Mechanical keyboards do not follow the usual path, and the customization of small bugs brings a new trend

Mechanical keyboards do not follow the usual path, and the customization of small bugs brings a new trend

“SKYLOONG’s ‘Crazy Kit Festival’ super value benefits to give back to new and old fans, a crazy party will be held on March 3, a birthday celebration, and a discount of up to 50% off for all series and complete kits.” As soon as the news came out, the key circle was boiling. Many users are puzzled: the idiot who has always insisted on conquering users with product reputation is now resorting to “stupid tricks” and trying to win with price? In this regard, Chen Gang, the founder of Xiaodai Chong (known in the key circle as “Cook Lao Chen”) responded: “Our event is actually to celebrate the official recapture of the Chinese name trademark of ‘Xiaodai Chong’, and at the same time thank you for the continuous efforts at this special node. Fans who support the little nerd.” It is understood that the little nerd had previously changed its name to “Shiguanglong” due to disputes over the Chinese name and trademark.

(Small Crazy Kit Festival – Source: Sina Weibo, Founder of Smat, Lao Chen)

Behind the customized brand of Xiaodu Chong is a manufacturer named “Geek Customization”, which focuses on the research and development of e-sports peripherals, and takes “personalized e-sports equipment customization” as the core to provide users with personalized Theme products, e-sports customized products, driver software services. Therefore, Xiaobuchong also adheres to the concept of “customization for geeks”, and has aimed at the needs of enthusiasts since its establishment to create higher-quality and personalized keyboard products. The brand concept of Xiaobu Chong also coincides with the customized culture. The first customized product GK61 has conquered many overseas coders by experience. “The “GK61” model is our famous work. In the GH60 customized keyboard, we The products are masterpieces. Lao Chen said that this 60-key product allows players to flexibly adjust the combination of key functions according to their own needs. Once launched, it is very popular among overseas users who love to toss.

(SKYLOONG GK61 is the star protagonist—the overseas technology circle has a very high evaluation of GK61)

At present, GK75 / GK980 + Knob flick optical axis keyboard is mainly promoted by Derf. These two series of products use the core patented technology of Derf “Flick Gasket Structure”, and are also equipped with the design of multi-functional knobs. , In addition, with the support of hot-swappable technology, users can complete a variety of custom keyboard function operations when the keyboard is powered on, which is very efficient and convenient, and greatly increases the freedom and playability of the small bug mechanical keyboard .

(The nerdy multi-function knob can not only adjust the volume)

The small bug flicks the Gasket structure, which not only maintains the feel of the Gasket structure, but also makes the rebound more stable, achieves the effect of noise reduction and further suppresses resonance, the key sound is purer, and the rebound is cleaner and neater. Optimization also interprets the core of customization—customizing high-quality experience for customers.

(The little nerd flicks the Gasket structure to give a better hand experience)

What’s more worth mentioning is that both products use the customized optical axis independently developed by Xiaobu. Here comes the upward moment. In particular, this group of Generation Z who love “personalization” and “playability” has become the main force of consumption, and Xiao Zong may become the main player of the customized track in the near future.

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