Lu Xun’s articles are obscure? “Super Chinese Lesson” Answers One by One for You

Lu Xun’s articles are obscure? “Super Chinese Lesson” Answers One by One for You


At 20:30 this Saturday, Alphadan “Super Chinese Class” is about to usher in the finals of “The Hardest Lesson”. Teachers and students across the country voted for the most difficult text from the Chinese textbooks of each school stage, and the top six teachers Each chooses one of them to teach, and the teacher with the highest sum of the number of students’ courses and the votes of the reviewers will be called the most popular Chinese teacher of this season.

This week’s Super Class One also welcomed a new student: he is known as the teacher of many Chinese teachers, and is also a popular video blogger on video sites today——Teacher Ni Wenjian. What kind of class can be called a good Chinese class? What is the role of the teacher in the classroom? What about the relationship between language and literature? This Saturday at 20:30, the class of Super Class 1 will start!

When Lu Xun is mentioned, what we often think of is obscure and difficult to understand. The half-literate language style first discouraged many students. However, Chinese textbooks for primary and secondary schools have undergone many adjustments, but Lu Xun has always been the writer with the most selected works. Why do we still read Lu Xun today? How should classic texts be re-expressed? This week, three teachers Liu Congliang, Wei Mengqi and Ren Feng will bring their super classroom.

The reason why Lu Xun’s writing is difficult is that Lu Xun’s language is different from the way we express our resentment today. This week, Mr. Liu Congliang brings the lesson “Remembrance of Mr. Liu Hezhen”, and interprets it for you with the method of sentence structure analysis: Why do Lu Xun’s articles often have super long sentences and super short sentences? Repeat? Are wordy words really necessary? Can what now appears to be a “grammatical error” be corrected? Teacher Liu Congliang started from the unique language structure and taught the children to understand the cold and hot in Lu Xun’s articles.

Lu Xun’s articles are difficult to understand because of the social environment in which many children today find it difficult to empathize. Xu Shoushang, a good friend of Mr. Lu Xun, once said: “The tragedies in the world are not tragic when the wolf eats Amao, but Xianglin’s sister-in-law is eaten by the etiquette.” Xianglin’s wife is a distinctive woman in Lu Xun’s works. For the sake of right and wrong, they unconsciously maintained feudal ethics. The failure of her two marriages directly led to her poverty. Who are around her? What has she been through? Who is responsible for Xianglin’s wife’s death? Mr. Ren Feng’s three questions are from shallow to deep, layer by layer, and will tell you about the tragic experience of Mrs. Xianglin described by Lu Xun.

Lu Xun’s articles are difficult, and the third is the broad feelings contained in the works. Lu Xun didn’t remember what his hometown looked like, but he had a deep memory of Runtu’s hometown: the deep blue sky, the golden full moon, the endless green sandy land, and the young Runtu wearing a silver ring under the melon field. There are endless new insights in his mind, and he knows how to catch chrysanthemums and how to catch birds in the snow.

And when Lu Xun returned to his hometown thirty years later, Runtu was no longer the boy he used to be: “My name is Brother Runtu, and Runtu calls me Master.” His attitude towards Lu Xun has never changed. Be respectful. He no longer talks about the anecdotes and anecdotes of his youth, and only runs around for his life every day. This week, teacher Wei Mengqi will take you into “Hometown” with three time and space: the hometown in memory is infinitely beautiful, the hometown in reality is decaying and vicissitudes, and Lu Xun’s ideal hometown should be a brand-new relationship between people egalitarian society.

In order to help rural Chinese literacy education, the Chinese open class activity held by Shandong Satellite TV has previously entered the station primary school in Pukou District, Nanjing. Zhou Xin, a famous teacher from Chaoyang School of the High School Affiliated to Tsinghua University, and Zhu Wenjie, a teacher from Zhanzhan Primary School in Pukou District, gave the children a unique Chinese class. In the classroom, teacher Zhou Xin gave an interesting talk about the famous “Wu Song Fighting the Tiger” in “Water Margin”, and shared with the students the reading methods and skills of different famous works. After the event, the students received exquisite gifts from the program group.

In order to let rural children experience a better Chinese teaching class, after the event, five students from Station Primary School in Pukou District followed their leading teacher Zhu Wenjie to the recording site of the program “Super Chinese Class” in Shanghai to start An extraordinary journey of tourism-style research and study. Checking in on the Bund in Shanghai and experiencing the super-interactive large Chinese class, the children were full of interest and actively answered questions in class, which benefited a lot.

In addition, Shandong Satellite TV will launch more research trips in the future, organizing students to “travel with books” to broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge, deepen their closeness to nature and culture, and truly “read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles” “.

There are standards for learning Chinese. The second season of “Super Chinese Class” is jointly produced by Shandong Satellite TV and Alphadan, co-produced by Shandong Satellite TV and Weizhong Media, and specially sponsored by the three gold medal Guilin Watermelon Frost Lozenges.

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Experience big Chinese, discover good classrooms, and meet good teachers. Every Saturday at 20:30, Alpha Egg “Super Chinese Class” will be broadcast on Shandong Satellite TV. The video number of Shandong Satellite TV will be broadcast live simultaneously, and the online platform Youku will exclusively broadcast it. See you soon!

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