Many batches of driving recorders failed random inspections and Newman was blacklisted

Many batches of driving recorders failed random inspections and Newman was blacklisted

In recent years, with the popularity of driving recorders, this type of product has become indispensable for car owners. It can not only avoid touching porcelain, but also ensure driving safety. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reliable driving recorder, but there are many varieties in this industry, and the quality and quality are uneven.

The house secretary learned that recently, the Chongqing Market Supervision Bureau issued a notice on the quality sampling inspection of smart electronic products such as driving recorders in 2022. In this period, a total of 30 batches of products were randomly inspected, and 10 batches of products were found to be unqualified.The unqualified discovery rate was 33.3%, and the unqualified items involved power supply terminal disturbance voltage and radiation disturbance.

The disturbance voltage and radiation disturbance at the power supply end belong to the electromagnetic compatibility testing items. Failure to meet the standard will affect the normal operation of other electronic products. may pose a safety risk to consumers.

The unqualified products include: E-car and E-shoot smart recorder, ROSOTO driving recorder, Renwoyou smart recorder, Luzhengtan full-screen streaming media recorder M5, good helper AI voice-activated WIFI recorder V6, Newman high-definition driving recorder A5 and so on.

List of unqualified product enterprises

For the industry, in order to avoid similar problems from recurring and improve product quality and safety, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and promote industry self-discipline. Industry analysts said that with the continuous breakthroughs and innovations of high-tech such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and 5G, driving recorders will have broad market prospects as image recording devices. my country is a country with a large population, with a huge number of cars, and the demand for purchases of driving recorders continues to grow. But at present, the threshold of my country’s driving recorder industry is relatively low, and the product quality of small and medium-sized enterprises is worrying, which is the main problem facing the development of the industry.

In general, the 10 batches of smart electronic products that failed the random inspection not only brought certain risks to consumers, but also reminded enterprises and relevant departments to strengthen supervision to ensure that when consumers purchase electronic products, Can protect their own rights and interests.

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