Maxic: Strengthen the resilience of the supply chain and accelerate the cultivation of new advantages on the new track

Maxic: Strengthen the resilience of the supply chain and accelerate the cultivation of new advantages on the new track

Under the current industrial structure, the supply chain is an important link to ensure the stable development of semiconductor and integrated circuit design companies. The rapid development of my country’s IC design industry is limited by the impact of the international situation. It is more critical to establish a stable, independent and controllable R&D and design process and a domestic supply chain system at this stage and in the future. Maxic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has established a comprehensive and effective supply chain production capacity guarantee system, through in-depth cooperation with suppliers to achieve priority supply of production capacity, to ensure the stability of its own production and business activities, and to continuously develop new business opportunities Under this circumstance, a strong brand power and market competitiveness will be formed.

The development of integrated circuits is inseparable from the support of national policies. As the country vigorously promotes the localization of chips from a strategic height, domestic enterprises have increased research and development of core technologies, and with the impact of international trade frictions, the strategic and fundamental nature of integrated circuits be valued. For the safety of the supply chain, many companies have turned their attention to the country and sought related chip suppliers in the country, providing space for the rapid development and technological iteration of the domestic chip industry. Domestic integrated circuit companies have gradually realized import substitution in some segments. Form a strong market competitiveness.

To this end, Maxic has established a complete supplier development and management system, built a yield rate monitoring system, actively promoted the improvement of supplier qualifications, and ensured that the quality of suppliers is controllable and continuously improved. At the same time, in terms of BCD high-voltage integration process development, the Maxic team has the ability to independently research and develop processes and develop special devices. It no longer relies solely on the standard process provided by the foundry, and can promote the optimization of chip production costs and supply chain integration. Improve the market competitiveness of the company’s products.

Based on the self-developed technology system and the capacity expansion of the process development platform, Maxic has cooperated with major wafer manufacturers at home and abroad such as Huahong Grace, TSMC, Yandong Microelectronics, and SMIC, as well as Qipai Technology, Crystal Conductor Microelectronics, Packaging and testing factories such as Huatian Technology carry out extensive business cooperation and strategic coordination, and carry out in-depth integration and optimization of product design and production technology to meet the scene adaptability needs of multiple application fields, ensure the competitiveness of the company’s products, and consolidate the stability of the company supply chain channel advantages.

Under the background of domestic substitution, Maxic has strong market competition for its mass-produced products relying on its technology accumulation in the field of analog and digital-analog hybrid chips, an excellent technology research and development team and a mature quality control system. Power, has entered the supply chain system of many head customers and well-known brands in the fields of communication terminals, consumer electronics, lighting applications and smart homes. Through long-term stable and efficient cooperation, the company has formed a good reputation among the terminal brand customer groups, cultivated strong customer stickiness, and guaranteed the stability of the company’s performance.

In the future, Maxic will strengthen the resilience of the supply chain, maintain the controllability of the supply chain, continuously improve its R&D technology level to match the technical needs of major customers, continuously expand the depth and breadth of the company’s product definition, and promote product quality control and strategy The layout is further improved, and finally new advantages are accelerated on the new track, and the strategic development plan of the enterprise is gradually realized.

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