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May 27 | Tianjin Heping Impression City’s blockbuster city unboxing!

May 27 | Tianjin Heping Impression City’s blockbuster city unboxing!

On May 27th, Tianjin Heping Impression City was officially unveiled, renewed and upgraded, guided by the trend, and invited young people from all over the city to unpack together with the theme of “Unpacking the City, Exploring ME Immediately”. The project is located at the west gateway of Heping Road Commercial Pedestrian Street. It is mainly updated and built by SCPG (Beijing), with a total area of ​​about 130,000 square meters. Combining context and business layout, it has become the only commercial complex in Tianjin that integrates the four major consumption experience scenes of outdoor pedestrian street, pocket park, traditional box mall and roof park.

  01: It’s Impressions, it’s INCITY, and it’s still a “boy” when you return from memory

Twenty years ago, this place was a well-known commercial signboard in Tianjin: the first Wal-Mart in Tianjin, the first Wanda Cinema in Tianjin, the top 3 Parkson shopping malls in the country, and Gome Electric Appliances. They have gone through generations in the growth time of Tianjin people. The Golden Street commercial district carries the memory of several generations of Tianjin people, and also carries the cultural confidence of Tianjin people. Tianjin Heping Impression City, as the portal C of Jinjie Heping Road, is also adjacent to important business circles such as Drum Tower, Italian Style Street, and Five Avenues. It shoulders the important mission of Huanxinjin Market, a city-level key tourist business district, and reshaping the commercial pattern of Tianjin. Tianjin Heping Impression City, located in the core area of ​​Golden Street, has been digging deep into the local culture since the beginning of planning, collecting the most authentic hobbies of young people in Tianjin, so that the trendiest and most fun young people will all gather here. Young forces are also urging the transformation of this century-old Golden Street gateway.

  02: Accurately attack young attributes, focus on trendy life

Through the in-depth interpretation of the current consumer groups, Tianjin Heping Impression City adjusts the most suitable state of business formats, thereby catering to and leading the market. Among them, there are quite a few highlights: For example, the night economy and entertainment center in Building D, which leads the phenomenon-level nightclub SPACE CLUB to enter the venue strongly, cooperates with the domestic top? LIVEHOUSE flagship store, and plays a king combination; the retail in the low-level area of ​​Building B is bred as the manager ecology Gathering place, 1087X, the country’s first offline physical store of the blogger with tens of millions of fans “Yoyoge”, Ye Chun, the representative of Tianjin sneaker culture Color of Ring, Zhang Hehe, the manager of UCRAFT, a domestic emerging artist, and the top domestic street graffiti cultural team Pioneer FRIDAY CREW, outdoor sports brand “Lingfeng” manager Zhao Pan, etc., entered the revitalizing trend ecology.

In addition, Tianjin Heping Impression City has also introduced many trendy life and local popular trendy brands: Tianjin imported art books ceiling decision art bookstore upgrade store OBOOK, Tianjin’s first pop-mart Panshen Zhenbaozhu theme pop-up store, Tianjin The first store,, the first offline Kpop store in Tianjin; Ⅱskate, the first professional air skateboarding venue in downtown Tianjin that complies with international competition standards, and the first Lego® Lamborghini model exhibition in Tianjin…

In terms of catering, we will simultaneously deepen the social attributes of young people, integrate and search for popular brands to increase their positions, such as Nana’s, a local TOP internet celebrity restaurant in Tianjin, and the popular barbecue brand Lihua’s customized brand “Charcoal Tuan”, “Don Nino”, the city’s first store, and “M Stand” “City First Store, Daigowei Izakaya, Jiaoai, Xijiang, Jiyuanli, Guizhou Xiaodoufu, Ganfanxiang and other brands that are popular with consumers will soon be launched in Tianjin Heping Impression City.

Grasp the hearts of young people with an attitude, use Night+ to develop the city’s “slightly drunk economy”, and use various nighttime leisure scenes to create a trendy gravitational field with unique tonality and trendy attitude, injecting freshness into the city blood.

  03: Futuristic technology elements, connecting the past and the future

Tianjin Heping Impression City embodies youthfulness in all aspects, and the futuristic elements of science and technology run through all the time. The commercial space is endowed with different theme scenes, such as the Hohmann Particle Park in Building A, the world of light speed in Building B, and the Copernican heliocentric theory in Building C. Tomorrow Tianjin, as well as the trendy play check-in point with unique aesthetics, update the impression of the space from the senses.

  04: Unpack the box and play trendy

On May 27th, Tianjin Heping Impression City opened the box and invited the international trendy artist – Jeff Staple to customize the city’s iconic art installation, creating an ingenious fusion of public art and architectural space. The art installation is a symbol of peace and beauty, bringing creativity and inspiration into urban life, and will also become a new landmark for young people in Tianjin, trends, and art socialization in the future. When opening the box, Tianjin Heping Impression City also brought many surprises, from street to music, from celebrities to high-end products, every second is exciting enough: art graffiti, hip-hop battle, DJ Live, extreme sports, passionate basketball, KPOP dance. The enthusiasm that is soaring in an instant is fully released at this moment. “Moving to the city center” music scene, mysterious giants, HIPHOP carnival, trendy bands, sleepless nights, great fun.

Top trendy products are on sale in limited quantities, trendy shoes are on sale in limited quantities, FOMO SPACE | INNERSECT is on sale in Tianjin for the first time, and the anti-itch store brings more than 20 online celebrity brands for the first time in North China… Let you line up all day. More exciting, all in the field.

Tianjin Heping Impression City aims to renew the city, retains the diversity of space to the greatest extent, and leverages the mature operational capabilities of the SCPG team to break out of the traditional box business thinking mode and integrate traditional background colors with modern elements. Have a keen insight into the needs of young people, catch up with the pioneering trend, revitalize the stock area to stimulate the potential of the block, and gather the youth of the city to create a new life of inspiration.

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