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Media five-star recommendation “Gran Turismo: Speed ​​Rush” opened for viewing in 40 cities across the country

Media five-star recommendation “Gran Turismo: Speed ​​Rush” opened for viewing in 40 cities across the country


On August 16, the hot-blooded racing action movie “GT Racing: Extreme Speed” held its China premiere in Beijing. The pure racing movie was praised by the domestic media and film critics as “better than the speed and passion”. The film also announced that this weekend (August 19th-20th) the opening of limited cinema advance viewing activities in 40 cities across the country, pre-purchasing tickets to watch the inspirational story of the civilian game boy passionately chasing dreams, and immersive experience of life and death on the big screen. . The film is adapted from the true legendary experience of a PlayStation game player becoming a professional driver. Directed by Neil Blomkamp, ​​director of “The Ninth District”, it will be released in theaters nationwide on September 1!

Recently, “GT Racing: Extreme Speed” held a viewing event in Tianjin. The atmosphere of watching the movie was enthusiastic, and the high-burning and exciting racing showdown won unanimous praise from the media and film critics present. The story of an ordinary gamer boy chasing his dreams is inspiring, the speed duel of life and death shocks the big screen, and the high-burning and exciting immersive racing experience will make every audience addicted. In the film, more than 65 luxury racing cars were unveiled, and nine top tracks in the world, including the Slovak Ring, Dubai Autodrome, Nürburgring Nordschleife, and Le Mans, were filmed on the spot. The ultimate racing scene that has never been seen, creating a carnival feast for racing fans.

The viewing process of “Gran Turismo: Extreme Speed” is full of immersion, and the ultimate big-screen audio-visual left a deep impression on the audience. Film and television bloggers praised “better than “Fast and Furious””, “ignite your dreams, burn your emotions, this movie is very burning!”. Director Neil Blomkamp’s restoration of the realism of the car was also highly affirmed. Some viewers praised “the camera shows a sense of speed and power, and the car looks better than handsome men and beautiful women”. As a pure racing film, the authentically restored racing details and immersive experience are highly appreciated. The well-known media “Watching Movies” stated that “the movie presents racing cars in a novel way and is suitable for everyone to watch.” 5 star recommendation”. It is worth mentioning that the novel form of video game linkage has also been recognized by game players. Some viewers usually pay attention to F1 and play GT racing. “The special effects of the game elements are great, and the combination of the game with real racing scenes is very exciting.” Whether it is professional media or ordinary audiences, the movie viewers have given praises such as “super-burning and super exciting”, “after watching, the blood is surging and the adrenaline is soaring”, “the racing showdown is realistic and full of immersion”. The movie “Gran Turismo: Extreme Speed” is directed by Neil Blomkamp and co-starred by David Harbor, Orlando Bloom and Archie Madeki. Please look forward to the release!

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