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[Love Wants Sexual Blessing Series 317]Don’t ignore abnormal menstrual pain or endometriosis

[Love Wants Sexual Blessing Series 317]Don’t ignore abnormal menstrual pain or endometriosis

Transcript: Liang Yingxiu

(Kuala Lumpur News) There is a disease called “Endometriosis” (Endometriosis). Most girls suffer from this disease. Usually when they find an obstetrician, they are already in the fourth stage.

Why do they wait until the fourth period to find a gynecologist? That’s because most women feel that “menstrual pain” is normal!

Abnormal menstrual pain in 40s

Is period pain really normal? What is normal and abnormal menstrual pain?

Obstetrician and gynecologist Chen Yiping pointed out that menstrual pain usually occurs around the age of 10 to 20. Girls just start menstruating in their 10s, so they will feel this way if their bodies are not used to it, but the older they get, the more menstrual pain will gradually Disappeared, so, if you are more than 30 or over 40 years old and still have menstrual pain, it is not normal.

“I often tell many women that the first thing to understand is that women should not have menstrual pain. The only reason to have menstrual pain is when they are in their teens, the first few years of menstruation, but in their 20s or later. When you are in your 20s, the menstrual pain will gradually decrease or even disappear; if you don’t have menstrual pain in your 10s, but you have menstrual pain in your 20s or after you have a baby, it is not normal.”

She said that many women would tell me that she had never had menstrual cramps, but she had cramps since she entered university or started working; or she only had cramps after giving birth. “If you can bear menstrual pain in your 10s, but you can’t bear it in your 20s or 30s, it must be abnormal.”

“So, the first point, what women need to understand is that women should not have menstrual pain!”

The place of menstrual pain is the key

She pointed out that many older women, such as mothers-in-law and aunts, will say that they will not have menstrual pain after giving birth.

“This statement is indeed correct, but what they are saying is that in the past, women used to get married very early and usually had children around the age of 20, so after giving birth, they no longer have menstrual cramps.”

“Actually, it’s not because she didn’t have menstrual pain after giving birth, but because they are already in their 20s, so women still need to understand that as they get older, the menstrual pain will gradually disappear.”

Is it normal for all girls in their teens to have menstrual pain? Actually not. It also depends on where is her pain? Generally, the pain is in the abdomen, that is, below the navel, and it must be in the middle. Therefore, the point of dysmenorrhea is very important. Why? Because if the pain is not there, then it is not normal menstrual pain.

She said, when asked where is the pain for women? She would refer to the left side, the right side, a little higher, or backache, backache, middle, left, right or during menstruation, in addition to abdominal pain, feet will also be sore, these are not normal menstrual pain.

“If you have stomach pain during menstruation, it is not normal menstrual pain.

Therefore, the place of pain is very important,

Because if it hurts in the wrong place, it’s mostly endometriosis. “

“Why does endometriosis hurt in different places? The reason is that it can be passed around, endometrial ‘translocation’, it can move any organ anywhere, when you ask me , Endometriosis can go from head to toe, it can go anywhere, so your pain can be in different places.”

Pain displaces denervation cord

There are also some women who feel that every time they have menstruation, their stomach will be painful and have diarrhea, just like gastrointestinal inflammation. If there is pain in urination, like urethral inflammation, that is endometriosis, because if endometriosis Going to the bladder, their menstruation every month will be like urethral inflammation, and they will really go to the doctor to see a doctor and take medicine, and it will be fine in a few days; and the reason for it is because the period has passed.

But some pain will go to the feet, such as thighs or feet, and the nerve line will be displaced, because the nerve line passes through the back of the uterus and goes to the foot, that is, endometriosis has been “displaced” to the pelvic cavity Nerve line, so there will be foot pain.

“Why do you have back pain? Endometriosis can also go to the urinary catheter and go to the kidney, so they sometimes feel that the kidneys seem to be sore when menstruation comes, usually on the left or right side, and the back is more sore. A little higher. On the part of the kidney, it means that endometriosis goes to the kidney or urinary catheter.”

spread to stomach lung heart

vomiting chest pain during menstruation

Endometriosis can also spread to the stomach and lungs, so some women vomit every time they menstruate, have stomach pains or have difficulty breathing, gasp, and some women have chest pains because the endometriosis has run away. It’s time to go to the heart.

Chen Yiping said, what else is there besides pain points? The third point is whether it can be tolerated or not. Ordinary menstrual pain is definitely tolerable, you don’t need to rest, you can definitely go to school as usual, and you don’t need to take any painkillers; if you need to take painkillers, it is already abnormal.

Normal menstrual pain without inflammation

“If you need to sleep, it is not normal, because normal menstrual pain does not have inflammation. Endometriosis will cause inflammation during menstruation. If the body is sick like this, it will be very tired and need to rest. These are not normal menstrual pain.”

And finally, menstrual pain, no matter where it is, it may be in the right place or the wrong place, do you feel pain not just during menstruation? It’s like menstruation has been over for a week, but it seems to have the feeling of menstrual pain. It’s only after a week of menstruation every month; or a week or a few days before menstruation, when you arrive every month Time, although it is not during menstruation, but there is the feeling of menstrual pain, which also means that it is not normal menstrual pain, but a symptom of endometriosis.

Most patients diagnosed with stage IV

The symptoms of menstrual pain are very important because I went to the general department, and the doctor said everything was normal after the scan.

“Yes, usually everything is normal, because early endometriosis cannot be seen in ordinary scans, so they usually just take painkillers every month, and then they feel something wrong or serious, and then go to the obstetrics and gynecology department Department, and many times when the doctor scans, it is usually the fourth stage.”

Therefore, all women should know the symptoms of endometriosis, and they must know what is normal and abnormal menstrual pain. Only in this way can I find a way to find a doctor to confirm whether I have endometriosis. If it is diagnosed, I can find a treatment method, so that I will not wait until the fourth stage to seek treatment from the obstetrics and gynecology department.

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