed the hope that Fude Life Life will be prosperous and prosperous, and hope that all the families of caring volunteers will be harmonious, safe and happy.

  In May, six students from Honghe Town Primary School and Little Dolphin volunteers embarked on a “Dream Seeking Dolphin Island” study tour in Tianjin. When the Yellow River and the Haihe River meet, and the yurt and the Ferris wheel overlap, the trickle of love shared by Inner Mongolia and Tianjin finally merges into a torrent of love that pours into the hearts of the students. Hao Yingying, a representative of the study tour students, delivered a speech about the study tour. The words of gratitude spoken by a childish voice were more sincere and moving. She hoped that the students would have the opportunity to see the bigger world and experience a different life.

  This donation not only donated an insured amount of2.55 million yuan in accident insurance, and a set of dolphin warm bags including customized dolphin suitcases, stationery sets, “Blue Dolphin Island” books and dolphin dolls were donated to each student. The students all smiled brightly after receiving the warm packages, their little arms were filled with gifts, and their bronze smiles were particularly healing in the sunshine. The school also gave the company a banner with the words “Education Donation and Student Aid” printed on it, conveying endless friendship and friendship.

  Love is dedication, and love is gratitude. There was a special part in this donation ceremony. The students of Honghe Town Primary School were grateful and personally made special small gifts for each volunteer as a return gift for the volunteers’ love. The music started playing, and the volunteers sat down in their original positions, waiting for the children to come up to them, and then hand-delivered their small gifts to the volunteers. A lovely painting, an exquisite handicraft, these seemingly inexpensive gifts carry lovely, colorful souls. As volunteers, these are the best and most beautiful gifts we have received.

  “I am a little dolphin, growing up happily in the ocean of love, not afraid of wind and rain, riding the wind and waves. Thank you for teaching me to be self-reliant…” At the end of the activity, all the students of Honghe Town Primary School sang “The Song of the Little Dolphin” together. , the melodious melody and sweet children’s voices echoed in the campus and were engraved in everyone’s memory.

  Happy dumpling feast

  After the donation ceremony, the dumpling-making activity started lively in the school cafeteria. The volunteers and the school teachers and students quickly divided into groups and started the action in full swing. Everyone rolled up their sleeves, geared up, and were eager to try.After a while, dumplings of different shapes were rolled out one after another, round, flat, fat, and thin.…There was a lot of flour and laughter at the scene. When the plates of steaming dumplings were served, everyone clapped and cheered, looking forward to tasting the fruits of collective labor. Take a quick bite, your stomach is full and your heart is warm.

  One-on-one visit Mengjin’s love gathers in the arms of love

  In March 2022, Xiaohua (pseudonym), who lives in Xiaohuolai Village, Qingshuihe County, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, had his left arm amputated due to serious injuries caused by an electric shock and a fall. After learning the news, Inner Mongolia and Tianjin jointly launched a fundraising campaign for the company’s internal and external offices. At the same time, five volunteers from the Inner Mongolia branch (He Na, Guo Wenguang, Wang Yang, Song Yanyan, and Sun Yanan) also spontaneously formed a team to carry out a rescue operation for Xiaohua. He received one-to-one assistance and provided him with a living allowance of 2,000 yuan per year.

  Since then, Xiaohua has come into everyone’s sight, and his treatment situation has always moved the hearts of volunteers.On the afternoon of September 19, Guo Zhongtao, General Manager of the Inner Mongolia Branch of Fude Life Insurance, Hu Shengkai, General Manager of the Tianjin Branch, and Little Dolphin volunteers came to Xiaohuolai Village to visit Xiaohua, who had just completed surgery.

  Xiaohua is still the same optimistic and cheerful young man. After several surgeries, his right hand has been able to stretch slightly, but it will still take a long time for treatment before he can pick up a pen and write.The volunteers on this trip not only brought XiaohuaWith the 2,000 yuan subsidy, he also brought him a small dolphin suitcase, some nutritional supplements and a new school bag. I believe that with the care and help of many volunteers, Xiaohua will continue to maintain an optimistic attitude and actively cooperate with treatment to complete her studies. Volunteers will also always pay attention to Xiaohua’s life and treatment, and use their arms to protect him from wind and rain when he needs care.

  From the banks of the Yellow River to the banks of the Haihe River, from the vast northern Xinjiang to the hometown of Jinmen, the footprints of the little dolphins can be found in every corner of Inner Mongolia and Tianjin. In the future, Fude Life Insurance’s Little Dolphin Project will also enter more areas in need of assistance in Inner Mongolia and Tianjin. This love is endless and will never fail!

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