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[Love Wants Sexual Blessing Series 314]Repeated Difficult to Heal Husbands and Husbands and Urinary Infections Are Harmful

[Love Wants Sexual Blessing Series 314]Repeated Difficult to Heal Husbands and Husbands and Urinary Infections Are Harmful

Transcript: Liang Yingxiu

The number of genitourinary infections is on the rise, and there are more than 20 clinical urinary diseases.

Various diseases caused by male genitourinary infection have become a major concern of experts in the global medical field. They are extremely harmful. If they are not treated in a timely and effective manner, they will easily recur and be difficult to heal. In addition to causing harm to reproductive health, they may even affect human health. Marriage and family stability.

(Kuala Lumpur News) Abnormalities of the male penis can be divided into congenital and acquired. Generally, very serious abnormalities will be discovered by doctors as soon as they are born. At this time, the baby boy will be taken to the hospital for a diagnosis. Congenital The most common form of penile dysplasia is related to the formation of the urethra.

Other congenital anomalies are only discovered by the parents in the future.

Dr. Luo Zexin
Consultant Urology

A small penis is a birth defect

Dr. Luo Zexin, a consultant urologist, pointed out that for a normal urethra, the upper urethral opening is generally at the tip of the penis. If the urethra is hypospadias, the urethral opening will be at the lower end. In this case, there will also be some abnormalities of the foreskin .

For boys with hypospadias, their foreskin will not completely cover the glans, but like a bean hat, only covering the upper part of the glans, and the lower part is exposed.

He said that the severity of hypospadias can be seen from the location. If it is close to the tip of the urethra, it is not serious, and corrective surgery will not be too complicated.

However, if it is in the perineum, there will be a phenomenon of downward bending of the penis at the same time, and corrective surgery in this case is quite complicated.

“The second type of congenital penile dysplasia is epispadias, which is a very rare and serious birth defect. Epispadias can also form with other abdominal muscles or the pubic bone, with birth defects. This In addition to being rare, corrective surgery is very complex.”

The final congenital defect, he says, is a small penis. Of course, the penises of small boys are very small, but for boys with small penises, if the penis does not continue to grow during development, it is a congenital defect.

So what is considered a congenital small penis?

“Typically less than 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the average adult male size,

It’s called a micropenis.

A small penis also has a narrow urethra,

Therefore, if there is any problem in the urinary tract, a cystoscopy examination is required.

can also be a problem. “

Penile incarceration requires surgery

The next thing he wants to talk about is the foreskin problem.

“Generally, the foreskin is quite tight before the development of boys, so the glans is usually not visible. However, the foreskin will grow during the development period. After that, it will be loose enough to cover or shrink the foreskin. together, so that the entire glans can be revealed at any time.”

“If the foreskin is so tight that it cannot be retracted onto the glans at all, this condition is called phimosis. Phimosis is unhygienic, because the glans will secrete some dirt, which needs to be cleaned, otherwise some chemicals will sometimes be produced Lead to inflammation or infection, and over time may increase the possibility of cancerous glans.”

“The opening of the foreskin is slightly larger, and the penis can be retracted on the glans when the penis is not erect, but sometimes because the foreskin is forgotten to be pulled back, the penis and the foreskin will swell, and it is difficult to pull the foreskin to cover the glans. This situation is called penis. Incarcerated.”

He pointed out that penile incarceration is very painful, and if it happens, it is an emergency and usually requires surgery. To avoid penile incarceration, boys need to retract the foreskin back to the back of the glans by hand, otherwise, the foreskin will be damaged. Tight and strangle the glans.

“Restricting the glans may cause swelling of the glans, which is an incarceration of the penis.”

Prepuce scar caused by disease in adults

Tight foreskin is congenital when boys are young. However, sometimes adult foreskins can also cause scars. Of course, scars will cause the skin of the penis to lose its ability to stretch, eventually leading to various problems.

“This is similar to phimosis, including some skin conditions, most commonly a skin condition called this Lichen Sclerosus or sclerosus, and if you let it spread to the urethra, it can cause contractions.”

without interfering with sexual activity

Penis curvature does not need to be corrected

Regarding the curvature of the cavernous body of the penis, if it is present at birth, it is congenital curvature.

Luo Zexin pointed out that the curvature of the penis can be divided into bow-shaped curvature and angled curvature, that is to say, it is an angle. But most congenital curvatures are a gradual curvature of the bow, and sometimes upward or sideways.

“If it’s not too bendy and doesn’t interfere with sex, the situation doesn’t need to be corrected.

“Of course, if it’s so serious that you can’t have sex at all,

This condition can be corrected with surgery,

Generally corrective surgery results in shortening of the penis. “

Downward bend at tail end correctable

Regarding hypospadias, sometimes there is a congenital phenomenon of downward bending of the penis tail, but this phenomenon can be corrected.

Finally, I want to talk about Peyronie’s Disease (Peyronie’s Disease), which is a disease that occurs in older men or men over the age of 50 or 60. This is because there is scar tissue in the cavernous body of the penis that causes contraction. If the scar is on one side of the penis, then one side will shrink, and the other side will not shrink if it is not affected, so the side is long and the side is short.

“Simply put, if the scar is on the upper side, the penis will curve up. If it’s on the lower side, it will curve down. If it’s on the side, it will bend that way.”

He said that this curvature can sometimes be so severe that it is impossible to have sex at all, and if the scar gets bigger, it will block the corpus cavernosum and prevent blood from congesting, so when the penis is erect, the tip of the scar cannot be congested and erect.

Peyronie’s disease is believed to be caused by the corpus cavernosum being torn when the penis is erected for sexual intercourse and subjected to too much bending force. This tearing is slight and cumulative, and the more scarred the penis becomes, the more curved it becomes.

“If Peyronie’s disease is severe, it may even require implantation of a dildo to correct it.”

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