Mars Players Bring New Opportunities to the Camping Industry: Mars Global Partner Recruitment Program Opens


Recently, the popularity of the movie “The Wandering Earth 2” has triggered a broad wave of science fiction. And many people also began to think, if the earth is facing a crisis, where is the future of mankind? In fact, Mars has become a direction generally recognized by scientists and at the national level, and humans have taken an important step in landing and exploring.

In this context, the electric nuclear outdoor brand “Mars Players” is committed to integrating technology and nature, and has made its own contribution to the future human migration to Mars. The Mars colonization plan is not only “Mars Players” exploring electronic Important measures in the nuclear field are the mission of the brand to promote scientific and technological progress and serve the society.

As the world’s first outdoor brand focusing on the electric nuclear field, Mars Players uses outdoor and camping as the carrier, takes exploring Mars as the theme, combines the driving elements of multiple needs, and develops outdoor living equipment with electricity as the core, realizing the combination of technology and nature. It blends perfectly. These equipments bring users a comfortable, safe and convenient outdoor living experience, making preparations for future simulation and exploration of landing on Mars, so that “standing on Mars and looking at the earth from afar” is no longer an unattainable fantasy!

Create precise demand electric nuclear outdoor equipment

Science fiction film and television works such as “The Wandering Earth 2” and “The Three-Body Problem” present the plight of the future earth and human beings in the form of fables, but these plots also reflect the changes in the earth’s environment in today’s reality. Therefore, while paying attention to protecting the earth’s environment, it has become particularly important to find new living spaces and expand the living range of human beings, and Mars has become the first choice.

Mars Player is a global company that focuses on the research and development of high-end electric nuclear outdoor equipment. Its founder and CEO Leo has always believed that humans need to colonize Mars in the future. Leo believes: “Colonization of Mars will face many problems, such as heating, accommodation, food and water safety, hiking, crossing, exploration, lighting, and emergency safety. These problems can be solved through technology. In fact, there are still many problems on the earth. In the wild and primitive area, we will use this as an experimental site, and use our technological equipment to help solve the plight of people in extreme environments. Next, when humans land on Mars, we can really help them adapt to harsh and extreme environments.”

From the earth to the exploration of Mars, it is necessary to rely on hard-core equipment of black technology. Leo, CEO of Mars Players, said: “We have a very good foundation for the underlying R&D technology, not only the high-barrier far-infrared technology, but also a strong ability to integrate all advanced technologies in the industry, including materials science, thermal energy, algorithms, Communications, etc., this industry’s top technology is based on a multi-dimensional, high-barrier intellectual property system. We also have a very strong supply chain, industrial chain, and R&D system matching, so as to create a more unique and precise C end-demand products.”

At present, Mars Players has successfully developed Loader No. 1, Hot Drink Station No. 1, Survival Pod No. 1, etc. These equipments adopt Mars Players’ own underlying core technology, and can carry out outdoor activities in a safer and more convenient manner. In addition, these equipment can also be applied to tasks in extreme environments, such as disaster rescue, field exploration, etc.

Mars Global Partner Recruitment Plan: Create a new era of electric nuclear outdoor

Just like in “The Wandering Earth 2”, elites from all walks of life can work together to save the earth, Mars players also believe that only by joining hands with global industry leaders and professional players can they make substantial contributions to the sustainable development of the entire industry.

Leo, CEO of Mars Players, believes: “We believe that our R&D system is realized by a number of Players. These Players will provide real B-side or C-side real needs. Therefore, let industry leaders, outdoor brands, and professional players with common ideals Becoming our Player is essentially a part of the global Mars partner plan, and together we can replace the product system and R&D system of Mars players, and jointly realize the future mission to benefit more people.”

The Mars Global Partner Recruitment Program is one of the projects initiated by the Mars Players Club, aiming to promote the sustainable development of the electric nuclear outdoor field. The program has been carried out in overseas countries such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, etc., and has extensive cooperation with top talents in the outdoor field, outdoor brands, camps, outdoor industry associations and organizations, and encourages representatives of the pan-outdoor industry to participate. In China, the Mars global partner recruitment plan focuses on first-tier and new first-tier cities, and closely cooperates with outdoor event organizers, clubs, camp hotels, etc., continues to organize regional and industry-oriented activities, and empowers the outdoor field through innovation. Construct an ecosystem with open resources, mutual benefit and win-win, and make substantial contributions to the sustainable development of the electric nuclear outdoor industry.

At present, Mars players have reached preliminary cooperation with several major outdoor clubs and camp organizers in China. At the same time, they are invited to participate in the Foshan 50KM hiking outdoor equipment exhibition held on March 25. At that time, Mars players will bring Loader 1 to the event venue booth for the public to experience.

At the same time, Mars Player has reached a strategic cooperation with JD New Department Store, and new products such as Loader 1 will soon appear in JD New Department Store. The WeChat mini-program official mall and overseas independent stations will also be launched in March.

The brand ideal of Mars Players is “Standing on Mars, looking at the Earth from a distance”. Perhaps when humans stand on Mars and look at the Earth, they will definitely feel unspeakable pride. Humans need such people who have great dreams and have the courage to try and put them into practice. . It is precisely because of the existence of encouragers like Martian players that more people will have the opportunity to embrace the unknown future and explore further realms. It is believed that in the near future, interstellar travel will be accessible. It will be possible to make Mars a second paradise for people with the ever-evolving technology and equipment of Mars players.


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