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MediaCorp Lin Huiling’s spotlight under the light interweaves with inspiration to describe an elegant new chapter

MediaCorp Lin Huiling’s spotlight under the light interweaves with inspiration to describe an elegant new chapter

Recently, Singapore Mediacorp artist Lin Huiling has appeared in GUCCI’s 2024 early spring vacation series show, “Red Star Awards 2023” won the “Super Red Star” award, attended the new product launches of Lancôme and Nuoyou Piya, etc. There are constant invitations to events, among which Lin Huiling controls various This look made her the center of attention.


At the “Red Star Awards 2023” awards ceremony that ended not long ago, Lin Huiling appeared in a new style with short hair, paired with a black long skirt, exuding a charming temperament with her unique charm and confident attitude. That night, Lin Huiling received the “Super Red Star” award. When she gave a speech on stage, Lin Huiling said, “I was fat and unconfident when I was a child. I never dreamed that I would have today. When I entered the industry, I took it step by step. If it weren’t for everyone and By God’s grace, it is impossible for me to get here. No matter what stage of my life I am, I will be the best example.” Use my own experience along the way to encourage everyone and express gratitude.

Lin Huiling attended GUCCI’s 2024 early spring vacation series show, the scene was star-studded, and the fashion show was like a visual feast that challenged aesthetics. Lin Huiling wore a GUCCI suit to attend, with elegant aura and charming charm, interpreting the unique retro style. Condensing the imprint of time and depicting the colorful artistic road, Lin Huiling’s printed casual jacket is matched with a black long skirt with a swaying skirt, which is full of atmosphere. She holds a green mini handbag in her hand, radiating infinite inspiration and adding dazzling new ideas. Lin Huiling’s style contains a casual and retro modern fantasy feeling.

Lin Huiling was very happy to take time to participate in the big show during her vacation, “During this whirlwind trip, I got such a wonderful experience, and I am grateful for every opportunity I get in the ever-changing acting career. And will always try to get better.” Lin Huiling’s elegant temperament is more prominent under the spotlight, showing visual inspiration. A reunion, a wonderful art journey, many guests attended the big show that night, Lin Huiling was very happy to be invited to attend this event, and appeared together with all the guests to communicate and take photos.

Lin Huiling’s recent brand invitations have been frequent, and she has attended Lancome perfume ID? LE opened a pop-up store in ION Orchard, Singapore, and Nuoyou Piya released the 2023 spring and summer vacation series. Lin Huiling’s short hair style is simple and elegant. Whether it is a romantic atmosphere or a leisure vacation, she can perfectly control different styles. Style and shape, blooming like a brocade, showing Lin Huiling’s diverse temperament in front of the camera.

In the future, Lin Huiling hopes to have the opportunity to come to China and bring her good works to Chinese audiences.

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